Title: To Make it Official
By: Hachimitsu
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: R
Warnings: Incest
Author's Notes: Just sweet fluff inspired by my favorite boys ^^ Hope everyone likes it.
Summary: After months of playful fooling around, Dean decides to show Sam how much he means to him.


The diner was surprisingly cleaner than the usual dives Sam and Dean Winchester frequented. It was certainly brighter than their normal haunts but not blindingly so. Sam was thrilled that all the waitresses were either middle-aged women or gray-haired grandmother types. Sam's happiness stemmed from the fact that none of the uniformed waitresses were the type that Dean's ardor had lusted after before they stopped tap-dancing around their feelings and admitted their love for each other. But that was stretching the term.

If Sam focused hard enough, he could still feel Dean's strong hands pushing him against the dingy motel wall. Dean's godly lips were constantly on his, but never as forceful as the first time they shared a kiss. From time to time, Sam's tongue ran over his lips as if Dean's had just been there a moment ago. Sometimes Sam's fingers could still feel Dean's blond hair weaving through like the first time he carded his fingers in Dean's short hair. But the thing that Sam loved most was the mental pornography that registered upon seeing Dean naked for the first time in lovers eyes.

In the moment, the dynamics of their relationship (among other things) changed forever. Dean in all his glory was the Holy Grail in Sam's eyes. That delicious skin, those beautiful muscles, Dean's adorable freckles, all concealed in a handsome wrapper made Sam surer than ever he was in love. At the vision standing before him, Sam had dropped to his knees and before Dean could think about what was happening, took the elder completely in his mouth.

The first time had been as familiar as it was new. Sam didn't know what to describe Dean's flavor as, because words like ‘delicious' and ‘juicy' didn't do Dean justice. For the first time with Dean's cock in his mouth, Sam heard his wildly-running rambunctious mind quiet down as he went to town on his brother. Feeling Dean's fingers running through his hair and Dean's muscles tightening up, Sam's mind allowed him the perfect description as Dean emptied his sauce into Sam's willing receptacle. ‘Heaven.' Dean tasted like heaven.

With seven months passing between their initial admission to each other and Sam going down on Dean, the fundamentals of their routine minutely altered. While they still called cheap motel rooms home, they saved their credit card scams a few bucks by renting single-bed rooms. When Sam and Dean walked into a bar, Sam wasn't left to his own devices while Dean flirted with one pair of tits after another. Instead, Dean stayed beside Sam the whole time and they would leave with Sam's hand in his. Sometimes Sam would sit at the bar while Dean hustled pool. Seeing girls come up to Sam while the two weren't joined at the hip definitely flared jealousy in the pit of Dean's stomach. But Dean knew if he was going to line his pockets with cash to spoil his baby brother with luxuries like food and motel rooms, he had to focus all that energy on ‘winning' at pool. Once his earnings were collected, he could rush to that bar, claim his real prize from the vultures and leave.

But now something had made Dean realize he had ignored a small faucet in their budding relationship and it made Dean feel like absolute crap. Of all the time they were spending together as a public couple and all the times they acted like porn stars behind closed doors, Dean surmised he never told Sam in words that he loved him. Their declaration of love had been a hot tongue-fucking adventure that ended with Sam giving him a fantastic blowjob. Dean knew he wasn't a romantic to any degree, but seeing the love and happiness shining brightly in Sam's eyes made him want to try.

So here they were after seven months, officially out on a date. Sam had almost laughed when Dean had walked into their motel room with a small bouquet of red roses in his hand. Sam had instantly stilled the urge when looking at the almost fearful look on Dean's face and before Sam could ask what was wrong, Dean's hands cupped Sam's face and his lips brushed onto Sam's. Sam breathed into the kiss and held onto Dean for a few moments longer when the elder tried to push away.

"What was that for?" Sam asked when Dean gave him his lips back.

Dean smiled at his brother. "Because I wanted to kiss you, handsome," he said, running a finger down Sam's cheek, causing the younger Winchester to close his eyes and melt into the embrace. "And there's something I want to ask you."

