Title: Phantom Traveller
By: Zane Rosetta
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: incest
Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine. Eric Kripke made 'em, the WB copyrighted 'em and I play with 'em, cause, damn they be pretty. I make $0 off these artistic endeavours, trust me, no money at all, skinty pooh, nul points.
Summary: This based on the episode of Supernatural bearing the same name - Phantom Traveler. I just tilted it in my own special way. It does have brothers doing naughty things to each other.


Dean sighed in his sleep.

As much as he wanted to be naked in bed he knew from experience that if you had to attack something nasty in the middle of the night best not to have anything obvious dangling.

Circumcised once, don't see a need for a trim. Boxers and a tee were now standard.

His dream took him back in time but only a couple of years, when Sammy was about to head off to college. They were drinking, heavily, this usually lead to arguing and then fighting. The fighting was usually pretty heated, fuelled by the drink and arguing. This time changed everything though. Dean had just flipped his brother, throwing him to the floor, straddling his younger sibling, holding and pressing his wrists into the floor.

Both breathing heavily, Sam squirming on the floor trying to release himself, Dean saw his brother clearly for the first time, the man he had become.

In Dean's dream it was in slow motion as he leaned in, placing his lips against those of his brother.

In the dream as in real life there was obvious reluctance on his brothers behalf but after a moment that reluctance melted away as other parts of him became firm. Their unspoken fraternal bond now finding voice as shirts were removed and Dean tasted his brother's flesh.

Sam arched beneath him the noises he made rippled through both of them.

"Dean," Sam gasped the name of his brother. Dean's teeth nibbling along Sam's collar bone, licking down to claim a nipple in those same teeth.

Sam gasped as Dean worried his nipple firm. He'd waited so long to do this. He had actually come to terms with that, not just loving his brother but being in love with him.

The training their father had made them do had paid off. Both of them were lean and muscular something that Dean was especially thankful for as his tongue traced the ridges of Sam's abdominal muscles. Sam's breathing was coming in gasps as he said his brother's name again. There wasn't the surprise and shock of the first time, this time it was complete acceptance and a definite don't stop attitude.

"Oh Dean," Sam nearly cried out. "Don't you dare fucking stop."

Dean smiled at his accurate read on Sam's sensation. He kissed the skin to the side of his brothers treasure trail before flicking open the button on Sam's 501s. A lick along the waistband of Sam's underwear and Dean couldn't help but feel Sam's hard cock against his chin.

He'd seen his brother naked before but not like this. There was a thin sheen of sweat on both of them that had nothing to do with their fighting from before. Dean lick at the cotton clad head of Sam's cock. He heard a noise like someone fumbling a key in a lock. Dean was instantly awake his hand under his pillow, gripping the hilt of his knife. Years of fighting what usually came out at night had honed his senses to mean his was fully awake. He felt a shadow fall over him. It was now or never.

Dean launched himself out of bed, grabbed at the figure threw it onto the bed and brandished his... dildo...

Sam was under him again. Looking at the shock on Dean's face.

"You know it's okay, if you wanna fool around you just have to ask," Sam said matter-of-factly. Dean got up off his brother and stood in the middle of the small motel room.

"What the hell were you doing sneaking in like that?" Dean asked. "I could have done real damage."

Sam looked up at his brother and cocked his head. "Yeah you could have fucked me over good," he said, getting up off the bed and spanking Dean's obvious hardness through his underwear. "I got coffee."

Dean turned to look at his brother then fell back into the bed. "What time is it?"

"It's about 5.45."

"In the morning?"


"Where does the day go?" Dean asked then thought for a moment about what he was still holding. "Add to that question, 'Where did my knife go?'"

"Oh here," Sam said handing over the knife.

"You know if I had really had this you'd be dead now," Dean said rubbing sleep from his eyes.

"But you didn't and right now, kinda turned on," Sam said.

"Cause I pulled a dildo on you? My how the mighty have fallen," Dean said, a quick smile on his lips. "When did you last get a nights sleep? 3am I woke up to you whacking off to gay porn."

"What can I say, need to get off somehow and like you said, you were asleep," Sam countered.


"I don't know, a little while I guess, it's not a big deal."

"Yeah it is."

"I appreciate your concern but-"

"I'm not concerned about you, it's your job to keep my eyes alive so I need you sharp." Dean stopped for a moment. "Seriously, you still having nightmares?"

Sam lay on the bed beside his brother and handed him a cup of coffee.

"Yeah, but it's everything, this job," Sam said stretching out, revealing a small stretch of skin as his shirt raised up. "It messes with your head."

"Well you can't let it, you can't bring it home like that." Dean said sipping at the coffee absently, his eyes on the line of skin his brother had just presented.

"So, what, all this doesn't keep you up at night?" Sam asked. Dean placed his coffee on the bedside table and leaned in, licking at the skin.

"You always keep me 'up' Sam," Dean said, nudging his brothers shirt up further and claiming Sam's navel with his tongue. Sam arched into the sensation just as he had a few years ago and mere moments ago in Dean's dream.

This time he wasn't going to miss out as he worked Sam's jeans open and licked at his cotton clad crotch. Sam moaned happily and lifted his own shirt up and off. The warmth on his back from the bed warmed by his brother and the coolness from the room caressing his chest.

