Title: Make-up and Dresses
By: morgan-cian
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: Based upon the challenge: SPN, Sam/Dean, make-up and dresses.


Dean twisted his hands, the rope burning his wrists. He hated restraints, but Sam had begged so sweetly. He was a sneaky bastard, waited until Dean was drunk and fucked out to agree.

So that's how he was tied to a chair, his hands behind his back in the middle of the shitty motel room. Sam had been locked up in the bathroom for ages. The longer Dean complained, Sam warned that it would take that much longer. Dean resigned himself to wait and rub his wrists raw.

The door opened slowly, the room flushed only in the back light from the bathroom. Dean's mouth went dry. It brought back memories of make-up and dresses, the illicitness of hiding from their dad, fucking Sam's mouth that was smeared with red lipstick. But this was different. Sam was a grown man and...

it was a heady mix of male and female. Sam's unique slanted eyes, lined heavily with kohl, his chest barely covered in a vest, a denim skirt that stopped just below his crotch. Dean squinted and thought he could see the peek of Sam's cock head. It made his legs look miles long.

Sam watched him as he slinked forward on bare feet, his head cocking from side to side. He didn't speak. He just opened Dean's fly and held his hard cock away from his body.

"Sammy," Dean gasped. Sam's gloss wet lips parted when he sank down on Dean's cock. The skirt moved up his thighs, giving Dean the view of pre-come smearing across Sam's smooth thigh. Smooth? Holy fuck, his brother had shaved his legs.

Sam rode him hard and dirty, Dean helpless to resist the need to come. Sam's seed dripped on his jeans. Then Sam kissed, sweet and deep. Dean slipped out of Sam's wet hole. Sam left him there, bound to the chair as he walked away. Dean's come sliding down his leg.