Sam opened his eyes to look at his brother. "What is it?"

Dean took in a breath and opened his eyes to look at his brother. "Will you go out with me tonight?"

Sam thought his ears were playing tricks on him but Dean's serious face didn't change. Sam wondered what was causing this but ultimately decided Dean's question deserved an answer.

"I'd love to go out with you," Sam said, feeling his mouth pull into that smile he knew Dean loved.

"Great!" Dean said, pulling Sam into a hug and smiling into Sam's neck. "Lemme take a quick shower and we'll get going."

That had been just a few hours ago. Now Sam sat opposite Dean in an actually nice diner and waited for the waitress to bring them their order. It was an understatement to say Sam was nervous. It had been a long time since Sam had been on a date, but looking at Dean, Sam knew his brother was even more nervous than he was.

Sam didn't know what to do. Sure, he too was nervous about being on a date, but he didn't want Dean to be scared as well. Shyly, Sam reached his hand across the table and inched his fingers over to Dean's. The elder Winchester looked down at Sam's hand and closed the space between them.

Sam smiled at Dean and was surprised that Dean didn't let go of his hand when the waitress returned with their order. Dean returned Sam's smile as the silver-haired waitress set down Dean's burger with fries and Sam's salad, two Cokes, a bottle of ketchup, and after giving the two handsome young men a smile, she walked away.

*Big tip in her immediate future,* Dean thought.

Dean let go of Sam's hand long enough to pick up his soda and take a sip from it. Once he let it go, Sam's hand was back in his. Sam was thrilled and rapidly getting turned on at seeing this side of his brother. Dean's typical defenses were way the hell down and all Sam saw was a regular guy enjoying a Friday night out. Dean's inability to stop smiling quelled Sam's nerves and eased the tension out of Sam's system as the brunette relaxed.

Sam felt a pang in his chest as his heart began to pound. With their food in front of them and Sam's right hand in Dean's left, Dean surprised Sam yet again by striking up a conversation. In Sam's eyes, Dean went from being a virtual stranger to a man Sam was finally getting the pleasure to know. From what Dean divulged, his older brother had taken to learning guitar while Sam was away at college. Sam thought back briefly to a guitar player he'd met at Stanford who reminded him of Dean. Now that he knew his brother could play, Sam watched the fantasies playing across his mind.

Dean revealed that during the time they were apart, he never stopped thinking of Sam. The younger Winchester felt the residual guilt build up but Dean smoothed the crease out of Sam's brow. Dean admitted that it was because he was separated from Sam that he realized he was in love. Sam took a little comfort in that. He also felt it was time to confess that during his years in college, he too used that time to process and understand his own feelings toward Dean, and when he was done, he also came to learn he was in love. Sam wondered why it took them both so long to admit it to each other but didn't voice that question aloud.

Both were finished with their meal by the time the conversations ended but Sam wasn't ready to call it a night. Walking out of the diner and into the cool night's air, Sam gave an involuntary shiver and turned over to Dean who was shirking out of his leather jacket. Sam was amazed that Dean was draping his beloved jacket over Sam's shoulders. Sam was touched at how handsome Dean looked in black jeans and matching V-neck T-shirt. Dean rolled up the sleeves of his red button-down and laced his fingers with Sam's.

"So where do you want to go next, handsome?" Dean asked, making Sam blush.

"I don't know. Where do you wanna go?" asked Sam as he recovered from his blushing episode.

"How ‘bout a movie?" Dean suggested as he let go of Sam's hand and wrapped it around his waist.

Sam looked at Dean and smiled. "Okay," Sam agreed. "A movie sounds nice."

Dean guided Sam into the throng of people who were on the sidewalk and Sam felt like they were a normal couple. No one paid any attention to them as the Winchesters walked further from the diner and towards the local theater.

Dean let go of Sam to fish his wallet out of the jacket pocket Sam was wearing to buy tickets. Sam stifled a sniggering laugh when he noticed Dean bought tickets for the romance movie that had been playing everywhere else they'd been for the past five months. He couldn't believe Dean was going to sit through an entire chick-flick just for him. Sam couldn't believe just how much Dean loved him.

