Title: Parking
Author: Cntrlphreak
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warning: incest


'What am I doing?' never crossed his mind as Dean grabbed those hips and shoved his dick up his brother's arse. He had lubed up while Sam pushed down his pants and bent over the hood of the Impala. The moan that came from Sam's lips left no doubt that Sam wanted this as much as Dean.

Sam had nothing to hold onto. He pressed is palms against the hood and hoped he had enough purchase. He soon forgot that as Dean moved inside him. He would not admit it to Dean, but he loved the feel of the hard metal against his dick as Dean fucked him on the car. Sam would complain about privacy and the awkwardness, but he secretly enjoyed it more simply because of the begging Dean would get in his eyes. He quickly found that his dick against the hot metal increased his orgasms. Sam would purposefully lean into the fender so that Dean could not get his hand around.

Thrusting in and pulling out Dean worked at the rhythm. Moving with the motions of his brother they were soon slick with sweat that had little to do with the late March sun. In the park behind the dumpster, where Dean had parked the car, the brothers worked out the tension that threatened to break them to pieces.

They had had several easy but physically demanding jobs lately and they needed some time to themselves. With a hint from Sam, Dean quickly pulled into the national park, found a spot, and fucked his brother.

Sam was moaning, hissing, and panting for more. Each thrust brought pleasure as did each pull out. Dean was always trying to test their limits, wanting their activities to last longer. But they needed a quick fix until they found a room. Moving faster and harder, Dean was pounding his brother into his car.

Before he was ready, Sam came. His cum splashing onto the black metal of the Impala shortly before Dean came inside him. Dean leaned heavily on Sam who was balancing their combined weights on the fender.

Through ragged breaths, Sam said, "Dude, we have to wash the car."

Just as breathless Dean replied, "Damn it Sam, this always happens."