Title: Watching
By: figlio
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest
Summary: Sam wants to find out why Dean is being so remote and sees more than he expected when he starts snooping.


Sam had been worried about Dean for a while now. His brother had started isolating himself more and more. Dean barely spoke to him on the long trips anymore and then there were the Motel rooms. They had always shared, it was cheaper but lately Dean had insisted on having his own room, which was proving expensive. As soon as they got the keys, Dean would head of quietly and Sam would not see him again until the next morning.

A mix of worry and curiosity was now beginning to overwhelm Sam. This was why Sam now found himself riffling through his brother's Motel room. Sam has sat at his window until he had seen Dean leave his room and head towards the small convenience store across the highway. Then h had left his own room and broken his way in to his brother's room. Once in, Sam had looked around the place, opening draws and peeping under the beds. He had just opened one of the empty wardrobes, all Dean's clothes were pilled on the floor, when he heard a key turning in the lock of the door.

Thinking fast, Sam threw himself into the wardrobe and pulled the door shut behind him. The wardrobe doors were made from a kind of weave which meant that although they disguised the dark interior of the wardrobe when the doors where closed, when inside and peering out in to the lit room, Sam could see clearly the whole space.

When he saw Dean stride in, sling a girly magazine on to the bed and switch on the TV, Sam had to force himself not to audibly exhale. Dean threw off his coat and let it fall on to the floor. He then drew his T-Shirt over his head, laying it on the bedside table. He stood there, bare-chested and glistening as the sweat across his body reflected the light from the flickering TV Screen.

Sam was frozen by the swirl of emotions in his mind. He felt he should announce himself but he knew that would make Dean angry. He also knew that if he stayed quiet he might just get some ideas about why Dean had become so remote. He was horrified by his own duplicity but also felt strangely compelled to sit it out in the hope of getting some answers. Dean was now rubbing his crotch through his jeans as he kicked off his boots. He leant forward and picked up the porn magazine. He flicked though it and then threw it across the room in disgust.

Sam was breathing hard, he suspected what his brother was about to do and felt like he was violating his privacy in the most horrible way. But still he watched, biting his lip as he tried to stay as quiet as possible. Dean unbuckled his belt and let his jeans fall to the floor, he was left in just a pair of tight, white briefs as he stepped out of the jeans and lay on the bed. The wardrobe was set at the foot of the bed, so Sam looked up as his brother with an unobstructed view of his body.

Dean had slipped his right hand in to his briefs and was now rubbing his crotch again. As Sam watched he could see the outline of Dean's hardening cock through the fabric of the briefs. Dean then reached behind his head and pulled a piece of card out from under the pillow. Sam couldn't see what was on the frayed card but he could see that Dean was looking at it intensely.

Still looking at the card, Dean pulled his cock and balls out from his briefs, his swollen erection pointing at the ceiling. Watching closely, Sam found his hand wandering to his own crotch but he pulled away when he realized what he was doing. Surely, it wasn't right to feel like this, he thought. But he could not deny the warm flow of blood to his groin that he could now feel more intensely than ever before.

Dean now had a firm grip of his cock and was slowly masturbating while keeping his gaze fixed on the piece of card. Sam forced himself to regain his composure as he watched the motion of Dean's hand getting faster and faster. He had seen Dean Nude before of course, when changing or getting out of the shower but he'd always been flaccid. This was the first time Sam had ever seen Dean with a hard-on. Sam turned his head, almost trying to measure Dean's cock against the mental image of his own. He decided that Dean's was longer but his own was thicker.

Dean was now groaning with pleasure and thrusting up with his pelvis in to his own fist, his motion getting faster and more urgent as he approached orgasm. His face began to crease but he kept his eyes fixed on the piece of card. Then with an almighty masculine roar he shot a thick load of cum up in to the air. The first steam of cum rose high and landed across his face and chest, the second smothered his convulsing abdomen and the third and final spurt fell backwards across his tightening balls.

Sam had to remember to breathe as he watched his brother's climax. Dean lay there breathing deeply, his face flushed as he slowly regained his composure. After a minute or so he sat up and slung his legs over the side of the bed. He stood up and pulled his briefs, still pushed below his balls, below his muscular butt and let them fall to the floor. He then put the piece of card on the bedside table, and picked up the T-Shirt and used it to wipe the worst of the cum off his face and chest. Then he walked naked in to the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

With Dean in the bathroom, Sam spotted his chance to make his escape. As quietly as he could manage he opened to door of the wardrobe and began to creep across the room. But he was struck by a thought, what exactly was the piece of card that Dean had been looking at when he had been jerking off. Sam's curiosity getting the better of him and he tiptoed over to the bedside table, being careful not to make any sound on the way. When he picked up the card he nearly let out a gasp.

The card was a photograph. It was a photograph of two boys in their late teens, wearing swimming trunks and dripping wet from pool behind them. The two boys had their arms around each other and were smiling in to the camera. One boy was blonde and the other was dark. Same recognized them, it was him and Dean.

The realization that Dean had been jerking off to a picture of the two of them together and arm in arm, made Sam feel strange. At first he thought it was disgust rising in his gut but slowly he sensed it was his own arousal. Before he was aware of what he was doing Sam lifted up the T-Shirt and pressed it to his face. He breathed in deep the fresh smell of Dean's warm cum and unthinkingly, his tongue reached out and lapped up some of potent substance of his brother. Sam tasted and swallowed it. As he took the shirt away from his face he caught a glimpse of himself in a mirror, with strands of Dean's cum across his hair, face and lips.

Suddenly the door to the bathroom opened and Dean stepped out. He stopped in his tracks, shocked to find his brother standing there, staring at him. Dean stood there, naked with the tip of his still semi-erect penis glistening with the final traces of his semen. He looked at Sam, open mouthed, as shocked as Dean, holding the soiled T-Shirt and with his face coved in Dean's own cum.

After about thirty seconds Dean managed to close his mouth.

"Well, Bro, it sure looks like we've got some issues to talk about," he said.