Title: Familiar Stranger
By: tvdinnersrule
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: incest, WiP
Summary: Sam and Dean stop in New Mexico, and soon learn a stranger is following them. Wincest.


In the back of Scarlet's Bar is a round table with a small but thick journal lying open, next to it are three beer bottles and an open laptop. With his eyes glued to the screen Sam Winchester is scanning through the local news articles to see if he can find a new gig for this week. It's been about 30 minutes since he has been searching the Internet and nothing supernatural has caught his eye. With a heavy sigh, Sam closes his laptop and takes a sip of his beer. As he scans the room around him, he notices a guy staring at him from the bar. Sam frowns, 'Do I know him?' he's thinking.

The man looks to be in his thirty's, he has short blonde hair and brown eyes. He looks like he could be a couple inches shorter than Sam, but his body is bigger with more muscles. He swears he's seen him before. Then again, they are in a small town and they been here for two days now, he could have seen him around.

For a moment their eyes lock before Sam looks away and takes another sip of his drink. ''He looks so familiar though.'' Sam says to himself. Sam slowly turns his head again to see the man still looking at him.

A few feet away from where Sam is sitting his older brother Dean walks out of the bathroom. He passes by a table surrounded by women, they smile and wave at him. ''Hello ladies,'' Dean says smiling back at them. He walks past the women until he ends up at a table where he sticks his hand in a small basket and pulls out a dart, he throws the dart and it lands in the middle of the bulls eye. ''Yes!'' He walks over to the board hanging on the wall and yanks out the dart then walks back over and throws it again.

A couple minutes later, Dean tosses the dart back into the basket and walks towards the table his little brother is sitting at. Dean doesn't notice Sam staring at the bar. He picks up one of the beers next to the laptop and downs it. Sitting down across from Sam, he drags their fathers journal over to him and flips through the pages, then he closes it with a sigh. "Find anything, geek boy?'' he asks Sam who is still staring. ''Sam?'' No answer. ''Sam!'' Nothing. ''Hey bitch,'' Still no answer. Dean leans over the table, to get Sam's attention.

Sam is pulled from his gaze as Dean's hand is waving in front of his face, apparently trying to get his attention.

"Hey! You listening to me? Did you find us a gig yet or what?"

"What? Oh, um, no, nothing." Sam says his eyes still locked on the man's at the bar.

Dean notices Sam's still not paying attention so he walks over and stands in front of his vision. "What the hells wrong with you?''

"I...uh... nothing, I thought I recognized him.''

''Who?'' Dean looks around behind him.

''That man sitting at the bar over there. He was staring at me.''

The man at the bar is no longer looking at Sam, but has his back towards them talking to the bartender.

Dean frowns at Sam. "Whatever dude, lets go.''

After paying and getting their things, Sam follows his brother out of the bar. ''Damn its cold,'' Sam says tightening his jacket around him.

''Hell yea it is.''

''We can stop somewhere for food if your hungry,'' Sam says, now holding Dean's hand.

Dean glances around the streets. ''No, I'm fine, had some m&m's earlier,'' he says. ''You?''

Sam chuckles to himself when he notices Dean looking around, making sure nobody sees them holding hands. ''Not hungry either.''

''So, did you win enough money to keep us straight for awhile?'' Sam asks. ''We can leave in the morning if you did.''

''No, we could still use a couple hundred bucks. We need to stay a couple more nights.''

''Alright, at least our motel is decent.'' Sam says.

''Yep,'' Dean agrees.

Its about 11:00 PM so the brothers decide to head back to their motel room. They left the Impala in the parking lot of the motel since this is a very small town, and everything is basically on one big block. Two days ago, they were driving through Hayden, New Mexico and Dean had said that they were getting low on cash so they needed to stop for a while. Sam didn't complain, they needed to find a new gig anyway. He figured when dean is out hustling pool he can do some research.

