Title: Last Call
Author: Jager Speed
Pairings/Characters: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC17
Category: Wincest
Spoilers: "The Benders" episode details.
Summary: Still on edge from the night, Dean and Sam draw closer over a drink.


Dean hissed as Sam leaned across the motel room bed to press the Hydrogen Peroxide gauze into his shoulder.
"Take it easy, Patch Adams, its a burn mark not a bullet wound." Dean grunted, pouting and shirtless in only a pair of blue denim jeans as he cast a stern look at his younger brother Sam, who had a look of deep concern--and sadness--etched into his big brown eyes.

"I'm sorry! Just nervous... Where's the bottle of tequilla you bought? That might help take the edge off." Sam's hands were shaking as he screwed the lid back onto the disinfectant and looked at his brother. Dean. The constant in the middle of the madness. His big brother. His protector. Sam was sitting Indian style on the bed, close to Dean, and looking at him intently. Dean's face was flushed red from the cold night and three shots of tequilla. His chest was slumped forward, accenting his broad shoulders and arms. In this light Sam saw he looked so innocent, the light brown stubble on his face covering a boyish and mischievous smile. Dean's natural smell of earth and clay mixed with his cologne radiated from his chest and armpits. Sam subconsciously ran a hand through Dean's short hair and leaned close to hug him, wrapping his lanky arms around Dean's bare chest and back. They both had escaped the Benders. They were safe in the hotel room, safe with each other. Why did Sam's heart still feel like it was pumping ice through his chest?

"Sammy? Hey, Sammy, come here." Dean hugged his brother and the two spent a minute holding each other. "You're shaking, Sam. What's wrong.. did they do something to you in that cage?" Dean's concern for Sam was underlined with a hard edge of anger. If they had touched just one hair on Sam's head...

"No, they didn't touch me at all," Sam said, and before he realized that he was crying he wiped a tear that had run down his face. "I guess.. I don't know. They kept me in that cage for hours. I didn't know.."

Dean took Sam by the shoulders and looked him level in those big puppy eyes. He wiped away one of Sam's tears before saying "You escaped, Sam. You escaped even without my help. You're more of an asskicker than I gave you credit for. You're a Winchester, after all," Dean laughed.

Sam sighed and looked away, almost embarressed at what he was about to say. "That's just it. I was in there for so long. And at first I was so sure that you were coming to find me. Since we were kids you've always come to bail me out. Remember when we went to Vermont and I got separated from you and Dad on the hiking trail? Night fell but you still wouldn't stop searching for me, even when Dad said to just set up camp and wait 'til I found my way back to the cabin. And you found me. Scared and wandering besides the creek and you gave me your jacket to warm me up and helped me walk back. You're Dean. You've always come for me. But then.. at the Benders'.. night ended, and then daybreak. And then the afternoon. And God I felt so alone in that stupid cage. My imagination started playing tricks on me. I thought maybe you left town, or had given up trying to find me... Or maybe the Benders had already gotten you, too. I didn't know what to think..." Sam's voice had gotten quiet and meditative. He was breathing heavier than usual and was staring intently at the ugly paisley design on the motel bed blanket. Outside, far off, the blare of a car horn pierced the frigid stillness of the night.

"You thought I had left you?" Dean asked. Sam looked away, not answering.

Sam felt a pair of strong hands grab him on either side of his waist and life him gently into the air and onto Dean's lap. As Sam looked up he was staring into his brother's melancholy eyes, his legs wrapped around Dean's back -and in the quickest of thoughts-realized he was sitting on his brother's half hard dick.

Dean took Sam's chin in his hand. "Look at me, Sam." His voice was soft, but confidant. He met his brother's gaze. "Since we started hunting these...things.. together, you've been by my side. Like my right arm. And through all the death and fighting and blood, you've been the white center to it all. The warmth that you've given me Sammy, some days its the only thing that keeps me going. I can't imagine this life without you. And if anything tries to take you from me, ever, I won't stop until it suffers to its last breath. From the time I found Dad's journal on the trunk and realized you were gone, the only thought I had was how to get you back." Dean ran a hand through Sam's thick shaggy hair. "We're in this together, and I will never leave you Sammy. Do you hear me?"

The younger Winchester smiled and could hear the sincerity in his brother's voice. A tear of a different emotion slid down his boyish cheek. He leaned his head in and brushed his cheek against Dean's, inhaling his masculine scent. Dean's skin felt hot against the chill of the room. "I've never felt as safe as I do when I'm in your arms. I love you Dean." His nose lightly nudged the tip of his brother's earlobe.

Dean grinned, showing those sparkline whites, "... and I love tequilla!" Dean shouted in a playful voice, breaking up the somber vibe of the room. Sam called Dean a jerk and playfully smacked his brother's bare bicep then started to move off Dean's lap, but felt two strong hands were keeping him firmly in place.

"Where do you think you're going? I need a shotglass. And I think i just found the perfect one." Dean's hand ran a sensual course across the top of his brother's jeans before moving its way up to feel his lean chest and the curvature of his pecs. Sam gasped then Dean removed his white T-shirt entirely. Dean unscrewed the bottle of Cuervo with his pearly teeth before spitting it to the side. "Up for a shot, little brother?"

"You know I don't usually drink."

Dean grinned again. "The shot's not for you. Now let's see.. lime wedge..." Dean traced a finger over his brother's soft pink lips before opening them to put a slice of lime in his mouth. "Tequilla..." He poured a small portion of the liquor onto the nape of Sam's neck, resting just above the collar bone.

"What about the salt?" Sam said, smiling and intrigued.