Dean's teeth held Sam's growing hardness. Not a hard bite just holding Sam's cock in his mouth, breathing deeply, the heat from his breath penetrating the underwear almost feeding Sam's erection.

"Please Dean," Sam whispered. Dean loosened his grip on his brothers cock but not by much, enough to glide up and down the shaft. Sam's body shuddered.

"Oh fuck," Sam gasped. Dean released Sam's cock, got up and removed his own shirt and pulled the jeans from Sam's body. Sam lay sprawled in the bed naked but for his underwear. Dean loved seeing his brother like this. It was obvious Sam still worked out his body was still lean but muscular as well. Firm, muscles all flexing. Dean sat on the bed leaned in and sucked at the tip of Sam's cock.

"Suck me Dean, please," Sam almost purred. Dean pulled down the underwear, Sam's cock freed, Dean claimed the tip of it again sucking at the head. Sam's hands in his brother's hair.

"Yes," Sam hissed, his breathing heavy, pushing Dean's head down to take more of him. Dean was happy to oblige

"Yes, oh god, yes Dean!" Sam cried out as Dean took all of his brother's cock then pulled back slowly, purring, sending a shockwave of raw sexual energy through his brother.

Mouth on Sam's cock, hands gliding over hot flesh, Dean knew how to get his brother off and he loved it.

Dean's phone rang.

Sam's head flicked to the nightstand were the phone rang and vibrated, dancing across the faux wooden surface. Dean pulled away from Sam also looking at the cell. His brow creased as he reached over and grabbed the phone. He looked at the cell then his brother, puzzled. Only people who knew his number were Sam and their Dad. He flicked open the phone...


The voice on the other end of the phone was someone Dean and his Dad helped a while back. The guy had a poltergeist in his house. The creature hadn't returned but man on the phone said he had something that he'd appreciate their help with.

Ten minutes later and they hit the road.

Dean and Sam visited Jerry Panowski the airline engineer who called Dean. He told them about a flight which had crashed. Not usually the brothers brand of inquiry but Jerry had called Dean because of what he heard on a flight box recorder. Both brothers heard an unusual noise on the recording.

Through Jerry they got a passenger manifest, a list of survivors from the plane crash and they asked to see the wreckage.

Jerry said he could get the first two but the wreckage is locked up tight.

"No problem," Dean said, nodding and smiling knowingly.

A little while later and Sam was waiting by the car outside a copy store. How had it come to this? He still loved his brother but his girlfriend flung into the ceiling and set on fire in the same way as his mother. That was messed up. Since he'd teamed up with his brother again he'd been molested by a ghost, hunted down by an ancient woodland creature and jumped into a haunted lake. All the while, looking for their Dad.

He shook his head and continued waiting. A few minutes later his brother emerged from the copy store.

"You've been in there forever. What were you doing jacking off in the bathroom, looking up porn on the Internet?" Sam asked.

"You can't rush perfection," Dean said grinning. "Or a good blowjob." He dabbed at the sides of his mouth and then flourished ID cards.

"Homeland Security?" Sam asked looking at the newly forged ID. "That's pretty illegal, even for us."

"Yeah, well, it's something new," Dean said rounding the car. "You know, people haven't seen it a thousand times."

Both got into the car and Sam played the flight recording through a sound editor on his laptop.

"No survivors," the voice said. The brothers looked at each other.

"But there are survivors."

Sam pulled out the list of survivors from Jerry and suggested their first visit.

"Why this guy in particular?" Dean asked.

"Max Jaffe? One, he's from around here and two, if anyone saw anything weird, he did."

"What makes you say that?"

"Well, I spoke to his mother and she told me where to find him."

Sam and Dean pulled up outside Riverfront Psychiatric Hospital, current whereabouts of Max Jaffe.

"I don't understand, I already spoke with Homeland Security," Max said as he and the brothers walked through the peaceful surrounds of the hospital. Max was in his twenties, with a mop of black hair on his head and a thin face.

"Right, some new information has come up," Dean said using his deep government official type voice which he always believed got results but which people thought sounded like he had a throat infection. "So if you could just answer a couple of questions."

"Before the plane went down did you notice anything unusual?" Sam asked.

"Like what?" Max asked.

"Strange lights, weird noises maybe voices?" Dean questioned.

"No nothing, I mean I was horny but that's cause I was thinking about a bud I was gonna visit." Max said as they sat at a convenient wooden picnic style table with wooden seating

"Really," Dean mused. "Cute?"

"Mister Jaffe," Sam said interrupting his brother. "You checked yourself in here, right?" Max nodded. "Can I ask why?"

"I was a little stressed, I survived a plane crash."

"And that's what terrified you, that's what you were afraid of?" Dean asked.

After some gentle prodding from both Dean and Sam, Max told his story.

"There was this man and he had these... eyes... these black eyes and I saw him or I thought I saw him..."

"What?" Dean asked.

"He opened the emergency exit," Max said and Dean looked at him surprised. "But that's impossible, right? I mean I looked it up there's something like two tonnes of pressure on that door."

"Did this man seem to appear and disappear rapidly it would have looked something like a mirage?" Sam asked. Max thought about the question then smirked.