Back in the motel room, Sam's sitting up on his elbows watching the news on the dusty motel television. He looks up when Dean walks out of the steaming bathroom dripping wet, with nothing but a white towel around his hips. He watches him as he walks over to his duffle bag laying on the ground and kneels down to rummage through it.

When Dean stands up and turns around, he almost smacks his head against Sam. They stand there for a minute staring before Sam slowly runs his finger down his brothers bare chest, Dean shivers closing his eyes as Sam moves in for a kiss.

The kiss starts out slow and passionate before Sam's tongue is welcomed into Dean's mouth. Dean smells like soap and tastes of warm peppermint. Sam breaks the kiss as Dean strips off his tan jacket and two T-shirts.

Sam smiles at Dean, and Dean smiles back then plants a small kiss on Sam's luscious lips. ''Your lips are perfect,'' he whispers to Sam. Sam smiles again.

Dean slides his tongue down Sam's neck and slowly begins kissing down his naked chest all the way down to his belly button. He moans when Dean comes back up to lick one of his nipples while squeezing the other. Dean chuckles.

Moving his hands down to his brothers belt buckle he grunts when he cant get it undone. Sam reaches down and unbuttons it for him, then Dean's hands are back undoing the rest. Sam steps out of his ripped jeans and boxers, whimpering as his erection hits the cool air. Falling to his knees he strips off the towel hugging his brothers waist.

Dean whimpers as his own throbbing erection hits the cold air, sliding into his brothers mouth. He looks down as he feels the vibration of Sam chuckling with his mouth fool. Sam's hazel eyes looks up into the same pair of hazel eyes as he starts sliding Dean's hard cock in an out of his mouth. Dean moans, reaching out to pull on his brothers greasy, brown hair. Sam's hands are on Dean's ass now digging hard enough to leave bruises.

Dean doesn't mind at the moment because he is pulling out clumps of his little brothers hair equally hard. "Fuck!" Dean pants biting his bottom lip. Looking up at him, Sam smiles at the response he's getting out of his brother. He starts to quicken his pace now and Dean can only pull on his hair harder as he try's not to choke the boy when he thrusts into his mouth. His moaning is loud, almost a yell as he cums into Sam's hot mouth. Sam swallows every drip until there is nothing left, he looks up to Deans strained face and grins with his swollen wet lips. Dean slumps down to his knees in front of Sam and lays his head on his brothers sweaty chest, as they both try to catch their breath.

When both of their breathing is almost back to normal Dean takes his little brothers hand and leads him towards one of the beds. Sam lays down on his back, Dean straddling his waist. The oldest brother leans over towards the small nightstand and opens the drawer, grinning as he reveals a condom. He tears open the orange wrapping, then slips the condom on himself. Sam leans forward to kiss his brother before Dean whispers for him to turn over on his stomach.

He grips the dirty motel sheets when Dean slowly pushes into him with a moan escaping his lips. Sam whimpers squeezing his eyes shut when his brother slowly moves in and out of him. "Jesus fuck Sammy" Dean breathes when Sam thrusts back into him. Both brothers are thrusting to the same rhythm now, both panting, swearing, sweating. Sam moves up to his hands and knees, Dean doesn't stop fucking him. Sam's on the verge of cumming, he reaches for his aching cock only to have his hand slapped away. "Mine," Dean whispers into his baby brothers ear. Sam moans letting Dean stroke him to the same rhythm as he is thrusting. They both cum at the same time, Dean into Sam, Sam into Dean's hand. Both wincing as Dean pulls out of Sam, they both collapse onto the bed, breathing heavily.


Around 7:00 in the morning, Dean is fast asleep on his stomach with his face buried in a pillow. One hand is hanging off the side of the bed and the other is hugging his brother's waist. Sam is wide-awake like always, staring up at the cracked ceiling above him. He turns his head to look at the clock on the little nightstand next to him, squinting his eyes as the sunlight sneaks in through the tan curtains. Moving Dean's hand, he slowly gets out of bed as to not wake his sleeping brother. Dean mumbles turning over onto his side, bare ass showing. Sam chuckles walking into the bathroom. About three minutes later Dean's pulled out of sleep when he hears knocking at the door, automatically he reaches for his knife.

