Title: Take
Author: Watson
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: This story was written for the enjoyment of its readers and its writer, no monetary profit was made in writing this story.
Summary: This has to be my favorite so far. Only because I love writing last lines. I don't always write good stories but I love leaving people with a bang or a laugh. I believe there are two things that often can define a story- it's begining and it's end.


They took away his mother. He still has no idea why but he knows somehow it was his fault. No matter what anyone says it still was his fault.

They took away his father. Now he knows that was his fault. He didn't listen and that got his father sent to hell. That one hurt worst then some others.

They took away Jessica. He didn't totally care about that one. But it hurt him because it hurt Sam. If he hadn't come back Sam would still have her. So again it all came around to being his fault.

But when they took away Sam, Dean wasn't about to take their crap anymore. He took Sam back and they weren't pleased.