"You'll see." Dean grabbed his brother's smooth back and moved forward to lick the tequilla off of his sweet neck, sparking a thousand surges of electicity in his little brother. He then leaned in...finally.. for the sweetest, lingering kiss the brothers had yet shared. Tongues intertwining, Sam placed his hand on Dean's masculine jawline and felt dizzy with emotion. He could feel his brother's thick cock stiffen significantly under the thin layer of denim Sam was sitting on. Dean's tongue tasted the acidic, citrus taste of lime to chase his shot before he finally went for his prize.

"And now for the salt."

Dean slowly undid the button of Sam's jeans and reached his hand under the boxers, feeling the stiffening cock and running his hand softly, slowly up and down the shaft. Sam closed his eyes and exhaled deeply. When Dean's fingers got to the head, he scooped a pearl of pre-come off and brought his fingers to his mouth, savoring the salty, sweet taste of his brother to end the ritual of the tequilla shot. "Perfect," he grinned.

Sam wrapped his hands around his older brother's neck and kissed him faster, now, with building intensity; darting his tongue in and out, pausing to suck lightly on his lips. He bean to move his body forwards and backwards, grinding his ass into his brother's covered seven inch cock, making him groan in anticipation. A light sheen of sweat began to cover the chests of the Winchester brothers as they increased the pace, perspiration from Dean's hairy chest rubbing against that of Sam's smooth one, mixing and entangling with each other. Dean grabbed his brother's ass with both hands, kneading it with his palms and letting a finger stray down the cloth covered crack. Sam lightly bit the nape of Dean's neck, teasing him and running his tongue from shoulder to ear. "Fuck, Sammy," Dean gasped, his cock anxious to break free from its sheath of Abercrombie denim.

"Not yet." Sam said, teasing his older brother. He kneeled in front of Dean and slid his older brother's jeans off quickly. He ran a hand along the large bulge in Dean's black boxer briefs and licked his lips, taking his time to enjoy the look on Dean's face, relishing how worked up he has his older brother. Sam slowly peeled the skin tight briefs off and took only the pre-come soaked head of his brother's cock into his mouth, licking the tip and sending his tongue around the shaft, sending chills up Dean's spine. "Ohh Sammy," Dean groaned, at a loss of words as his little brother worked his magic. He lightly grabbed the back of Sam's head and coaxed his mouth down the full length of the shaft until his brother's nose was inhaling the musky aroma of his pubes. "Fuck yeah that's amazing," Dean sighed, his brother's younger mouth feeling perfectly wet and warm against his cock.

Sam established a rhythm, his face slow and determined taking in his brother's massive dick and pausing occasionally to bathe Dean's balls. After a few minutes he couldn't take it anymore and needed more of his older brother, letting up for air.

"I love the taste of your pre-come," Sam growled, licking his lips. Under his straight-laced exterior Sam couldn't control the hard, raw feelings of lust Dean inspired in him. He wanted Dean, and would do anything he asked him to. At this Dean removed his brother's jeans and plaid boxer briefs, and made Sam resume his seat on his lap. The two Winchesters resumed kissing heatedly as Dean licked a finger then began to tease and test his brother's ass, running his finger up and down the crack and dipping into his hole. Sam winced at the initial pain but couldn't control himself any longer. He situated himself over his brother and with a big exhale lowered his ass onto his brother's thick, saliva soaked cock. Sparks of pain and pleasure danced behind his eyes as he created a slow vertical motion, sliding all the way down onto the shaft and then easing back up, anxious for more.

"God, you're so tight. That's fucking hot," Dean encouraged as he reached down and began to jack his brother's dick. With the other hand he guided Sam's ass up and down, up and down, enjoying the tight grip Sam had on him. Dean had gotten a taste and let Sam adjust to his girth before he wanted more. Dean lifted his taller brother and layed him face up on the bed, placing one of Sam's leg on his shoulder to allow for better access and began to pump in and out of Sam with speed, bucking his hips and working up a sweat. Both brothers were grunting and moving together in the heat of the moment.

Sam was in heaven as he felt his brother's hips slammed into his, getting closer to orgasm as he jacked off his dick. "Yeah, Dean. Give me your cock." He loved seeing his brother's face as Dean fucked him. Dean was now pushing into Sam at full speed, leaning down every so often to kiss his brother, glide his tongue over his lips and rub his chest. Sam's hair was matted with sweat and falling down over his eyes. He loved how hot Sam looked lying in front of him and taking his dick.

"Fuck, Sam. You're so hot, I can't hold out much longer," Dean said as his balls tightened and he quickened his pace. He reached down and helped Sam jack off his cock.

"Me neither, I'm gonna come!" And with a loud groan Sam shot rope after thick rope of come all over his chest with a loud groan. It landed all over his torso and dripped down into the crevice of his belly button.

Seeing his brother shoot all over himself was more than Dean could take, and he pulled out to come all over his little brother. "FUCK Sammy," Dean let six strands fly over his brother and mix with Sam's come. He stood there for a second, catching his breath, before leaning forward and falling on top of his brother. Stomach against stomach, chest against chest, their come mixing in between them as they kissed slowly, basking in the glow and breathing heavily. The two brother's became one entity glued together by their come and sweat as they lay there for minutes, naked and in each other's arms, holding each other. Together.

"I love you too, Sammy," Dean whispered quietly, his head still spinning as he kissed the top of Sam's head. After a few minutes Dean began to drift off to sleep, his arms protectively around his little brother, naked bodies intertwined.

And while thinking about the freezing chill of the night outside, Sam knew Dean would keep him warm in his arms like this forever.