''Yeah? Who is it?'' He growls sitting up in bed.

No answer; just knocking.

He gets out of bed and pulls on a pair of boxers before going to the door. Hiding the knife behind his back he opens it.

''Can I help you?'' He asks.

The blonde man standing there just looks at him.

"Hey! You need something?''

''Sorry," the man says nervously. "Wrong room.'' He then turns and walks away.

''Okay...'' Dean frowns, watching the man walking for a few minutes.

''Who was it?'' Sam asks as Dean shuts the door.

"Just some dude." Dean puts his knife back under the pillow, has a seat on the edge of the bed rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"Well, what did he want?" Sam says walking to the window, looking out.

"Nothing. Wrong room," Dean answers. ''How'd you sleep?'' he groggily asks.

''Fine.'' Sam lies.

He knows Sam's lying, but doesn't say anything. ''Let me get dressed and we can go get some breakfast,'' he says before going into the bathroom.

Sam sits down on the bed and takes out his cell phone while waiting. Scrolling down to voicemail, he listens to the one saved message he has. He's had it saved for months now, the one he listens to everyday when Dean's not around. Sam sighs heavily turning off his phone.

''You alright?'' Dean says a few minutes later when he comes out of the bathroom. Seeing Sam staring out the window, he walks over behind him wrapping his arms around Sam's upper body in a hug.

''Fine, let's go.'' Sam says getting up and walking out the door. Dean frowns but follows behind him.

About an hour and a half later, Dean and Sam come out of Big Bob's Diner. Now walking in the park, Sam walks over to a big tree and sits down under it in the shade. Leaning his back against it, Sam closes his eyes. Dean stands there looking at his brother for a moment before sitting down next to him. Sam's hair falls into his eyes from the small breeze outside, and Dean reaches up to push them aside. Sam smiles.

"So, what do you want to do?" Deans asks.

"Um... I don't know, hang out, rest. What do you want to do?" Sam says opening his eyes.

Dean grins. "Besides that Dean!" Sam says rolling his eyes.

"Oh, come on, Sammy," Dean says leaning in close to him for a kiss.

"It's Sam. And were in a public place, we can't be doing that here, Dean," Sam whispers in Deans ear.

Dean looks at him then looks around the park. There's a few people out and about, but not much because it's the middle of the week. People are working and kids are at school. There's a man with his back towards them on a bench just a few feet away. He has his head down, looks like he's reading a book or something. Across the park there's a couple people waking their dogs.

"Nobody's paying attention," Deans whispers back, grabbing his brothers crotch.

"Dean. No." Sam pushes his hand away.

Dean stops. "So, you'll hold my hand in public, but not give me a little kiss?" he asks.

"That's different. It was late, nobody was around." Sam argues.

"Well nobody's around now Sam, same thing." Dean says.

"Look, I'm going to go argue about this Dean. I'll be right back, I need to go to the bathroom." Sam says getting up and walking towards the restrooms across the park.

"Fine. I'm not going anywhere." Dean yells to Sam. He takes off his jacket squishing it into a ball, using it as a pillow.

Sitting on a bench, the man slowly looks up to see the youngest Winchester walk into the parks restrooms. He stands up and turns, casually stretching his arms and legs. His eyes dart to where the oldest Winchester is laying, under a tree with his eyes closed. The man smiles then heads towards the bathroom.

Washing his hands, Sam hears the door open and close. Looking in the mirror behind him he doesn't see anybody, only his own reflection. Sighing he walks towards the door and reaches for the handle, but before he gets the chance to open it he gets hit in the head with something metal and falls to the cold floor. ''Sam Winchester I'm guessing'' the man says looking down at him.

