Title: Shower
Author: grey-eternity
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest, Explicit Adult Writing, Language, PWP-ish
Summary: Set during the Pilot, when Dean takes a shower.. things go differently.
Disclaimer: If I owned Supernatural, why would I write this? They'd do it.
Notes: First Smut in a Long Time.


Sam stood in the hotel room, looking at his older brother with a slight droop to his shoulders. "Hey Dean," he said, "what I said earlier, about Mom and Dad- I'm sorry."

Dean raised a dirt caked hand, a slight ruffle coming from his similarly dirtied clothes. "No chick flick moments."

Sam let out a slight laugh. "All right.. Jerk."

Dean dropped his hand, letting "Bitch" escape his lips before he turned to take a shower.

Sam made the same laugh again. He waited for a moment, and looked forward into the mirror of the hotel room. Stepping forward, he pulled out a photograph from the frame. He saw himself, his father, and his brother and smiled a little, remembering that day they went fishing... a small reprieve from the hunting they'd done all their lives.

Dean pulled the door behind him, although it didn't close completely. Sam raised an interested eyebrow as he put the photo in a pocket.

His older brother shed his jacket, letting it hit the tile floor with a faint clang. He pulled off his shirt with a slight grunt, revealing his fine body and his somewhat muscled abs... though not too built. Sam smiled as Dean pulled his shirt from his body, watching his brother undo the clasp on his jeans. Dean slid them down his legs, ruffling the slight hair that had grown over the lean muscle. Sam ran his tongue over his lips, watching his brother in only his black boxers. He held his breath.

Dean stuck his thumbs into the sides of his hips, pulling the boxers down with a slowness that made his younger brother want to scream. Sam felt his manhood stirring, his blood pumping quickly through his veins.

The elder brother dropped them down, letting them hit the floor with the same near inaudible sound as Sam's gasp. His brother was exquisite, completely shaven beneath the shorts. In his mind, Sam laughed; he'd seen his brother with a constant shadow on his face but this was where he shaved had he the opportunity? Sam smiled, as he continued watching out of the corner of his eye, pretending interest in a small leaflet on the console of the mirror.

Dean scratched at his empty pubes with his left hand before grabbing his balls and giving them a tug with his right. His cut cock flopped as he released his smooth balls from his grasp. He stepped out of the ring of clothes on the floor and bent over to turn on the hot water, letting it run into a shower. Sam looked at his brother's behind, watching it bloom as water began to flow from the showerhead and into the tub.

‘It's been too long,' Sam thought. College: girls, girlfriend, and parties- studying... instead of this.

Dean stood up straight and pulled the shower curtain to the side, and stepped in, letting the hot water rush over his body, cleaning out all of the mud from the river. The Woman in White could wait. For now, Dean ran his fingers through his wet hair, pulling out the dirt and the stench of couple days without a shower.

Sam shed his jacket and his shirt, crossing his hands over his chest. Butterflies danced in his stomach, as the steam from the shower started to leak into the bedroom. It condensed on Sam's bare chest, warming it. Stimulating it. He brushed his nipples, gently tugging at them with the points of his fingers. His pants stretched further, and it was becoming excruciatingly painful. He chewed on his lip, dropping his left hand to massage the rock contained by his jeans. His right hand began to undo the button holding his pants together, fumbling as quickly as he could.

Dean enjoyed the warmth, the heat, and the serenity of the shower- his solitude, his place of cleansing, his only chance to whack off when he was younger. He grabbed his balls with his right hand again, massaging an egg with his fingers, letting the electricity pull blood to his groin.

Sam let the jeans drop down, pointing his boxer briefs upward, his cock at full mast. ‘Fuck,' he thought, grabbing the head of his manhood. Sam started to jerk himself through the white cotton of the underwear, pulling on it harder.

The older brother grabbed his growing circumcised cock, pulling himself out the hot water to let his cock blossom into its full eight inches. He wrapped his hand around it, stroking upward and downward, drawing in quick breaths and letting out jagged sighs.

The younger brother pulled down his boxer briefs, letting his seven inches of rock hard manhood stand in the open air. Uncut. He pulled down his foreskin, exposing his cockhead to the open air, letting the scent of his manliness waft into the room. Sam jerked his cock once, pulling the foreskin all the way down. He gulped, as he took a brave step forward, out of his clothes and into the bathroom. His feet touched the moist tile.