"Why don't you go get our seats and I'll get us something to eat? Dean said as they walked into the theater lobby, velvet-smooth voice breaking through Sam's occupied thoughts.

"Yeah, okay," Sam said, taking the ticket Dean offered him.

Sam chose a pair of seats in the back and a few minutes passed before Dean walked into the filling theater and found Sam. He gave his brother a smile as he handed Sam one of the sodas and a small tub of nachos. Sam smiled at Dean as the elder placed his soda in the cup holder and sat down with the large bucket of popcorn and bag of Gummi Bears. As the trailers rolled on, Dean continually offered Sam Gummis and popcorn, snaking a few nachos from the little tub in Sam's hands.

The last trailer finished up and the lights in the theater dimmed. Sam snuggled into his seat and focused his attention on the movie beginning to play before him. Dean's hands kept moving towards the nachos or the popcorn. Sam looked over at Dean who was popping Gummi Bears nervously in his mouth.

"Hey," Sam whispered, turning over more to look Dean in the eyes. "Are you okay?"

Dean turned to look at him. "Yeah, I'm fine, handsome. Just watch the movie, baby."

Sam smiled at yet another new nickname Dean was trying out. Dean caught Sam's eyes with his and stretched his left arm over Sam's shoulders and pulled his brother close to him. Sam looked up at Dean and the elder Winchester leaned down to Sam's face and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips. Sam savored the taste of Dean's buttery breath on his lips. He nuzzled his head into the crook of Dean's shoulder and Dean held his little brother closer.

"So how was the movie?" Dean asked as the pair exited the theater two hours later.

"It was okay," Sam said. "Didn't picture you as the romantic type."

"Heh. Fooled you. Did you enjoy it?"

Sam smiled. "Yeah, man, I loved it. Thank you for tonight."

Now it was Dean's turn to smile. "The night isn't over yet, handsome. Got another little surprise in store for you."

Sam perked up a little. "Yeah? What do you have going on in that head of yours?"

"When we get back to the room, you'll see."

Sam knew he had to live with the suspense for now. One thing he knew about Dean long before he knew he was in love with the man was that he could actually keep a surprise. That trait had been evident every time Christmas and Sam's birthday came around.

With Dean guiding him, Sam distracted himself from the suspenseful unknown by looking up at the stars. The closer he got to the motel they were staying at, the more Sam tore his focus from the sky and onto the pavement.

Now they were walking along the strip outside the motel room doors and Sam pulled the key out of the leather jacket pocket and handed it to Dean. Dean had apparently been thinking along the same lines because as he prepared to collect the key, Sam had pushed it in his hand. The elder hurriedly opened the door and pushed his baby brother inside.

Sam grinned like a fool as Dean closed the door behind him. Sam shed Dean's jacket off and gently folded it over a chair. Dean had maneuvered over to the sink and started brushing his teeth. Sam had the feeling he should do the same. Rolling up the sleeves of his navy-blue shirt and walking to the sink, he was surprised that Dean had already prepared his toothbrush for him. Looking up with a ring of toothpaste foam around his mouth, Sam smiled at the adorable sight and nudged Dean with his shoulder. Grinning up at Sam, the younger commenced with brushing his teeth.

"Now what's the big surprise?" Sam asked as Dean guided him to his bed.

Dean let go of Sam's wrists and momentarily left the room. Sam heard the familiar sound of the Impala's trunk opening and closing and Dean was back in the room. San noticed he came back with a guitar case, and his eyes lit up. Dean sat on the bed opposite his and opened the case, extracting the guitar and setting the case on the floor. Dean thumbed the strings and tuned his guitar. Taking a deep breath and clearing his throat, Dean began strumming an unfamiliar tune. Even the lyrics were unknown when Dean softly started singing them in a deep, clear tone. Sam realized it must have been something Dean wrote himself. Tears welled up in Sam's eyes as he listened to Dean's song in that beautiful pitch his brother was carrying.