Lying on the ground, Sam has a big gash on the side of his head. He winces as he touches the cut and feels the blood pouring freely down his neck. Moaning, he tries to look up and see who or what had hit him, but with his vision blurry he can't make out the form in front of him.

His head throbbing, he slowly closes his eyes barely holding onto consciousness. ''I'm going to enjoy this.'' he hears the man saying to himself. As Sam's laying there with his eyes closed, he hears the man start talking as if there is somebody else in the room with them. But Sam can't see or hear anyone else.

"But father said to kill the boy!" He says, ''I know but... No, I was just about— Alright, fine!" the man yells.

He walks over to the barely conscious Sam, kicking him in the ribs a few times until he moans again. He then drags Sam's limp body into one of the bathroom stalls and ties his wrists up to the back of the toilet. Before leaving, he takes something from his jacket.


With his eyes closed, Dean is suddenly pulled awake by a loud noise. He glances at his watch. "Why didn't you wake me up, dude?" Sitting under the large tree, he glances around the park to see a police car and an ambulance parked close to the restrooms. "What the?" Blinking, he looks around him. No Sam.

Eyes wide, Dean jumps to his feet, looking towards the bathrooms. "Sammy," he gasps. Running and pushing through a crowd of people, only stopping when a police officer grabs him before he makes it inside.

"You need to stay back." He says.

"I think that's my brother in there, what's going on?" Dean says trying to pull away.

"I don't know." The officer says.

"What? What do you mean, you don't know? Where's my brother!" Dean says, still trying to get loose. Before the officer could answer, Dean's yelling. "Sam! Sammy!"

"Calm down, son." the man says.

Almost pushing the cop down, Dean runs into the bathroom. Stopping inside, he sees a small pool of blood on the tile floor that trails off into one of the stalls. Standing by the stall door is another policeman.

"Hey, what are you doing in here?" the man asks Dean.

Ignoring the man, he walks into the stall where there are two paramedics kneeled down, tending to his unconscious brother. "Sammy?" he gasps in shock seeing his brother for the first time. Sam is lying curled up next to the toilet, with dried blood on the side of his head and neck.

Pushing one of the paramedics so he can get to his brother, he sits on the floor pulling Sam into a protective hug. The paramedics let him through, then looks to the cop. "He's my little brother," Dean says almost in tears, looking up at the three men.

Seeing that Dean is clearly upset, the paramedic nods. "Let us help him."

Swallowing the lump in his throat, he looks down at his baby brother. "What happened?" Dean whispers.

"We don't know exactly. Somebody found him tied to the back of the toilet and called the police. I untied him right away, he was moaning a few minutes ago, but never woke up." The cop says.

"Look, we can help. I'm sure your brother has a concussion. He needs a hospital," One of the medics says. Knowing that Dean's really upset, he waits for his approval before helping Sam.

Dean nods.

"Get that stretcher in here!" The guy yells out the door. A third medic comes in pushing the stretcher in front of the bathroom stall. "Okay," the medic says. "Let's get him up!"

Moaning as his body is moved from the floor, Dean puts a hand on his brothers shoulder "Its okay, Sammy," whispers Dean.

He follows closely behind as the four men wheel Sam into the ambulance. Jumping into the seat next to his brother, Dean waits for them to head to the hospital, thankful that the drive isn't that far away.

"Like I said, I must've fallen asleep. I didn't see anyone." Dean says to the two police officers taking his statement. 'If I did, the bastard who did this would be dead right now.' He's thinking.

"Alright, thanks for your help. We'll be back later to talk to your brother." The officers say before leaving.

Dean's been sitting in the waiting room for about an hour now, cursing every time a doctor walks past him. "Fuck! I shouldn't have fallen asleep." Dean says to himself.

Seeing the doctor coming his way, Dean jumps from his chair and quickly walks over to him. "How's my brother?" he asks anxiously.

"Your brother was hit in the head pretty hard, he has a mild concussion. As long as he gets enough rest, he should be fine. Also he has a few bruised ribs, all we can do is keep them wrapped." The doctor says.