"What? Are you nuts?" he asked and Sam looked at Dean. "He was a passenger, he was sitting right in front of me." Max finished and fidgeted some in his seat.

"Are you okay?" Sam asked.

"Well you know since the accident I've been, well, anxious," Max confessed, eyes flicking from Sam to Dean then back again..

"Anxious how?" Dean asked.

"Like, anxious 'something is not right' or feels weird?' Sam suggested.

"Damn right," Max stood up. Wearing sweat pants it was obvious what his 'problem' was.

"Wow," Dean said. "You packing a nightstick in there or something?"

"Dean!" Sam hissed at his brother.

"What? The guy has an iron rod in there." Dean hissed back.

"You wanna see it?" Max asked. "I didn't get to show it to my bud."

"Hell yes," Dean said grinning from ear to ear.

"No, please it's okay, we don't need to see it," Sam said.

"Can I see it then?" Dean asked.

"No!" Dean said.

"Sure," Max counted, turned from Sam and pulled out his cock to show Dean.

"Wow," Dean said. "Sam, dude you gotta see this guys cock."

Sam waited at the front gates of the mental hospital as Dean came towards him.

"You're a slut," Sam said walking to the car.

"What? Cause I sucked some guy off?" Dean said. "He was in need."

"And you're such a giver," Sam shot back. "You didn't even know him.

"Well, yeah, yeah I am a giver," Dean said with a grin on his face.



"Max wasn't in the hospital just cause of the crash," Sam said.


"No, he was in there because he suffers from satyriasis," Sam said stopping in tracks waiting for Dean to stop and realise what he said. Dean stopped after a moment, turned around and walked back to where his brother was standing, inches separating them.

"What?" he whispered hoarsely.


"Well, is that contagious?" Dean asked.

"Nope, but you probably have it already," Sam said walking back to the car.

"What? Come on Sam, you're scaring me," he jogged after his brother.

"Scaring you, we deal with all types of paranormal phenomenon and this scares you?"

"Things that go bump in the night I can live with but this, this is, it's not my dick is it?" Dean asked and Sam shook his head.

"Only if you over exert yourself," Sam said and Dean looked at him puzzled. "It's hypersexuality, in men," Sam finished and got into the car. Dean was still for a moment, then it dawned on him as he rounded the car.

"I'm gonna pinch you so hard."

The boys travelled to the house of George Phelps, the passenger Max claimed caused the crash. They have a brief talk with George's widow and find out that he was a dentist with a fear of flying and the only problem he had was an ulcer.

"Hardly evil personified," Dean said as they left the house. "You know we need to get inside that warehouse where the wreckage is being stored."

"Well okay, but if we're going to go that route we better look the part," Sam said.

A short while later Sam and Dean entered "Mort's For Style" menswear store.

A short, balding, wizened old man came out from behind a curtain as the bell from the door chimed.

"Welcome to Mort's For Style," the man croaked out a time honoured schpeil. "Fifty years of making the men of this fine town look like gentlemen." He chuckled at his own joke but was overtaken by a coughing fit. A younger man came out from behind the curtain.

"Grandpa," he said hurrying over to the elderly man. "It's okay you finish up Mr. Johnson's alterations, it's tricky and you know his sizing better than I do." The older man nodded, still coughing and headed back through the curtain. The younger man nodded as his grandfather disappeared then turned to Sam and Dean where Dean and Sam.

"Hi I'm James, what can I do to you?" he smiled and blushed. "For you. What can I do, for you."

Dean grinned broadly, Sam smiled. "We need a couple of plain black suits," he said.

"Okay," James said brandishing measuring tape. He approached Sam first. "Wow, you're pretty tall there."

"Will that be a problem?" Sam asked.

"No, just more of you to cover," James said and smiled, running his fingers long Sam's shoulders while measuring. Sam was oblivious to the groping he was getting. Dean watched open mouthed when James dropped to his knees to do Sam's inside thigh measurements.

After a longer than average time of measuring James got Sam a suit to try then turned to Dean.


"Ooh, me!" Dean said excitedly.

"Man I look like one of the Blues Brothers," Dean said, adjusting his crotch as they walked out of the store in standard government agent or 'Men in Black' style.

"No you don't," Sam said adjusting his shirt collar. "You look like a seventh grader at his first dance."

"I hate this thing," Dean said looking down at himself.

"Hey, you want in that warehouse or not?" Dean asked as they got into the car. "Besides, I think you look pretty hot in a suit." Dean looked at his brother.

"I look better out of one."

"Not gonna deny that."

At the storage facility both in their suits displayed Dean's newly forged ID cards and passed through without so much as a second glance from the guards on duty.

Inside the warehouse they were faced with the arduous task of what was left of the plane in a million pieces. Dean pulled out a small device with a set of earphones.

"What's that?" Sam asked looking at the device.

"It's an EMF meter," Dean said. "It reads electro magnetic frequencies."

"Yeah I know what an EMF meter is but why does that one look like a busted up Walkman?"

"Cause that's what I made it out of," Dean said with a grin of accomplishment on his face. "It's home-made."

"Yeah I can see that," Sam said, the smile on Dean's face faltered and fell as they started their examination of the wreckage.

