Title: The Origin of Problems
By: perfect-irony
Pairing: Hints of Sam/Dean
Rating: PG, if that
Spoilers for Bugs (1X08), There's also a vague reference to "Bloody Mary", but you won't catch it unless you've seen it.
Summary: Something's bugging Sam and Dean wants to find out what it is.
Disclaimer: Not mine...
A/N: The last thing that I need is another fandom, but I got an idea in my head after I watched this episode, and it wouldn't leave me alone.


'Jesus Sammy, what the hell is your problem.'

It's almost two weeks after the bug incident and Sam is still acting off. He's been even more withdrawn lately, and he flinches every time Dean gets close enough to touch him. Dean knows that Sam's got some serious family issues, and the Angsty Bug Kid with Daddy issues was a pretty big reminder for Sam. Dean's all for brooding and keeping your problems to yourself, but after two weeks of sullen remarks and blatant silence, he's had enough. Chick flick moment or not, Sam needs to get whatever the hell he's brooding on so hard off his chest, so Dean can get back to enjoying his life.

'What do you mean what's my problem.'

'You've been even moodier than normal lately. Is someone having some feminine problems?' And Dean knows that pissing Sam off is just about the worst way to solve his problems, but it's the only method he has left. Sometimes the only way to make Sam talk is to make him mad enough to admit what's really bothering.

'Shut up and eat Dean.'

'I'd love to, really I would. But it's hard to ignore the bratty child sulking in the seat next to me.'

'Nothing, there's nothing wrong Dean.' Sam has apparently decided that the conversation is over because he turns to face the window of the diner, pointedly looking everywhere but at Dean. His jaw is clenched, and that's a big sign that despite the somewhat controlled tone of his voice, he's far more defensive about it than he should be.

'Look Sam, I know you had your issues with Dad, but I thought we talked about this...'

'This isn't about Dad Dean.'

'Then tell me Sam, what the fuck is it about?' Dean's speaking louder now, and the waitress who's refilled his coffee cup every five minutes since they came in has suddenly decided that he's had enough.

'This is about you being fucking paranoid. There's nothing wrong.'
'Yeah Sammy, I really believe that one.'

'Look Dean, I don't know how you think I've been behaving, but I'm fine. There's nothing bothering me.'

'Sure Sammy.' Now he's the angry one because the Indian is right, Dean's lied to pretty much everyone he's ever met. But it's always been different with Sam. He wants the trusting little boy back, the one who spent hours talking to Dean about everything and anything that came to his mind. Now he has half truths and obvious secrets.

'Come on Dean, people are staring now, just let it go.' He throws money down on the table, stalking out to the car. Sam's always cared far too much about what other people though of them. And that's it, because suddenly Dean gets it. He knows why Sam's been so temperamental. It doesn't really have anything to do with family issues or secrets. Of all the things that happened, Sam focuses on the strangest of all of them. Not the deaths or the bugs, not even the ever present family issues. This is about something else entirely.

Dean follows Sam out to the car, stopping only when he's close enough to feel the heat of his brother's body against him. His anger shifts seamlessly into amusement when Sam takes an involuntary step back, his shoulders pressed up against the car.

'Sammy' His voice is low, the smirk audible in his voice. Dean steps even closer to him, pinning Sam to the door with his body, Dean's arm braced against the car. Sam's face is a myriad of panic and frustration. He shifts until their faces are mere inches from each other, their noses brushing. Until he can feel every breath Sam takes against his lips. He too close for Sam to look away and he can see every individual fleck of color in his brother's eyes as he holds Sam's gaze.

Eventually, he shifts his eyes, stepping back slowly and brushing lightly against Sam to reach to door of the car.

'I can't believe you've been such a bitch because dead chick thought we were a couple.' Later, when they've been on the road for a couple of hours, Dean thinks that maybe the two weeks of hell was worth it, just to have seen the look on Sam's face.