When Dean finished singing and put his guitar away, he looked up shyly at Sam and was startled to see tears falling from Sam's eyes. In a panic, he sprang off his bed and crouched down in front of Sam.

"Sammy, baby, what's wrong?" Dean asked, cupping Sam's tear-stained face and wiping his eyes with his thumbs.

"Nothing's wrong," Sam said, sniffling and clearing his throat. "That was just a nice surprise."

Dean smiled. "Told you," he teased, gently claiming Sam's lips with his. When he pulled away, Dean finally spoke the words he knew Sam deserved to hear. "I love you, Sam."

Sam's eyes shot open. "What?"

Dean smiled, pulling Sam in for another soft kiss. "You heard me. I love you, Sam."

Sam felt his eyes flutter and the tears that had been threatening to fall all over again fell free. "You love me?" he stated, his voice rising and cracking.

"That's right, handsome. I love you. I'm sorry it took me so long to say it, but every day I felt it. I wanted to find the right time to say it because if anyone deserves to hear it right, it's you. I love you, and I will always and forever. I love you, baby."

Sam's entire head was reeling at the three-sixty Dean pulled in front of him. Gone was the arrogant, cocky, and defensive shell of Dean's façade and he had finally replaced it with his true self. The angelic face of that shell may have been what Sam admired about his brother, but the essence Dean allowed in is what Sam fell in love with.

Sam stood up and Dean followed. Cupping Dean's face in his hands, Sam kissed him with abandon, all thoughts fleeing his mind as he pushed Dean back on his bed, mounting the older Winchester. Sam ground against Dean's crotch as Dean's hands clamped around his brother's hips.

Dean couldn't believe how turned on he was getting just by watching and feeling Sam's lithe body grinding against the straining bulge in his pants. Dean felt his face flush as his fingers unfastened the buttons on Sam's shirt. Sam opened his eyes, looked down at his brother and smiling, helped Dean finish unbuttoning his shirt. Once it was off and Sam was free of his undershirt, Dean's hands moved upward and started rubbing against Sam's chest. Sam chuckled at the feel of Dean's cold fingers against his warm skin.

"What's so funny?" Dean asked, still mesmerized by the vision atop him.

"You're wearing too many clothes," Sam lamented.

Dean grinned and propped himself up, careful to make sure Sam was still comfortable on top of him. He pulled his T-shirt up over his head and marveled at the feel of Sam running his hands up Dean's arms. The blond gave a shiver as the spike of pleasure shot up his spine and collected in his chest. Sam ran his fingertips gently over Dean's pebbled nipples. Dean leaned his head back against the pillow to better enjoy how good Sam was making him feel. Sam lowered his upper body down and started kissing Dean's exposed neck.

Sam knew that Dean's throat was a special place for the older Winchester. When Sam was little and Dean was taller, the highest Sam could reach on his big brother had been Dean's neck. Sam also knew he was the only person Dean trusted enough to go near his throat. Sam gently smattered kisses against the smooth column of Dean's throat, running his tongue up Dean's jugular and ghosting the gentlest of kisses against his Adam's apple.

Satisfied, Sam continued down south, kissing and licking every inch he could. His lips brushed against Dean's abs and Sam used his teeth to gently play with Dean's navel hair. Dean let out a soft chuckle at the tickle Sam's actions were causing. Sam let a real pleased moan settle deep in his throat at how scrumptious Dean sounded.

"Enjoying yourself?" Dean asked, feeling coherent enough to speak.

Sam chuckled as he looked up at Dean. "More like enjoying you."

Dean felt the shock of his arousal surge up his spine at Sam's words. "How ‘bout we even up the odds a little?"

