Title: Ruminations
By: veradeath
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not in any way own these characters.
Summary: Set sometime after Scarecrow but before Shadow.


The first time they fuck, it isn't romantic, candles and soft, dark lighting. It isn't even lying down. It's up against the bathroom wall in a bar with Skid Row's I Remember You blaring so loud the building reverberates. Its Sam with his legs spread, Dean spearing into him, holding him upright, pulsing, biting his neck, and back. The one lighting fixture flickers every now and then, the wallpaper torn and flaky.

They had been circling each other for years, subconsciously, never daring to say anything. They had been hovering around the tension for months after Sam came back. And the tension had finally snapped, in a no account bar in the middle of a sprawling city of iron and smoke and garbled hands, with Dean hearing the first cords and remembering a bus station and years of silence. Years of being utterly alone, without his other half.

So now Dean is fucking a brand into Sam, bite marks and semen marking Sam as his. This is when Sam gets feisty. Because apparently, Sam wants to fuck him. And before he knows it, Dean is against the tiled wall, Sam sliding in with little else besides precome and it hurts. Dean can feel himself adjusting, can feel the music thumping and wailing and morose. And then Sam slides out and then he slams into him. And Dean feels joy, feels like he can run a marathon, could fly. Because Sam is his and he is Sam's.

And so Sam is snaking his palm around his cock, thumbing the slit, grasping the head and shaft and squeezing just right and "Christ Sammy, I..," Dean comes, spurting all over Sam's hand. Droplets of tears mix with the come, as Dean remembers the last time he heard the song when Sam was around. But Sam is back, back for good.