"Check out the emergency door handle," Dean said as he waved his home-made meter back and forth.

"You actually found something with that thing?" Sam asked, surprised.

"No need to sound so shocked, geez I did the best I could with this thing and it works," Dean bit back. Sam sighed.

"I'm sorry I didn't think your Walkman thing-"

"Home made EMF meter," Dean corrected him.

"... Home made EMF meter would work," Sam said. "You wanna kiss and make up now? A little frottage?"

"Later," Dean said concentrating more on a substance he found. "What is this stuff?" he finished rubbing the substance between his fingers.

"One way to find out," Sam said brandishing his pocket knife and scraping some of the substance into a small container. Dean took the opportunity to wipe his fingers on the back of Sam's suit. When Sam turned to see what his brother was up to Dean just flashed his trademark grin.

"Footfalls," Sam whispered after collecting the scraping.

"Did you just say 'footfalls?" Dean asked. Sam nodded. "What, are you like out of a Sherlock Holmes story?"

"Well, they're not 'footsteps' are they?" Sam bit back.

"You could have said 'Someone's coming'" Dean said.

"And have you giggle or make a rude remark?" Sam asked. Dean cocked his head. "Coming?" Dean held out for as long as he could before giggling.

"You're twelve," Sam said. "We better find the backdoor." Dean stopped then after a moment started giggling again.

"Backdoor," he said smirking. Sam turned his brother around and pushed him in the direction of the backdoor of the hanger.

The brothers rounded the corner of the hanger quickly, walking swiftly, as an alarm went off that walk become a run.

The brothers escaped the facility with minimal fuss and headed back to Jerry to confirm that the stuff Sam had collected was sulphur.

"There's not to many things that leave behind a sulphuric residue," Dean said. "Aside from an ex or two."

"Or demonic possession?" Sam asked.

"It would explain how a mortal man would have the strength to open an emergency hatch."

"If the guy was possessed, it's possible," Sam said but he wasn't convinced.

"But this goes way beyond floating over a bed or barfing up pea soup. It's one thing to possess a person but to use them to take down an entire aeroplane?"

"You ever heard of something like this before?" Sam asked.

"Never." Dean said.

Back at their motel room and Sam was on his laptop researching, having changed out of his suit and into his regular clothes. Every few seconds he'd steal a glance at his brother while he changed.

"So, every religion and every world culture has the concept of demons and demonic possession, right?" Sam asked while watching Dean strip. "I mean Christian, Native American, Hindu, you name it."

"Yeah but none of them describe anything like this," Dean said consulting a book while absently hanging up his suit shirt and coat.

"Well, that's not exactly true. You see according to Japanese beliefs certain demons are behind," Sam faltered as Dean lost his trousers, bending over and showing off his boxers encased ass. "... Certain disasters both natural and man made," he finished as Dean pulled on his jeans.

"One causes earthquakes, another causes disease," Sam continued.

"Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!" Dean quipped. Sam looked at the screen then back at his brother. "This one causes plane crashes then?" Dean stood up and started pacing the room, occasionally the light from the curtain drawn windows illuminating his bare chest or back in the darkened room.

"Alright, so, we have a demon that's, what? Evolved with the times and found ways to ratchet up the body count?"

"Yeah," Sam said quietly. "Who knows how many planes it's bought down before this one?"

Dean looked at his brother and smirked.

"What?" Sam asked. Dean fell into the bed of the room and stretched out.

"I don't know man, this isn't our normal gig," he said looking over at his brother. "I mean demons, they don't want anything, just death and destruction for it's own sake."

"I mean this is big, I wish Dad was here."

"Yeah, me too." Sam said.

There is a moment of silence between the two of them before Dean's cell rings. It's Jerry again. This time he is reporting another crash involving his good friend, Chuck Lambert.

"Where did this happen?" Dean asked.

"About sixty miles west of here, near Nazareth," Jerry's voice said over the phone.

"I'll try and ignore the irony in that," Dean replied.

"Sorry?" Jerry asked.

"Nothing, Jerry. Hang in there alright, we'll catch up with you soon," Dean said then flicked off his phone.

"Another crash?" Sam asked already knowing the answer."

"Yeah, let's go," Dean said looking around for his shirt.

"Where?" Sam asked, throwing a shirt at his brother. Dean flashed his grin again.


The boys headed out to the site of the crash at Nazareth only to find something similar to what they found on the doomed flight 2485. They headed back to Jerry to confirm the findings.

"Sulphur?" Dean asked as Jerry looked up from the sample. Jerry nodded his head sadly.

"Well that's great," Dean said turning to his brother. "Alright so that's two plane crashes involving Chuck Lambert. This demon sounds like it was after him."

"With all due respect to Chuck," Sam said looking at Jerry. "If that's the case that would be the good news."

"What's the bad news?" Dean asked.

"Chuck's plane went down exactly forty minutes into the flight and get this, so did flight 2485."

"Forty minutes? What does that mean?" Jerry asked.

""it's biblical numerology, you know, Noah's Ark it rained for forty days. The number means death," Dean stated.

"I went back and their have been six plane crashes over the last decade that all went down exactly forty minutes in," Sam said.

"Any survivors?" Dean asked.

"No," Sam said simply. "Or not until now at least not until flight 2485 for some reason."

