Title: Tit for Tat
By: nancy
Pairing: NC-17
Warnings: language, incest
Summary: Revenge is sweet.

Dean either had a talent for picking really cheap, but decent motels, or he’d been to every single one at some point in the last four years while Sam was in school. Sam didn’t know which and didn’t really care. All he cared about was getting to bed and collapsing. Any bed. Sam was so tired that he didn’t even think twice about Dean holding the door open for him. Not until he’d been smacked on the ass and yelped in surprise, if not pain.

Glaring at his brother, Sam hissed, “Knock it off!”

“Knock what off, honey?” Dean asked innocently.

Sam ignored him and walked to the front counter, which was behind a glass partition. “Hi. We’d like a room.”

The man behind the glass looked at him, and then Dean, and asked, “Hourly?”

Sam’s head dropped in defeat and he replied, “Overnight. Thanks.”

The key was slid through the opening after Sam had paid the man. Glaring again at Dean on the way out in warning, Sam headed towards the room. It was on the upper level and he settled his backpack more firmly on his shoulder as he climbed the rickety stairs. He dropped the keys and bent down to get them when another sharp slap caught him unawares and he jumped, snarling at Dean,  That stopped being funny the first time!”

Dean grinned and corrected, “It’s always going to be funny. Honey.”

Jaw clenching, Sam shoved the key into the lock and jiggled it a few times to open it, swearing at the uncooperative lock. Once inside, he saw there was only one bed and groaned.

Dean peeked over his shoulder to see what he was looking at and started laughing. Loudly.

Sam shoved his elbow back, clipping his brother in the stomach hard enough to stop the laughter, and stalked over to the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind him. It took a few minutes to calm down, coincidentally, the same amount of time it took for Dean to stop snickering in the other room. Coincidentally. Right. He used the limited facilities while he was there and splashed some water on his face to make sure he was back in control before going back outside.

Sprawled on the bed as though he owned it, Dean grinned at him on exit and asked, “We haven’t even had the honeymoon and you’re already locking yourself in the bathroom.”

“Dean, so help me...”

“All right, okay, I’m sorry,” Dean relented, sitting up.

Sam eyed him suspiciously, the innocent expression not nearly enough to relax him. Instead, he grabbed his backpack from where he’d dropped it and started pulling out his overnight stuff. He blamed his tiredness for not noticing when Dean snuck up on him and, once more, slapped him on the butt. Hard, this time. He spun around and shouted, “God damn it! Dean!”

Dean howled with laughter as he staggered a few feet away, having at least some sense of self-preservation.

“If you slap me on the ass one more time, I am going to hurt you,” Sam threatened furiously.

Dean laughed, the jerk, and taunted, “Oh yeah? You and what army? I’ve seen you fight.”

“I could take you.”

“No, Sam, you couldn’t.”

“I could so!” Sam exclaimed, indignant.

Snorting, Dean put a hand up in mock-surrender. “My mistake.”

Sam’s gaze narrowed which, to anyone who knew him really well, was a distinct warning sign to back off.

Dean either ignored the warning, or didn’t notice it, because he walked backwards as he said, patronizing, “I’m sure you could, Sammy, honest.”

Sam gritted out, “I told you not to call me Sammy anymore.”

Dean smirked as he came to a stop beside the hotel bed. “Sorry...Sammy.”

Letting out an exclamation of pure frustration, both at Dean’s unwillingness to take him seriously and his brother’s deliberate taunting, Sam charged. If Dean’s expression was anything to go by, the attack was a complete surprise. His brother stumbled back, caught himself on the edge of the bed, and Sam tackled him onto it. They wrestled back and forth and then fell off the bed altogether, landing with Dean on the bottom. He grunted at the impact and tried to get free of Sam, but was outweighed and pinned to the floor.

Holding Dean’s wrists over his head and sitting on his brother’s groin, Sam demanded, “Say uncle, Dean.”

Dean grinned. “Uncle Dean.”

Sam’s hands tightened around his brother’s wrists prompting a flash of something across his face, which Sam ignored. “Say it.”

Eyes rolling, Dean gave in with, “Uncle. There, satisfied?”

But Sam wasn’t. Feeling restless and disappointed that there hadn’t been more of a fight, Sam needed something to burn off the energy from the near miss they’d had at the insect town. He was about to say something he would probably regret later when Dean’s body reacted in an entirely startling fashion...his brother slowly got hard under his ass. Hard enough to be felt as it slowly grew to be felt through two layers of fabric. Blinking in surprise at Dean, he found a flush heating his brother’s face as Dean glanced away, for once not saying a word.

Eyebrows raising, Sam asked, “Something you want to share with the rest of the class, Dean?”

In a move that reminded Sam that his brother had been fighting for his life on a regular basis for the last four years, Sam was flipped off Dean with a single buck of the hips. He landed hard on his hip, and grunted in pain, but wasn’t really hurt. Dean stalked towards the door and Sam knew that if he let Dean go, things would never be the same between them again. Scrambling to his feet, Sam lurched across the distance and grabbed Dean’s shirt, stopping him in place as he exclaimed, “Don’t go!”

Dean easily pulled free, arms crossing defensively over his chest. “I’m not going to ditch you, Sam. Just need some air.”

But Sam had the opportunity he’d been wanting for a lifetime and he repeated, “Don’t go, Dean. I think we both need to burn off some energy, here.”

