Title: Trust
By: miss-mandy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sexual situations
Summary: Dean wants to try something new with a reluctant Sam.
Author's Notes: Takes place sometime after Skin. (And probably before Home, as I haven't seen that one yet.)


Sam shifted uncomfortably as he eyed the long coil of rope in Dean's hands. "No," he said.

"Aw, c'mon," Dean protested, "It'll be fun."

Sam swallowed hard, backing up against the wall as Dean leaned into him, pressing up against him.

"You'll like it, I promise," Dean said.

"Dean, no," Sam replied, firmer this time.

"Why not?"

"I just don't want to."

"Why?" Dean asked, smirking, "Are you scared?" His smile faded when he saw the look on Sam's face, when he saw the way his younger brother's eyes darted around the room, as if looking for an escape route. "You're scared."

Sam bowed his head, not even able to look at Dean. "It's just…the last time you tied me up, you tried to slice my face off."

"Oh come on Sam, that wasn't me! That was some creepy skin demon, alright? It wasn't me."

"Genetic deformity, actually," Sam replied matter of factly.


"It wasn't a demon, it was a genetic deformity," Sam said quietly.

Dean gave him a withering look. "Dude, whatever."

"Still, I just-"

Dean silenced Sam's protests with a kiss, his lips making their way down from Sam's lips, along his jaw and then toward his neck, his teeth grazing the skin. His hand moved deftly between his brother's legs, cupping him through his jeans and Sam felt his hips involuntarily roll forward, craving more of that touch. Dean licked at his collar bone and Sam couldn't help it as he moaned, pushing himself more insistently against his older brother's hand.

"Do you trust me?" Dean asked, his breath hot against Sam's neck.

And he said it without hesitation. "Yes."

"And do you want this?" Dean asked, squeezing Sam's hard cock through the rough fabric of his jeans.

"God, yes," Sam breathed.

And then Dean broke away, leaving Sam uncomfortably tenting his pants and full of frustration.

"Good," Dean said, smiling, "Then hold out your arms."

Sam whimpered, but he nonetheless obliged. He could never say no to Dean.