"On the cockpit voice recorder," Sam continued. "Remember what the EVP said?"

"No survivors." Dean stated the realised. "It's going after all the survivors."

"It's trying to finish the job."

Back on the road and Sam contacted all the other survivors none of whom were planning on travelling by plane anytime soon except for a woman by the name of Amanda Walker. The brothers found out that she was going back on the job as a flight attendant that very night.

"Just our luck," Dean said pushing the car faster.

"Dean, this is a five hour drive man, even with you behind the wheel," Sam said.

"Call Amanda's cell phone again, see if we can't head her off at the pass."

"'Head her off at the pass?' I hate that cliché and besides I already left her three voice messages, she must have turned her cell phone off." Sam said looking at his watch. "God, we're never gonna make it."

"Oh, we'll make it."

The brothers made it to the airport with thirty minutes to spare. Checking the departures board they found where Amanda was and call the departure gate to try and stop her boarding the plane. Unfortunately their ruse doesn't work as expected and Amanda continues onto the flight.

"Damn it," Dean said pacing. "We were so close."

"Alright, it's time for plan B," Sam said. "We're getting on that plane."

"Now, just hold on a second."

"Dean, that plane is leaving, with over a hundred passengers on board and if we're right," Sam paused, looked around and lowered his voice. "That plane is going to crash."

"I know," Dean said, a little panicked.

"Okay, we're getting on the plane, we're gonna find that demon and exorcise it," Sam said, all business oblivious to the fact that his brother was wide-eyed with fear. "Look, I'll get the tickets, you just go and get whatever you can from the trunk, whatever will make it through security. No dildos. Meet me back here in five minutes." Sam finished and noticed his brothers look of alarm. "Are you ok?"

Dean went to nod but it turned into a shake of his head. "No, not really."

"Why? What's wrong?" Sam asked.

"Well, I kind of have this problem with... " Dean's voice trailed over as he made a plane takeoff movement with his hand.

"Charades?" Sam asked. Dean did the motion again. "Flying?" Sam asked, surprised.

"Well, it's never really been an issue until now."

"You're joking right?"

"Do I look like I'm joking?! Why do you think I drive everywhere, Sam?!"

"Alright, I'll go," Sam said.


"I'll do this one on my own."

"What, are you nuts? You said it yourself, the plane's gonna crash."

"Dean, we can do it together or I can do this one by myself, I'm not seeing a third option here." Sam pleaded.

"Come on!" Dean said. "Really?" he asked but knew he was out of options.

"Man," he said, defeated.

On the plane, passengers taking their seats and buckling up. Dean examined the information card in the front sear pocket "What to do in the event of an emergency?"

Sam watched his brother. His big brother who he thought nothing could scare with a small amount of amusement.

"Just try to relax," Sam said calmly.

"Just try to shut up!" Dean said through clenched teeth.

As the plane gathered speed, Dean clenched at the arm rests of his seat. He looks wide-eyed but unseeing at a point directly in front of him. The whole plane rattled as the engines roared. Dean stares at nothing. As the plane lifts off from the ground Dean closes his eyes wanting to be anywhere else but on this plane. His eyes flash open as he hears the landing gear retract. Wide-eyed once more he looks for the source of the noise, much to the amusement of Sam.

A short way into the flight and Dean is humming to himself. Sam leans in expecting to hear a mantra, which he does, of sorts.

"Are you humming Metallica?" Sam asked.

"Calms me down," Dean said before continuing his humming.

"Look man, I get you're nervous alright but you gotta stay focused."


"I mean, we got thirty-two minutes and counting to track this thing down or whoever it's possessing anyway and perform and full on exorcism."

"Yeah, on a crowded plane, that's gonna be easy."

"Well take it one step at a time, alright," Sam said. "Now," he looked around. "Who is it possessing?"

"Well it's usually going to be somebody with some sort of weakness you know, a chink in the armour that the demon can worm through," Dean said trying to remain calm. "Someone with a addiction or some sort of emotional distress," he finished on the verge of crying or hitting something or someone.

"Well this is Amanda's first flight after the crash if I were her I'd be pretty messed up," Sam said and Dean murmured an agreement

"Excuse me," Dean said to a passing flight attendant. "Are you Amanda?"

"No, I'm not," she said with a smile.

"Oh, my mistake," Dean said as she passed. He looked back down the aisle to see another flight attendant preparing and food and drinks trolley. "Alright, well that's gotta be Amanda back there so I'll go talk to her and I'll get a read on her mental state," he finished sounding more like the person with a mental instability.

"What if she's already possessed?"

"There's ways to test that," Dean said, going into the bag at his feet. "I bought holy water," he said presenting a bottle.

"Dean, that's lube," Sam said with a little exasperation. Dean smiled sheepishly and went back to the bag and produced a water bottle which Sam snatched away. Sam imagined his brother dousing an innocent Amanda with water..

"No, I think we can go more subtle," he said quickly. "If she's possessed she'll flinch at the name of God."

"Hmm, nice," Dean said, unbuckling his seat belt and leaving his seat.

"Hey," Sam called to his brother.


"Say it in Latin," Sam advised.

"I know," Dean said going to leave again.

"Hey," Sam called again.