"Can I see him?" Dean asks.

"Sure, he's not awake yet, but he should be in a couple hours. His room is all the way down the hall and to the left." The man says, pointing.

"Thanks, Doc," replies Dean.

Dean is crushed when he walks into the small room, seeing his baby brother lying helpless like that. His eyes are closed, his face is pale and he has small bandage on the side of his head. Pulling up a chair next to his brother, Dean sits down covering one hand over Sam's.

"Wake up, Sam," he says quietly. "You have to wake up so that you can tell me who did this to you." Closing his eyes, Dean lays his head down next to his brother's.

Two hours later, Dean is leaning forward in his chair, flipping through the channels when Sam starts to mumble and stir. He quickly turns off the TV and moves closer to his brother. "Sam?" Sam's eyelids flutter as he tries to open them. "Come on, Sammy," urges Dean.

Moaning slightly, Sam opens his eyes, blinking as he tries to focus on the world around him. "D-Dean?" he whispers, then clears his throat. "What happened?" Sitting up too fast, Sam grabs his ribs. Blinking, as little black dots appear in front of his face when he's hit with a wave of nausea.

"Take it easy, kiddo." Dean says grabbing his arm.

"Ow... my head hurts... and my ribs." Sam says.

"No shit." Dean says "Damn, it's good to see you awake." he smiles, kissing Sam's forehead.

Leaning back in the chair, Sam notices the concern on his big brothers face. "What happened, Dean?" he asks again.

"I don't know, Sammy," he says shaking his head. "Why don't you tell me?"

Sam frowns. "What do you mean?"

"You have a concussion and some bruised ribs, Sam. Somebody hit you in the head when you were taking a piss," he says. "Please tell me you saw who or what did this to you."

Sam closes his eyes thinking. "No. I...uh... I don't remember much"

"Dammit!" Dean says angrily, making Sam flinch.

"I'm sorry, Dean." Sam says looking away.

Looking up at Sam, he sees the confused and hurt in his eyes. "It's not your fault, Sam. It's mine."

"Why? I was the one that let it sneak up on me like that." Sam says.

"I fell asleep in the park, Sam. If I was only awake I could have seen the person who got to you, I should have been there, I should've gotten to you sooner." he says looking down.

"Look at me, Dean." He says, lifting his brother's head so that he could see Sam's face. "It wasn't your fault. Shit like this happens. There was nothing you could have done."

Dean nods.


The rest of the day was hard on Sam. He was tired, and he had a killer headache. The police officers were back and asking questions about what had happened, and if he saw who did this to him. Dean tried to get them to leave and come back tomorrow, so that Sam could get some rest. The men said they needed the info now, while it was still fresh in Sam's mind. Sam had told them the last thing he remembered was washing his hands.

Dean was getting frustrated. He already hates authority figures; they ask the same damn questions over and over again. Especially now that their asking his confused little brother, he already told them everything he remembers.

Lying back down on the bed, Sam closes his eyes and rubs his forehead.

"Alright, gentleman, time to go, I think you asked my brother enough questions today." Dean says escorting the cops out of the room.

The officers follow Dean. "Alright. If he thinks of anything else that can help, give us a call." The cop says glancing back at Sam.

"Sure thing, Mr. Officer, sir." Dean mumbles, shaking his head and going back into the room.

"Are they gone?" Sam asks, his eyes still shut.

"Yeah," Dean says sitting down, he takes Sam's hand into his. "You alright?"

"Just a headache, no big deal." He says rubbing his temple.

Dean stares at Sam a moment. "Be right back." He says getting up and going out into the hall.

A few minutes later, he returns with a nurse by his side. "Your brother tells me you are having some discomfort?" The older woman says.

Sam sits up, frowning at Dean, and then looks to the woman. "Yeah, headache."

"Here, take these," she says handing him some pills. "They will also help with your bruised ribs."

