Title: My Fortune
Author: tallisen
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Pre-Dean/Sam
Summary: Set right after "Wendigo", Dean takes Sam out for Chinese and confusion ensues...


"Man, it's been a while." Sam said in awe, nearly salivating over the chowmein set before him. "I almost forgot how great this food can be."

Dean was already deep into a bowl of yakisoba, but spared his brother an appreciative grin. This had been the best course of action; taking Sam out for nostalgia's sake after losing Jessica, and especially after the wendigo situation. It may have been two years, but Dean still knew how to cheer him up.

They raced each other to finish, their compliments to the Pao Bang's chef lost amidst mouthfuls of chicken and pork. It felt like old times again. And it was more than easy for them to fall into their old routine.

Sam finished seconds before Dean and slammed his chopsticks on the table. "Ha!"

Dean followed suit and tossed him a fortune cookie. "Don't forget the magic words."

His brother cracked it open and held the small fortune up. "Family relations will improve...in bed."

"Dude," Dean chuckled. "That's just sick."

Sam sat back with his arms crossed, clearly smiling despite his defensive posture. "Well, what does yours say?"

Dean procured his own slip. "You will have a break through with someone close...in bed."

Sam laughed at his brother's disgusted expression. "Don't worry bro, I don't plan on sleeping with you if that's what you're worried about."

Dean frowned, flicking his fortune onto his empty plate. "Why's that?"

Sam was taken aback by the question. "Because you're my brother... and a man?"

"Besides that." Dean said, suddenly very interested. "You don't think I'm attractive? Women everywhere would have a problem with that."

"Well..." there was no way of dodging the subject, especially with his brother giving him such pathetic puppy-dog eyes. He took a deep breath, annoyed that he had to even answer, and sighed. "I guess you have nice... hair."

"Nice hair??" Dean smirked. "That's it?"

"And nice eyes."

"Anything else, Mr. Romantic?"

Sam blushed under his brother's scrutiny. "Your smile, too."

Dean wasn't sure whether the blush was out of embarrassment or frustration. His curiosity and confidence got the better of him and he leaned across the table. He stopped when his face was inches away from Sam's. "So if I weren't your brother, or a guy, you'd sleep with me?"

Sam was lost for words and his face grew even redder. "W-w... I uh..."

Dean's eyes widened. He hadn't expected Sam to take the question so seriously. He rushed to diffuse the situation, which he knew wouldn't end well. Dean had never been good with defusing so much as escalating. "Dude, don't tell me you're actually considering it!" He pushed Sam back into his seat and returned to his own. "I'm flattered, but bro, I'm so straight."

Sam crossed his arms and glared. "I wasn't the one asking all of those stupid questions."

"You're saying I am?" Sam shrugged stiffly, expression falling to his empty plate. Dean eyed him suspiciously. He wasn't even sure why he had asked them. At the time he had really wanted to know what his brother thought. Now, he couldn't understand how that would have helped with anything but further complicating matters. But, the answers boosted his ego to record high ratings and he couldn't help but add, "You think I have a cute smile."

Again, Sam blushed. "I didn't say it was cute."

"And my eyes are really cute!"

"Nice! I said nice!" Sam threw the remnants of his fortune cookie across the table. "Don't be such a dick."

"Alright, okay." Dean grabbed the check and put his hands up in surrender. "I'm gunna go pay for this. You clean up this mess."

Sam glared at him then dropped his gaze once more on his plate. Dean casually walked by, bending low as he passed to whisper, "I think you've got a great ass." Sam blushed so hard even his ears were red.