Title: Long Year
By: candacehilligoss
Pairings: pre-slash Sam/Dean
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own them. Not making any money off this. Yadda. Yadda.
Summary: Companion piece to War Plans. While Sam types in his journal, Dean watches a movie. And thinks.


He's typing in that stupid journal of his again.

Maybe not. Maybe he's emailing his buddies from school.

Nah. What's he gonna say to them?

It's the journal.

Sammy does a lot of pointless shit, but this is above and beyond. Who's gonna read it? He won't let me see it.

Whatever. I don't need to read my sister's diary.

It's his emo kit. He can pull that shit out when he's not feeling depressed enough. Think about all the strangling and the possession and the...

Dumbass. Learn to have a beer and move on.

Okay, speaking of pointless, this scene never makes any fucking sense to me. Dude, that guy just tried to run you over with his semi for no damned reason. What do you expect to get out of a conversation with him? Call the cops and wait it out, go to the kitchen and get something to stick him with, or head out the back door.

I said that out loud. My head's more screwed up than I thought. Something to stick him with. Real nice. Sorry, Sam.

Maybe he didn't notice.

Let's hope that keeps up, `cause fuck knows what's gonna come out of my mouth next.

Is he plotting already? Probably is. Keener. Always started his homework early.

What if he actually comes up with something?

What does she call welshing? Maybe she can't get me for welshing if Sammy's the one who screws with the deal.

But what if it still counts?

Yeah. I've gotta stop him. And he can't catch me stopping him, `cause he'll rip me a new one if he finds out about the "no welshing" clause.

Gonna be a long year. Unless I pull some big damn hero shit and check out early.

Could do that, I guess.

Hey--what're you doing, Sammy? You've got a whole bed over there. You five again, all of sudden?

Oh. You're after the popcorn. Okay. I'm feeling generous. I can share.

Could just do this for a year. Popcorn. Movies. Hanging out with Sam.

Except we have work to do.