"Thanks." Sam says, taking them from her; he grabs the paper cup next to his bed swallowing them down. After the nurse leaves, Sam sighs and lies back down.

Dean once again sits down in the chair next to his baby brother. He knows that this is really the first time they would have a chance to talk about what happened to Sam without anyone else in the room. They needed to figure out who did this and why. Was it just some random act? No, nothing like this just happens to the Winchesters. Dean looks over at Sam, who's asleep now. He can wait to talk to his brother later; Sam needs the rest.


He walks towards the door and reaches for the handle, but before he gets the chance to open it, he's hit in the head with something metal and falls to the cold floor. ''Sam Winchester I'm guessing,'' the man says looking down at him. With his head throbbing, he slowly closes his eyes, barely holding onto consciousness. ''I'm going to enjoy this.'' He hears the man saying to himself. As Sam's laying there with his eyes closed, he hears the man start talking as if there is somebody else in the room with them. But Sam can't see or hear anyone else.

With a gasp, Sam sits up in bed, immediately regretting it, feeling the pain in his ribs. Frantically, he searches the room for his brother and finds him sitting comfortably in the bed next to his own, watching TV.

"Dean," he says with a raspy voice.

"Nightmare?" Dean asks, seeing his pale and shaken brother.

Sam only nods. Looking to the window next to Dean's bed, he sees that it's dark outside. He clears his throat. "What time is it?"

Dean looks at his watch. "Twelve-Thirty."

"Hey, at least I got some sleep." He says.

"Yeah, until that bastard of a nightmare woke you up," Dean says. "What did you dream about?" He looks at his brother.

Sam stares at the television for a moment, and then he turns to his brother and frowns. "You're watching Oprah?" He asked.

Dean shrugs. "Only thing on."

Sam grins.

"Sam," warns Dean, knowing that his brother is avoiding the subject.

"What?" He says looking anywhere but at Dean.

"What was your dream about?" He asks again.

Looking down he sighs, "It was just something I remembered from this morning."

Dean raises an eyebrow.

"From my... accident," elaborates Sam.

"Yeah." Dean pushes.

"I don't know. After the guy hit me, I heard him say something," he explains, looking a little scared.


"He knows me, Dean, he knows my name – my last name. It wasn't a random act, he's after me, why is he after me Dean?" he says rambling.

Dean gets up from his bed and goes over to Sam's. He gestures for his brother to move over, and climbs into bed with him when he does. "It's going to be alright."

"How do you know?" Sam asks, sounding like a confused little boy.

"Because. Because, I'm not going to let anything happen to you, Sammy," He says. "Do you remember him saying anything else?" Sam leans his head back against the wall sighing, he closes his eyes trying to think. "Um... No, that's all I can remember right now. I mean, I know he said something else but... I can't make out the words."

"Okay, well, I'm sure it will come back to you," Dean says turning off the TV. "We'll figure this out in the morning." Dean scoots down the bed, and lies on his back.

"Dean..." Sam tries to protest.

"Sam, I'm tired, I need to sleep. And you, well, you look like shit, you need to sleep more." He closes his eyes, then opens them when he feels the bed cushion move down then up again. "What the hell are you doing?" he asks looking at Sam, who's trying to stand up.

"Bathroom," Sam says grunting as he holds his ribs and walks into the tiny room.

"Are you alright? Need help?" Dean asks.

"No, I'm fine," Sam calls.

A couple minutes later, Sam walks out of the bathroom.

"Turn off the light." Dean says, closing his eyes once more.

Sam slowly walks towards the door and flicks the light switch off, and with a loud click, he locks the door.

Sitting down carefully on the bed next to his brother, he watches him sleep, watches the way his chest rises and falls as he breaths. With a spark of lust in those big hazel eyes, he slowly runs a hand up his brother's thigh.

Dean doesn't move, but opens his eyes. "Sam, what are you doing?"

"What?" Sam says innocently without moving his hand.

