Title: Wincest in five mins
By: Zane Rosetta
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: incest
Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine. Eric Kripke made 'em, the WB copyrighted 'em and I play with 'em, cause, damn they be pretty. I make $0 off these artistic endeavours, trust me, no money at all, skinty pooh, nul points.
Summary: Icon double drabble. Icon - .


Sam had just exited the shower, he still glistened with moisture and was wrapped in a towel that barely deserved the description of "covering"

Dean spun around from the drawer when he heard the door open. The deed had been done, Dean had liberally scattered itching powder in Sam's underwear.

Now, he immediately regreted doing it. There was Sam, his Sammy, fresh from the shower, still pink and moist. Dean moved forward to be no more than an inch or so away from Sam. There was still residual heat radiating from Sam's shower.

Dean's hand dropped down and toyed with the towel at Sam's waist. The fingers that caressed the towel snuck up to caress flesh. Sam moved slightly causing the towel to drop to the floor. Dean's hand effortlessly made the transition from hip bone to caress Sam's cock, watching it thicken in his grasp.

A light kiss on lips, tasting Sam. Wanting to taste more.

Dean slowly dropped to his knees, placing small kisses and nips down Sam's body. Then his knees were on the floor and his lips were on Sam's cock.

Sam stretched and moaned, a pectoral muscle in his chest twitching as Dean took all of him down...