"What?" Dean said getting frustrated.

"In Latin it's 'Cristo'"

"Dude, I know, I'm not an idiot."

Sam watched as his brother make is way down the aisle of the plane. A small shake of turbulence made Dean stop for a moment and try to compose himself.

"Hi," Dean said as he walked through the curtained divider into the prep area.

"Hi," Amanda said continuing to check her trolley. A picture of calm "Can I help you with something?"

"Ah, no, just a bit of an uneasy flier," Dean confessed. "Makes me feel better to walk around a little bit."

"Happens to the best of us," Amanda said.

"Of course being a stewardess flying comes easy to you." Dean said and Amanda chuckled a little.

"You'd be surprised," she confessed.

"Really? You're a nervous flyer?" Dean asked, surprised.

"Yeah, maybe, a little bit."

"How is it, being a stewardess that you're scared to fly?"

"Kind of a long story," Amanda said.

"Right, sorry for asking," Dean said. "Ever considered other employment?" he asked.

"No," Amanda said after thinking it over for a moment. "Everyone's scared of something, I'm just not going to let it hold me back."

Dean nodded and smiled. His interrogation was becoming a chat over a cup of tea. He brought out the big guns.

"Cristo," he mumbled. Amanda looked at him.

"Sorry? Did you say something?" she asked. Dean smiled awkwardly

"Cristo?" He ventured.

"I'm... I didn't.."

"Nothing, never mind," Dean said giving up and heading back to his seat.

"Alright, well she's gotta be the most well adjusted person on the planet," he said to Sam after reclaiming his seat.

"You said 'Cristo?'" Sam asked.



"There's no demon in her. There's no demon getting in her."

"So, it's on the plane and it can be anyone, anywhere," Sam said.

Turbulence rocked the plane again.

"Come on, that can't be normal," Dean complained, clenching the armrests of his seat.

"Hey, hey, it's just a little turbulence," Sam said calmly.

"Sam, this plane is going to crash, okay? So quit treating me like I'm freakin' four!"

"You need to calm down," Sam said slowly and calmly.

"Well, I'm sorry I can't!" Dean snapped.

"Yes, you can," Sam said softly.

"Dude, stow the touchy-feely, self-help-yoga crap," Dean snapped again and fidgeted in his seat. "It's not helping!"

"I know you're panicked which means you're wide open to demon possession. So you need to calm yourself down, right now," Sam said forcefully but calmly. Dean looked at his brother and let out a slow but shaky breath.

"Good," Sam said after Dean took another slow breath.

"Okay, no, not good it's not working," Dean said nervously. "Why did the demon have to be on a plane? Why couldn't it have been in a nice rolling meadow, all green with fluffy flowers."

"Fluffy flowers?" Sam questioned.

"Geez, why the hell am I up here?" Dean asked getting more freaked by the second.

"Cause you love me and care for me," Sam said, placing a hand on Dean's thigh and rubbing it softly.

"Well... you're my brother," Dean said uncertainly, watching Sam's hand. "It's... the law."

"Yes, brothers help each other," Sam said softly as his hand moved further up Dean's thigh caressing his crotch.

Dean's head lolled back his breathing long but no longer shaky.

Sam's fingers gently massaging his brother's growing hardon. A flick of the button on Dean's jeans and Sam's hand was inside, gliding over hard flesh.

"Ohh, Sammy," Dean gasped, aching up in his seat to give Sam better access. He felt Sam shift in his seat and his warm breath in his ear.

"It's 'Sam'" he said, nipping at his brother's earlobe for emphasis.

"Mmmm, yeah," Dean gasped again. "My Sam."

It was Sam's turn to feel his chest constrict a little, his throat dry as he continued to stroke his brother.

"That feels good?" Sam whispered into Dean's ear. Dean nodded numbly. "All calm and relaxed?" Again a nod. Sam's hand moved from Dean's jeans and up under his shirt, caressing hot, sweat moistened skin, finding a nipple, pinching it. Sam was back at Dean's ear.

"Good, focus," Sam said and licked at the bottom of Dean's earlobe feeling his body shudder like an electrical current just past through him. Sam's hand moved out from under Dean's shirt and he refastened the jeans.

Dean looked down at his hardon and then over at Sam who was going through their father's diary.

"Now, I found an exorcism in here that I think is gonna work," Sam said all business. Dean sighed dramatically his brother took no notice.

"A pinch," Dean murmured. "Of monumental proportions."

"What?" Sam asked,

"Never mind," Dean said shaking himself mentally and physically. "The exorcism, what do we have to do?"

"It's two parts, the first part expels the demon from the victims body, it makes it manifest which actually makes it more powerful," Sam read from the diary.

"More powerful?" Dean asked, wide-eyed. "How?"

"Well it doesn't need to possess anyone anymore it can just wreak havoc on its own."

"Oh, and why is that a good thing?" Dean questioned.

'Well because the second part, sends the bastard back to hell." Sam said. "Once and for all."

"First things first, we gotta find it," Dean said grabbing some things from the bag at his feet.

"Dean, it's not the time to jack off, I'll finish you off later," Sam complained. Dean sat back up and waved his homemade EMF meter in Sam's face.

