Title: Strawberries and Beer
Author: snakefever
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Can Dean last a day and can Sam tempt him?


Sam was eating strawberries, one by one sucking them off his hands. Biting them slowly and sucking them like he hadn't had a sip of water in days.

"Sam will you stop eating all of them," Dean replied even though he wanted him to continue eating them. He also wanted to eat them with him, there mouths together sucking the fruit. He would make him bend over and stick everyone of the strawberries up his ass. He would lick and bite more than the fruit.

Man, I'm hard, Dean thought. The only reason he had not taken Sam yet was simply because he had told Sam he could go a whole day without sex. Why did I take that bet? he thought miserably as his cock started to harden.

In the meantime, Sam was having a great time watching Dean squirm in his seat. He knew his brother was hard so he decided to take the next step. He got out the whip cream and put some on his strawberries and slowly with plenty of tongue licked it off.

Think about something else, anything else. thought Dean. How about the Impala? No wait, that just makes me think about making Sam washing it. As he watches him of course, crap he was even harder, so close to loosing it, he decided some music would be good. He turned on the radio, he had never really thought about music and sex in anyway related before but right now it seem to be pouring with it.

He changed the station he found one of his favorites and started to loose himself in the music. I will be okay, he thought he just had to forget about strawberries and Sam sitting in the next seat. Starting to hum and close to singing he didn't hear Sam moan suddenly.

Sam forgot about the music this would be harder than he thought. What could he do to make dean want him more? He decided to get out the big guns, Dean's favorite bear. Opening it and taking a sip he moan and than ask dean if he wanted some.

Dean was finally getting some control until Sam asked him if he wanted some of his favorite bear. He looked at Sam drinking it like the strawberries, and instantly pulled the car over and kissed that dirty mouth and pulled Sam to the backseat where he did nasty things to him with bear and strawberries.