Title: Late One Night...
By: Zane Rosetta
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: incest
Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine. Eric Kripke made 'em, the WB copyrighted 'em and I play with 'em, cause, damn they be pretty. I make $0 off these artistic endeavours, trust me, no money at all, skinty pooh, nul points.
Summary: Merry Month of May Masturbation Challenge Angst, PWP, M/F, Slash, Inc, Anal, UST


Sam sat in the dingy motel room poking at the laptop.

Dean had gone on an intel expedition, at least that's what he'd said, really he was going to a bar.

Sam knew the deal by now. He pulled the same shit even before Sam had headed off to college. Somehow either their father didn't care or he knew Dean could defend himself in a fight. Or it was just a thing that both of them shared that Lil Sammy didn't need to know about.

Sam knew, and it pissed him off bad.

He gritted his teeth and closed the laptop as quickly as he could without breaking the thing, threw on a jacket and went to the first bar that he could find that was close to the place they were staying at.

True to form, there was Dean sidled up to the bar, chatting up some blonde thing that had legs up to her armpits. Dean was doing his 'smile thing' which Sam called it where he tried to imitate him. He failed every time but it didn't stop bimbos latching on like there was tomorrow or at the very least, a tomorrow which hadn't arrived yet.

That meant tonight which was alright for fucking.

The amount of times Dean would bring a girl back to the room that they shared and fuck them into some kind of incoherent babble and then watch the girl stagger to the door and out into the night. Sam knew that Dean could do better but it was always the drunk ones he bought back. The ones who probably wouldn't remember in the morning and would probably wonder why they were having some difficulty walking.

Sam watched from a dark corner as his brother reached out and pushed some hair behind this particular woman's ear, lean in and whisper something which made the girl giggle. It made Sam want to retch. He watched in horror as the woman's hand landed on Dean's thigh, stroking it lightly.

It was getting close to the end of the 'courting' part of the evening, at least with this woman. Sam had watched, unknown to his brother as he was blown by three women in one night, one after the other. There was an hour or so between each one but all the same Sam wouldn't talk to Dean for the entire car trip of the next day.

He watched as the woman stood, a little unsteadily, and lead Dean to the back of the bar.

Sam followed at a discrete distance, walked through a small deserted kitchen of the bar and out into the back ally. He stood at the door and looked out. A little way down the ally Dean stood with his back against the wall of the ally, cock out and hard, with the girl on her knees blowing him.

Cause she was a little drunk Dean would occasionally hiss, presumably when her teeth scrapped against his cock.

After a minute of her oral work, Dean coaxed her up, bent her over a trash can, slid a condom on, lifted her skirt and ploughed into her. Sam watched as Dean fucked the woman, who was thankfully concealed by the various shadows of the ally, so it was just Dean. Fucking someone. Could be anyone. Anyone at all.

Sam watched as Dean grunted as he fucked. Not being able to help himself, Sam reached inside his own jeans and stroked himself, all the while watching his brother fuck some, hole.

Breathing deeply Sam pulled out his cock, spat into hand and worked it into his cock. Trying hard to keep quiet while watching Dean. Watching Dean arch back while pounding some insignificant. Sam frowned, working his cock faster.

Some piece of trash he picked up in a bar cause that's the kind of life they lead. Getting by with what comes along and is willing to do, whatever.

Sam gritted his teeth, spat in his hand again and twisted it around the head of his cock.

"Fuck," he whispered only to have it echoed down the ally by Dean.

Dean grunted again, growled even, as he fucked the trash. Sam reached inside his shirt to work a nipple only to watch the same thing mirrored in his brother. Both jolted at almost the same time from the stimulation.

"Gonna come, sweetheart," Dean gasped as he pulled out, ripped the condom off and worked himself to climax. Sam growled, his hand a blur on his own cock. Faster and faster. He heard Dean gasp and saw the come spurt into the darkness. A second or two later and Sam shot his own load into the ally, grunting it out as Dean and his 'friend' adjusted themselves.

Sam breathed fast and deep as he shoved his come leaking cock back into his jeans.

"Thanks for the fuck, sweetheart but I gotta head back to someone who cares for me," he said. Sam was stunned. Did he say that to everyone he fucked? Tears welled in Sam's eyes as he regained his faculties and ran. Back to the motel room as fast as he could and into bed. Not even kicking off his shoes or removing anything else. Just in bed, blankets over himself.

About ten or so minutes later Sam heard the key in the lock, the door open and his brother shuffle in. Sam listened as his brother undressed, muttering under his breath. He walked passed Sam's bed on the way to the bathroom but paused in the doorway.

"Sorry, Sammy," Dean said then shut the door. A moment later the shower came on.

Sam got out of bed when he heard the shower run. Went over to the door of the bathroom and placed a hand on the door. Hand sliding down the veneer surface and resting on the handle.

Gripped it. Even went so far as to turn the handle.

Then let the handle turn back in his hand. Turned away from the door, sighed, toed off his shoes, removed his jeans and jacket before crawling back into bed.

The whole time his eyes glistened with tears.