Moments later Dean was at the back of the plane starting his scan of both sides of the aisle.

Dean saw some weird things but neither he nor his EMF meter detected anything other worldly.

"Hey," Sam said as he touched Dean's shoulder. Dean slapped his brother on the arm.

"Man, don't do that!" Dean hissed.

"Anything?" Sam asked nonplussed.

"No, nothing, how much time we got?" Dean asked, Sam glanced at his watch.

"Fifteen minutes," Sam said, the looked at each other dejected. "Maybe we missed somebody."

"Maybe the thing's just not on the plane." Dean said. Sam shook his head.

"You believe that?" he asked.

"Well, I will if you will," Dean replied. Sam pleaded with his brother through his eyes. At that moment Dean's EMF meter spiked. Dean looked around and saw the co-pilot come out of the bathroom.

"What? What is it?" Sam asked.

"Cristo," was Dean's reply as he watched the co-pilot shudder and turn to look around, his eyes jet black.

Sam and Dean looked at each other then almost ran to the other end of the plane.

"She's not going to believe this," Sam snarked.

"Twelve minutes, dude."

"Oh hey, flights not too bumpy for you I hope?" Amanda said as Dean and Sam stepped through the curtained off area.

"Uh, actually that what we kinda need to talk to you about," Dean confessed as Sam closed the curtain.

"Okay, what can I do for you?" Amanda asked, all business.

"This is gonna sound nuts," Dean said looking over his shoulder to make sure the demon co-pilot wasn't coming down on him. "But we don't have time for the whole 'The Truth is Out There' speech-"

"Alright," Sam said, talking over his brother. "Look, we know you were on flight 2485," he said to Amanda.

"Who are you guys?" Amanda asked starting to get a little worried.

"Now, we've spoken to some of the over survivors, we know something brought down that plane and it wasn't mechanical failure," Sam said.

"And we need your help so we can stop it from happening again, here, now," Dean added.

"I'm sorry, I'm very busy," Amanda said and went to push past them, Dean pushed her back gently.

"Woah, woah, woah, wait a second. I'm not going to hurt you, okay? But listen to me.. ah.. the pilot from 2485, Chuck Lambert, he's dead," Dean stated.

"What? Chuck is dead? What?" Amanda asked, confused.

"He died in a plane crash," Dean said. "Now that's two plane crashes in two months. That doesn't strike you as strange?"

Amanda tries to speak but finds confusion and Sam takes over.

"Look, there was something wrong with 2485. Maybe you sensed it, maybe you didn't but there's something wrong with this flight too."

"Amanda you have to believe us," Dean said. Amanda went to speak again but found the gaze of the brothers overpowering. She thought about what they said for a moment.

"On 2585, there was this, man, he had these, eyes?"

"Yes, that's exactly what we're talking about!" Sam exclaimed.

"I don't understand, what are you asking me to do?" she asked.

"Go, get the co-pilot, we need you to bring him back here," Dean said.

"Why? What does he have to do with anything?" Amanda asked.

"Don't have time to explain, we just need to talk to him, okay," Dean said.

"Well how am I supposed to get into the cockpit, and get the co-pilot-"

"Whatever it takes," Sam pleaded. "Do whatever it takes. Tell him there's something broken back here. Whatever will get him out of that cockpit."

"You know I could lose my job-"

"Well, you're going to lose a lot more than that if you don't help us out," Dean snapped. Amanda stared at the brothers again.

"Okay," she said, resigned to the fact that there was definitely something wrong. Sam and Dean moved aside and Amanda made her way up the aisle.

The brothers watched from the curtain as Amanda knocked on the cockpit door and managed to coax the co-pilot out. Sam and Dean made their preparations, Dean risked one last quick look through the curtains before pressing his brother against the wall.

"God damn, I love you Sammy," he said pressing his lips brutally against Sam's. Sam gave a quick smile.

"We're gonna make it through this and I will make you learn that it's 'Sam.'"

Dean smiled back then got into position beside the curtain.

"Yeah what's the problem?" the co-pilot asked as he walked through the curtain only to be answered by a punch from Dean that sent him into the side of the plane.

Dean grabbed the co-pilot by the front of the shirt and threw him to the floor. Dazed by the sudden barrage gave Dean time to rip some masking tape and force it over the co-pilot's mouth.

"What are you doing?" Amanda asked worriedly. "You said you were just going to talk to him."

"We are going to talk to him," Dean said gruffly holding the struggling co-pilot down while Sam splashed the holy water onto him.

At first nothing happened then, still writhing, the co-pilot started burning from where the holy water had hit him. The acrid smell of the sulphur from the burning wounds.

"Oh my god! What is wrong with him?" Amanda asked dumbfounded as she watched the incredible scene unfold. Sam looked up at her while holding down the co-pilot with Dean.

"Look, we need you calm, we need you outside of the curtain and don't let anyone in," Sam said calmly while he and Dean wrestled with the co-pilot. "Can you do that?" he asked her.

Amanda was looking at the scene rapidly becoming less calm and in control by the moment.

"Can you do that?" Sam asked again. "Amanda?"

Amanda looked one more time at the prone figure on the floor.

"Okay, okay!" She agreed and quickly disappeared through the curtain. Dean punched co-pilot again.

