Title: Difference between soul's
Author: Barbed_Edge
Rating: Hard R, language, sexual content, AU. Angst, Humor
Pairing: Sam/Dean: Wincest sorta?!
Summary: Sam has an theory.


"I have a seeker's soul." You sigh and nod your head, Dean looks at you puzzled. "You're a what?" You laugh and shake your head, "Nothing it's just a thought." Dean frowns and shrugs his shoulders, chalking it up to another one of your rants. "You have a... I think a Hunters soul." Dean laughs and looks at you curiously. "Another thing you learned in college. Yeah Sammy I'm a hunter so therefore I must have a hunters soul." You smirk and look out the window. "No Dean you have a hunters soul, it really has nothing to do with you being a hunter." Dean sighs and slurps down his morning coffee. "Ok then, should I ask what brought on this little rant."

"Its not a rant Dean, and its Sam." Dean snorts into his coffee and eyes you, "Ok Sam its not. Then why are you talking to yourself." You recoil, "No, I was talking to you. I just thought it would amuse you." Dean rolls his eyes, "Ok then but your confuse me." "Why do I confuse you?" Dean looks at you pointedly and gestures wildly with his hands mimicking a professor, "Well sir you have a Hunters soul. I have a Seeker's soul." You laugh and stand up cracking your back, "Ok mister personal, do you want me to explain it?" you laugh when Dean nods his head sheepishly.

"Well I like to find things out, I seek out answers. I'm curious by nature. You on the other hand protect things, people; anyway, you fight off the bad. It's in your nature to do so, you don't have a choice in the matter....the reason we get along oh so very well is that our souls attract each other. See there it's a science is what it is Dean." "Yeah and I'm so much better off knowing I have a hunters soul." "It means you are um good at protecting...me." Dean sighs and rubs the bridge of his nose. "Ok Sam I'm good at protecting you, so what is this all about?"

You blush and look down at the bare thread carpet in the shitty motel room. Dean laughs and looks at you, "Well my brother, what's on your mind." Dean stands up and kneels in front of you, lifting your head up with calloused hands, you shiver hoping Dean doesn't notice the lust filling your eyes. He does and leans in closer, "Sammy?" he questions his lips inches from yours. You whimper in despair hoping he understands. Dean leans in and seals his lips over yours in a searing kiss, his lips burn, warming your soul.

His hands gently push at your shoulders lowering you down to the bed. Dean smirks against your lips and presses a strong, warm thigh between your legs. You arch up under him, his thigh presses harder making you moan louder, push against him faster. You pant, you need it harder and he complies, always giving you what you need. "D-Dean!" Your cry out going limp in his arms, warm cum filling your pants, he laughs gently and kisses your neck. Dean smiles and kisses your bruised lips softly, "This is the difference between our souls, Sam, I always give you what you need. Its in my nature."

You smile dream like and nuzzle his neck, your lips leaving hot trails on his neck. It's your turn to sear his soul, to burn him from inside out. Make him crave you, pushing his shirt up your mouth finds his nipple and Dean moans your name hotly. "Sam p-please." You continue with out knowing, but not caring that you don't. You flip the position, your body pressing against his hard and fast. Some where in your mind you knew he likes it a little rough. You pin his hands above his head and capture his lips, "You're. Kiss. My. Lick. Hunter."

You smirk and you tell him to leave his hands there and make quick work of his pants and underwear. Dean cries out when your lips cover his erection, his hand find your hair, and you don't care if it hurts. Dean thrusts up hard and almost chokes you, you ignore it and suck harder. Dean moans and warns you and you lick and suck not caring. He moans and thrust erratically then empties his cum in your mouth. You crawl up his body and laugh at the smug look on Dean's face. You laugh softly and kiss Dean's neck, he jerks when you suck leaving a dark mark. "Hey how am I supposed to pick up chic's with a hickey."

You scowl and look at him, "I was joking Sam." Dean runs his fingers through your hair and kisses you gently. "I know but, you know." "Dude chic flick moment." You laugh and push at his bare chest, "So are we planning on stayin' here all morning or is the case...." Dean kisses your earlobe, taking it slowly into his mouth. You moan and squirm in his lap. "I think it can wait." Dean laughs and you laugh with him slowly falling into his arms.