Title: Nasty Part of You
Author: snakefever
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sam has been staring at Deans lips but Dean wants more.


Sam smiles as he watches his brother sing.

"Sanjaya Sanjaya you set our hearts on fire," Dean sings obnoxiously, "know we say good-bye-yaaa".

"You made the last part up," said Sammy.

Dean and Sammy have found the new hobby of YOUTUBE the most amazing site ever. Dean preferred the sanjaya anthem while sam love the shoes video. They had fights about witch one was better. But they both wouldn't say that they loved the gay kissing video that they made gross faces at pretending they had no idea why anyone would like it.

Sam now loves looking at Dean's mouth, staring at it constantly. While Dean loved the special attention, he wanted way more than Sam to look. He was going to do something really special for him when he gets back from the grocery store.

There new hotel room was paid for the month so they planned to be there for awhile. They had a huge room; a gift for looking good said the old lady at the desk who gave Dean a wink. Dean needless to say was disgusted at the thought and was shaking for the next 15 minutes. now Sam was using that for comedy lately, but Sam was slightly jealous even at the old lady for even looking at his Dean.

When did Dean become his thought Sam as he walked to the grocery store? Dean practically begged him for bear and some food. Of course Sam would have a hard time saying no to Dean especially know.

Sam opened the grocery door and walked through the aisles. He finally got through the cash register an hour later; it took him awhile to grocery shop since he looked at all the labels and the calories on everything. Dean hated it these were his words about it "healthy crap" but Sam thought he would like it if he found out the only reason he's thin is because of this so called "healthy crap".

Sam knew he was actually falling for his brother and he knew it was wrong but he didn't care as long as Dean wanted him he would be with him forever. What was he kidding Dean would never want him he thought as he pulled out his keys to the car. He had now idea why Dean would let him drive his baby, something must be up he thought.

When Sam got back from the grocery store he sees's lots of rose petals. Sam first idea was Dean was making a joke but what he sees next changes his mind.

Dean was standing in the doorway to the room with the hottest outfit on he has ever seen. He looked like a punk with semi see through black pants and chains around his hands and neck. But the hottest thing of all was that he was licking his fingers with those gorgeous lips and his other hand was down his pants touching his cock.

He felt his cock hardening as he looked upon the beautiful sight upon him. He moaned and his cock started to hurt than Dean took the fingers out of his mouth and smirked at his needy brother.

"Do you need something Sammy," said Dean.