"Hurry up Sam, I don't know how much longer I can hold him," Dean said holding the smoking, writhing and extremely pissed off co-pilot. Sam splashed more holy water onto the co-pilot and started to recite the exorcism.

Over the hissing and writhing of the co-pilot Sam continued the exorcism rite. At a pause in speaking the co-pilot got an arm free and knocked the bottle of holy water from Sam's hand.

Surprised by the sudden movement Dean let go of the co-pilot. Giving the co-pilot free movement was not a good idea as he struck Dean violently in the chest, throwing him back. The co-pilot managed to push Sam a glancing but bone shuddering blow as Sam connected with the wall of the plane.

Dean managed to get up and regain control of the co-pilot, holding him down again. Sam, seeing his brother in control again continued the exorcism. Part way through the chant the co-pilot got free of Dean again thrusting the older brother against the wall then ripping the masking tape from his lips grabbed Dean by the front of the shirt to lever himself up and closer to Sam.

"I know what happened to your girlfriend," the demon inside the co-pilot growled. "Must have died screaming. But now you have your sexy brother to hold you at night. Ride you like a beast. Soon all of you will burn!"

Dean's punch to the jaw of the co-pilot silenced the demon within.

"Sam!" Dean cried out, holding down the struggling co-pilot. Sam snarled at the thing on the floor and continued the exorcism.

Dean continued to hold the co-pilot as Sam finished the rite and held the co-pilot down with his brother.

"I got him," Sam said dropping their father's diary beside him. The struggling co-pilot's screams getting louder as the exorcism took hold. Thrashing and kicking sent the diary skidding out into the aisle of the plane.

A demonic cry issued from the co-pilot as the demon emerged from his mouth in the form of an oily black smoke. The co-pilot fell into unconsciousness as the smoke headed for an air vent.

"Where'd it go?" Sam asked.

"It's in the plane, hurry up we gotta finish it." Dean said as both of them got up off the floor. Sam made it to the curtains moments before the plane fell into a drive throwing Dean into the back oft the plane.

The passenger compartment was in complete chaos as all manner of material flew around the cabin. Sam had a white knuckle grip on the door frame as the plane continued to fall. He spotted the diary and threw himself at it, narrowly missing as the plane continued it's dive sliding the book just out of reach.

Dean had managed to get his hands to the door when the plane shook throwing him back against the wall again.

Sam's fingers brushed against the edge of the diary as imminent disaster raged around him.

Dean screamed in wide eyed terror, unable to move.

Sam finally gained purchase on the book and hurriedly found the page with the exorcism. Kneeling in the aisle, in the core of chaos he recited the last of the exorcism.

Nothing happened for a moment then a flash of lightening struck the stricken airliner.

Bright white light everywhere, screams of passengers and the roar of the engines, screams of the demon inside the now massively over electrified plane. The power of the lightening forcing the demon out and back where it belonged.

Slowly everyone and thing calmed down, including the plane. Dean slowly made his way back to the passenger compartment to witness the aftermath of the maelstrom and seeing his brother on the floor. Sam stood slowly, turned and looked at his brother who gave him a rueful look of "Never again, never ever again."

Safely back on the ground the survivors of the flight are question by the authorities as to what happened. Sam and Dean stand off to the side they are caught by the gaze of Amanda who mouths a word of thanks to them. With that the brothers start to head out of the airport.

"Let's get out of here," Dean said, Sam already leading the way. Dean glanced at his brother. "You okay?" Sam turned to his brother.

"Dean, it knew, about Jessica, about us," Sam said.

"Sam, these things, they read minds, they lie alright, that's all it was."

"Yeah," Sam said, unconvinced.

The brothers stop off to visit Jerry who gives them his heart felt thanks. As they turn to go Dean stops.

"Jerry, I meant to ask you, how'd you get my cell phone number anyway? I've only had it for like six months," He asked.

"You're Dad gave it to me," Jerry said.

"What?" Sam asked with a small amount of shock in his voice.

"Well, when did you talk to him?" Dean asked.

"I didn't exactly talk to him, I called his number and his voice message said to give you a call," Jerry said. "Thanks again guys."

The brothers sat on the trunk of the Chevy just outside the airport. Dean punching his father's cell number into his phone.

"This doesn't make sense man," Sam said. "I've called Dad's number like fifty times, it's been out of service." Dean continued the call anyway and leaned in close to his brother when the call connected.

"This is John Winchester. I can't be reached. If this is an emergency call my son Dean 866-907-3235. He can help."

Sam turned away from his brother not wanting him to see how emotional he got from the message. He went to move away, get into the car, wipe the tears away but his brother had his arm. Sam turned to face Dean, his eyes glistening with tears. Dean placed a hand in his brothers face to wipe a tear away. Sam swallowed, his throat dry. Dean leaned in and kissed his brother, light at first but then with the emotion he usually kept inside.

Both of them needed this, this release.

Dean broke the kiss first and placed his arm around Sam shoulder. Sam's head against his brothers chest.

"So, chick flick moment over?" he asked. Sam couldn't help but laugh.

"Yeah," he said nodding.

"Okay, let's go," Dean said giving his brother's shoulder a quick squeeze before both got off the trunk of the car and drove away.