Title: Torture by chocolate
By: Zane Rosetta
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: incest
Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine. Eric Kripke made 'em, the WB copyrighted 'em and I play with 'em, cause, damn they be pretty. I make $0 off these artistic endeavours, trust me, no money at all, skinty pooh, nul points.
Summary: Written in a lunch hour, with, funnily enough dessert. Just so people know, milky way bar in the US, is the equivilant of a mars bar elsewhere. Just saying for.. uhh... reference ;) PWP, Slash, Inc, Voy


Dean watched his brother at the laptop.

He was getting coffee and some burgers at the counter of a roadside diner.

He'd just happened to turn around after his flirting with the waitress got an angry look from the owner/cook. Either boyfriend or cousin or in the case of where they were, brother or father. In any case Dean's advances were being monitored.

A quick look around the diner found lowlifes and a general assortment of the type of people who are 'just passing through.'

Then, Dean's eyes found his brother. It wasn't hard. Sam was somewhat sprawled in the booth, legs kicked out, pencil at his lips, eyes raking back and forth on the screen.

He was kind of dusty, actually both of them were from a quick investigation. Dirt on either of them looked good but on Sam it seemed to fit. He could easily be like some kind of urban cowboy. Throw a dusty old stetson on him and it would complete the look.

Dean smiled. He was really glad Sam was with him. Sam could have easily thrown him out of his house, told him to 'Get screwed' and not in the good, fun way. Sam was comfortable, he was family, and yes, Dean could admit it, damn sexy.

Bad thing was, Sam knew this about Dean and used it to his advantage every chance he got.

Dean was somewhat lost in Sam until the pencil he'd been tapping at his bottom lip turned into a milky way candy bar.

"Awww, fuck," Dean whispered. "That is so, not fair."

Dean didn't even know where Sam got them from. He'd never seen him buy them in all the places they'd been and there wasn't a stash of them somewhere in the Impala. Dean would know. He was like a bloodhound when it came to chocolate.

Didn't really matter cause here was Sam, sprawled in a diner booth, practically blowing a milky way bar.

And Dean was watching completely spellbound.

Sam would kind of suck a little of the tip of the chocolate, wetting it, licking the chocolate from his lips. This was usually done with his eyes closed, Dean assumed this was so Sam could think the chocolate was something else.

Dean felt that familiar stiring in his jeans as more of the chocolate slid in and out of Sam's mouth.

There was no sound in the diner, from Dean hearing. Every ounce of restraint in Dean was being called up to stop him from going over there, pulling out his own cock and shoving down Sam's throat.

The chocolate was becoming more durable and starting to come appart, nougat, chocolate and caramel on Sam's lips.

"Oh, God," Dean whispered. "Uh, where's the bathroom." he asked the waitress who seemed oblivous to the scene Sam was putting on. She pointed to a door at the back of the diner. Dean rushed into a stall of a thankfully clean bathroom, pulled down his jeans releasing his hard cock. He lifted his shirt some and started jacking it. It wouldn't take long.

"Ohhh, Sammy," Dean purred and gasped as he shot his load into the toilet.

He was breathing heavily, almost weak at the knees, the hand holding up his shirt now pressing against the back of the stall, holding him up. He heard the door open.

"Hey Dean, you in there?" Sam called out.

"Yeah," Dean growled.

"Hah, busted," Sam said and Dean could hear the smirk in that.

"Jerk," Dean said.

"My bitch," Sam said back before Dean heard the door close.

After a minute or two Dean came out of the bathroom adjusting himself, he grabbed the coffees from the counter stalked over to the table. Sam looked up at him as if nothing had happen.

"Problem?" he asked. Dean glared at him.

"Just get the burgers, Sammy," he replied and started flicking through their dad's diary. Sam got up grinning and went over to the counter. The waitress there grinned coyly at his approach. She handed him the bag and then slid a milky way bar across the counter. Sam smirked.

"Can't have it in the car," he replied. "He'd crash the car if I started, uh, eating in there, but thanks for the offer." Sam smiled again. "But let me, just try something?"

The girl nodded. Sam took the bag and the preferred chocolate back to the table.

Dean's eyes immediately snapped to the chocolate bar when it appeared on the table. There was a moment then Dean closed the diary, took the chocolate back to the counter and came back to the booth.

"Get in the damn car," Dean growled.

"But the food?" Sam replied.

"We're getting it to go," Dean said already getting his things and walking to the door. Sam grinned again, closed the laptop and went back to the counter.

"Thanks," he said.

"Sam!" Dean called through the door, watching Sam at the counter through the windows. Sam smiled sheepishly and followed his brother out to the car.

"Think the other guy knows about the stash of chocolate his friend got when he was in the can?" the fry cook asked the waitress.

"I doubt it," she said as the Impala screeched out of the parking lot and back on the road.