Title: Show Me Your Hands
By: Carrietta Dragana
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: G
Summary: Poetry. An outsider looking at Sam and Dean. Wincest if you REALLY squint.


Show me your hands, Dean

Soiled with blood and dirt

Stinking with gun powder

Strong and calloused

Show me your arms, Dean

Muscular and tiered

Powerful and dangerous

Slow to embrace

Show me your heart, Dean

Beaten and abused

Hurt and battered

Yet open to him

Show me your eyes, Dean

Show me you see me

Let me see my reflection

In your light hazel gaze

Show me your hands, Sam

Long fingered and gentle

Yet rough and dominant

When danger is near

Show me your arms, Sam

Long, lanky, and tough

Quick to shield others

Especially your brother

Show me your heart, Sam

Guarded yet trusting

Tender and damaged

But always open to one

Show me your eyes, Sam

Show me you see him

You see his silhouette

In the suns setting rays