Before Sam had the chance to ask what Dean meant, the elder had flipped his baby on his back. Sam let the collected breath he was holding out with a gasp. He found himself momentarily dazed at being flipped over like that, but his senses soon returned with Dean mimicking Sam's earlier actions. Sam arched his neck up to meet Dean's kitten licks. Dean ran his hands down Sam's arms and reached up to cup Dean's biceps. Dean stopped his exploration of Sam's tingling body to capture his little brother's lips. While his mouth was occupied, Dean traced his fingers everywhere he could reach with Sam still massaging his biceps.

The younger Winchester couldn't take it anymore. "Dean, Dean." Sam said, bringing his brother back to reality. "I need you inside me. Now!"

Dean's arms shook loose of Sam's gentle grip and his hands found their way to his pants, doing his best to get rid of them while still atop Sam. Sam followed his brother's example and started pulling his own jeans down. Dean grinned at him as he turned over and pulled Sam's socks off. Sam's hands played with the elastic band of Dean's boxers before giving them a tug. Dean took the hint and eased himself out of them.

Sam took in the sight before him. Now he was stark naked with his equally-naked brother on top of him. Dean turned around so his face was level with Sam's but his leaf-green eyes were roaming up and down Sam's body.

Sam shuttered under the intensity of Dean's gaze. He needed this to happen now. Reaching a hand to the bedside table and searching for the drawer, Sam found the handle but Dean beat him to the punch, extracting the bottle of lube. Dean grinned like a Cheshire cat as he popped open the lid and coated his fingers in the slippery liquid.

The younger Winchester softly groaned as Dean's digit entered him. His channel tightened around it but with Dean's right thumb stroking against his perineum, Sam greatly relaxed and allowed for Dean to glide another finger inside. When Sam opened his fluttering eyes to see the concentrated look on Dean's face, he blushed with amusement. Dean looked so damn determined to give him pleasure. Dean caught Sam's eyes and smiled as he started scissoring Sam open. Sam started to gasp but Dean's mouth over his quickly quieted him.

Sam felt tears of pleasure roll down his face as Dean's fingers pushed in him and his tongue traced over Sam's mouth. Sam whimpered at the love he was feeling from Dean's attention.

Dean broke off the kiss and his heart pounded at Sam's one uttered word: "Now?"

Dean pulled his fingers out and reached for the bottle again, generously slicking up his hardened and excited sex. Sam's eyes were shining with love and Dean's were drinking in the sight. Dean gently repositioned himself above Sam and his eyes never left his brother's. Dean slowly slid into his willing brother's body, lowering himself enough that he could kiss Sam while root-deep inside him.

Sam moaned in delight; it felt so good. He couldn't formulate a good enough reason why they hadn't been doing more of this before, but now he was glad they had unintentionally waited. Sam whimpered as Dean's lips left his and his older brother's lower half started up a gently rhythmic pulse. Sam's hands flew up to meet Dean's biceps once again and he was comforted by the feel of his brother's firm muscles beneath his palms. Dean groaned as Sam's rectum started to squeeze around him, exciting the Winchester even more. His hands reached up to smooth over Sam's shoulders while Sam's hands held onto his biceps. Sam couldn't believe how good it felt to have Dean's sweat-slicked body on top of him or how much it was affecting him.

By now, Dean's gentle rhythm had escalated into a full-fledged pounding, and Sam wondered if there would be any cushion left to his ass the way Dean's cock and hips were slamming into and against it. Sam screamed into Dean's open mouth as he felt brush against his prostate. Dean couldn't hold on anymore. Tensing up, he rammed into the Sam's body as fast as he could and exploded, emptying himself into the warm heat that engulfed his member. Sam let go of Dean's arms as Dean slid a hand down, grabbing and furiously stroking Sam's cock until the brown-haired Winchester came, coating their bellies in come.

Dean kissed Sam like the precious treasure he was as he carefully dislodged himself from Sam's taut body. As Dean felt sleep beginning to claim him, he quickly gathered Sam's spent body in his arms. Dean watched Sam's sex-blown hazel eyes struggling to remain open but smiled as the eyelids began to close. The last thing Sam heard before sleep reached him was Dean's gentle tenor reminding him of the words spoken less than an hour ago: "I love you, Sam."