Dean's eyes were closed, caught in the rapture of masturbation, stroking up and down, pinching a nipple. He groaned, exhaling and inhaling the hot steam.

Sam walked silently across the bathroom floor, watching his brother fantasize and masturbate. He stroked his own cock, feeling it pulse with a rhythm all its own. Dean had left the shower curtain open, like he always did. Sam stood next to the bathtub, perilously close... and quieter than dust forming.

Dean jerked faster, sliding his hand up and down his cock, increasing the heat building in his loins. ‘God,' he thought. ‘Why the fuck did he go off to college?' He pictured his brother, on his knees, mouth around his older brother's firm cock. Dean groaned.

Sam moved in, meeting Dean's lips in a kiss, and startling his brother. Dean opened his eyes, before closing them again and released the grip on his own cock, pulling Sam into the shower with him. The hot water washed over the younger brother, as he met Dean in another kiss, savoring the taste he'd been denied for a long while.

"Fuck," came out of Dean's mouth as they let each other breathe for a moment.

"'S been awhile," Sam panted, his hands wandering across Dean's wet chest, caressing his abs.

Sam cut off whatever Dean was going to say with another kiss, wrapping his arms around him, grabbing a shoulder and a buttock.

Dean kissed Sam back, their mouths dueling to give the other more pleasure. And they released. Their cocks stood at attention, raised and sandwiched between their lithe bodies. Sam pushed Dean backward, placing the elder's back against the shower wall. Dean groaned with the friction between their cocks.

Sam knelt down, his face leveled with Dean's erect cock, dripping with precum, and pulsing. He took the head in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it. He felt the precum drip onto his tongue as he drank it in, and started to suck on his brother's tool.

Dean smiled as he let out a bare gasp.

The younger brother took in the rest of his brother's cock, savoring its taste and running his tongue over its veined length, as he began to bob his head back and forth. Dean caught onto the motion, and slowly began to face-fuck his little brother.

Thrusting forward slowly, Dean closed his eyes as he rocked his body forward a little faster. Sam sucked on his brother's cock, pulling back and forth. It's contours brightened in his memory, its taste a bit stronger than he remembered it, but the best was yet to come.

Dean began to thrust faster and faster, and then let loose an animalistic growl. "I'm gonna..."

Sam heard the first word and let his brother's cock out of his mouth, and placed a guiding hand on its veined shaft.

"FUCK!" Dean shouted as he began to cum, his eyes rolling back with white lights as his cock spewed warm cum on his brother's face. Sam licked it up eagerly, sucking the tip of the cock for any remains.

Sam stood up, and kissed his somewhat deflated brother, letting Dean's cum flow back into Dean's mouth.

Dean pressed forward a little and felt his brother's still-raging erection. "You want it, Sammy?"

"You don't mind?" Sam replied, a little puzzled.

"Take it." Dean turned around, and braced himself against the wall.

Sam bit his lip. He'd only done this once before. The second night they had done anything at all together... From there on, it was always Dean on top...

The younger brother slid a wet finger into his older brother's anus, feeling the muscles tighten. "Come on, bro. You can do this," Sam said to his brother, close to his left ear.

"I haven't done it in awhile," Dean grunted back, his deflated cock beginning to rise again. It couldn't miss this.

Sam began to add another finger, and another. All the while pushing them in and out, carving a way inward. "Ready?"

Dean whimpered as Sam removed his fingers with his question. "Fuck me," the older brother let out weakly.

He didn't need another word. He pointed his diamond hard uncut cock at his brother's asshole, and pushed forward a little, letting his head go inside. The pressure began to melt away at his sanity immediately, as he began to push forward, little by little, until his cock was completely inside, his chest against his brother's back.

Sam began to pump in and out, drawing his cock almost all the way out before pushing all the way back in with a quick grunt. Dean groaned as the cock struck his pleasurable place; his own cock springing to action, though nowhere near as lively as it was before.

The younger brother massaged his brother's chest, pinching his nipples until Dean let loose a cry of sexual frustration. Sam began to thrust faster and faster as Dean began to clench his ass with Sam's thrust. Sam made one last deep thrust, crying out Dean's name as he shot his load into his brother's ass. Dean felt his brother cum, sending him on his own rush, the second in a short time, his load splattering the bathroom wall.

Sam pulled out, and turned Dean around and met him in a kiss.

"Fuck, when did you get so good?" Dean asked.

"What do you think I learned at Stanford?" Sam replied with a weak chuckle.