Gaping at him, Dean demanded, “Are you out of your ever-lovin’ mind?”

Sam yanked him forward, locking his lips over Dean’s, and kissed him. When his brother didn’t respond, Sam broke it off and said nervously, “That was, you know, the sign that it’s okay. I’m not a little kid anymore, Dean, and you’re not the only one who needs something.”

Dean’s jaw clicked shut, and then he replied, “You need to go out and get laid, Sam. I’ve been saying that for months.”

“I don’t trust anyone else,” Sam answered simply, gazing into his brother’s eyes.

That seemed to get through to Dean and, moments later, Sam found himself shoved onto the bed and pounced. His tonsils got acquainted with Dean’s tongue really damn fast and he moaned happily, opening his mouth to the onslaught. Dean’s hands were just as fast and in short order, they were both naked from the waist up. Sam moaned again when Dean settled full length over him, sucking and licking between his nipples for an incredible eternity.

Not normally a selfish lover, Sam nonetheless couldn’t find the brainpower to get his hands to do anything more than grip his brother’s shoulders. That it was Dean, finally, making a feast of him was the stuff his dreams had been made of for years. Their rivalry hid the insecure sense that Dean didn’t need or want him, which had taken root in Sam’s mind when he’d gone to college and Dean hadn’t gone with him or even put up a fuss.

Feeling Dean’s mouth and hands on him put the lie to those evil thoughts and his fingers tightened on his brother’s shoulders. He gasped when Dean nuzzled at his crotch against the jeans and then undid his pants altogether to take out Sam’s dick. The blowjob was sloppy and fast and really, really damn good, as though Dean couldn’t get enough of him.

And then Dean stopped so that he could plant himself between Sam’s legs and take his mouth while rubbing their cocks together. On overload from the sensations, Sam retaliated by kissing aggressively, thrusting his tongue into his brother’s mouth and mapping out every single tooth. Concentrating on that kiss brought him back from the edge and he rolled them, pinning Dean to the bed with his body and continuing the kiss.

Dean laughed at the unexpected move, a breathless sound, and looked up at him to congratulate, “Nice move, Sammy.”

Given their location, Sam couldn’t really bitch about the old nickname. He snorted and took Dean’s mouth again, starting his own brand of revenge as he proceeded to drive Dean crazy with want. It took gratifyingly little time to accomplish his mission. When he sucked his brother’s cock into his mouth, there was a sharp cry of pure need that sent his body into overdrive. He’d only ever done this once before, out of curiosity, but he hadn’t been very good at it. Determined to make it as good for Dean as possible, Sam forced himself to take more and more of his brother’s thick length, choking a little when it repeatedly hit the back of his throat.

Dean’s fingers laced into his hair tugged to get his attention. When he looked up at Dean, the other told him, “You don’t have to get it right on the first try, Sammy.”

“Second,” Sam muttered, but knew he was right.

Trapping Sam with his legs, Dean rolled them so he was again on top and grinned down at him. “So my little brother’s a slut, huh?”

“Oh very funny,” Sam snorted, surprised he could still respond to his brother’s teasing. “One guy, okay? One guy and Jess.”

Dean smiled, something different about it that Sam couldn’t place, and said, “That’s my Sammy.”

Before he could ask what Dean meant by that, his brother shifted to again lie between his legs. It felt right, having Dean on top of him and his legs went up, spreading out to leave himself open for whatever Dean wanted to do.

“God, Sammy, don’t tempt me like that, there’s no slick to use,” Dean groaned.


“Next time, okay?”

Sam nodded and then arched up in pleasure when Dean started rubbing against him. Their dicks rolled and slid together, creating friction, but not enough to get him off. Wrapping his legs around Dean’s waist, pulling him in tighter. The resulting increase in pressure caused them both to moan and Sam opened his mouth when Dean bent down to take his lips. The kiss and smell and feel of his brother moving on him, sent Sam over the edge a lot faster than he ever would have believed. Jerking and shuddering as he spilled between them, his head thumped back against the pillows.

Dean grunted seconds later and rocked hard against him, more wetness spilling on Sam’s chest and abs as he came. Collapsing to the side, Dean panted and sprawled over the rest of the bed. “Damn.”

“Yeah. No kidding,” Sam agreed, breathing hard. “Wow.”

There was an awkward pause after that and Dean muttered, “Ah, hell,” before moving close again and pulling Sam into his arms.

Grinning, even though Dean couldn’t see it, Sam asked, “How long have you been wanting to do that?”

“A while,” Dean answered.


“That’s all you get to know, Sammy.”

“So you’ve been perving off me for a long time then.”


Sam chuckled and nipped at Dean’s chest before saying, “I’m teasing, relax.”

Grumbling under his breath, Dean told him, “You’re evil.”

“Me? Nah,” Sam protested. “Although, here’s a thought. What if I dress up all nerdy with a backpack?”

“That’s different from now, how?” Dean quipped.

“I’ll put on some glasses,” Sam continued blithely, ignoring him. “We’ll pretend I’m back in high school and you get me drunk for the first time. I bet you wanted to do more than drag my drunken butt home that night.”

Dean hissed and repeated, “Evil!”

Laughing, Sam was going to torment his brother further when Dean’s hand clamped down over his mouth. He settled in, still chuckling behind Dean’s hand, which would move eventually, letting him talk and tease all he wanted.

Revenge was sweet.