"Sam, you're hurt and we're in a hospital room for fuck sakes," he says.

Sam ignores Dean, moving his hand up and under the thin material of his brothers T-shirts, warm skin against warm skin, slowly running his palm up his bare chest. Moving up and straddling Dean's waist, ignoring the pain in his ribs, he leans in close to his brothers face, a devilish grin forming on his lips.

"Sam..." Dean warns.

"Shhhh..." Sam whispers, sliding his hand back down his brothers chest, and over those abs, down past his stomach, stopping on that bulge in his jeans. Dean moans quietly, Sam smiles, rubbing his hand back and fourth, pushing down hard and rubbing some more, back and fourth.

Dean moans again, pulling his little brother down closer for a kiss, Sam grimaces as his sore ribs collide with Deans body. "Sorry," he whispers, "lay back."

Carefully, he helps Sam lay back down, so not to hurt his ribs some more. He then straddles Sam's thighs, leaning over him, both hands on either side on the bed. He kisses Sam hard, deep, both tongues meeting half way, licking, tips of their tongues moving up and down, side to side.

Dean breaks the kiss making his brother whimper at the loss, he takes off his jacket throwing it on the other bed, followed by both of his T-shirts. Moving off of Sam, he pats his side for him to lift his hips, so that Dean can pull up the hospital gown that he's wearing, pull down his boxers and get to his downstairs brain. Dean then removes his own jeans and boxers, and is back on top in an instant, dick against dick, warm flesh against warm flesh, Dean's hand in between them, squeezing, stroking, pumping.

Sam licks his lips, he moans, Dean moans back into his brothers mouth, both panting, and swearing. Sam's ignoring the pain in his ribs, as he moves with his brother, grinding. Dean's hand is wet and sticky with their warm pre cum as he strokes them both together, pulling, lightly running his finger along the tips. Sam whimpers. Dean moans. Both of them breathing heavily as they go over the edge, Dean's swearing and Sam's whimpering as they cum, both squirting into Deans already slick hand, he strokes one, two, then four more times.

Dean almost falls on the floor as he tries to lie next to Sam on the bed. Their laying there, panting, trying to catch their breath. Dean has his eyes closed. Sam is staring up at the white ceiling; he pulls the blanket up and over their naked hips. "Ow," he says holding his now very sore ribs.

Dean looks over at him. "Hey, you started it," he says with a grin.

Sam chuckles. "Ow..." he whines again.



"I just thought of something. Last night in the bar, you said there was a guy that kept staring at you." He says.

"Yeah, kind of gave me the creeps. Why?" Sam asks frowning.

"What did he look like? Do you remember?" He asks sitting up now.

"Um... yeah, I think he had like short blonde hair..." he says looking at his brother. "Why?"

"Huh." Dean says thinking to himself.

"Dean! You going to tell me what you're thinking, or am I going to have to guess?" He asks, getting a little frustrated.

"Sam," He says running his hand through his hair. "This morning, when you were in the shower. A guy knocked on our door, a blonde guy, with short hair," he says. "Was that the guy, Sam? Was that the guy that was in the bathroom with you?"

Sam shakes his head. "No. I mean... I never saw the guy, Dean. I don't know, I guess it could have been."

"Son of bitch," Dean mumbles, "I don't get it. Why didn't he do anything this morning? He seemed a little nervous, like he was afraid, but then he attacks you in the bathroom a public place."

"You." Sam says, flatly.

Dean raises his eyebrows. "What?"

"Dean, at the bar he was staring at me, then when you came, he stopped. Then in the motel room, he was nervous 'cause it was you who answered the door but then at the park, you weren't there in the bathroom with me, I was alone so he attacked."

"Okay, so what, he's afraid of me. Why?" He asks looking at Sam.

"I don't know." Sam says honestly.


The next morning after the doctor had came in and checked on Sam. After telling him that he was okay to leave today, Sam was a bit anxious. Anxious about finally getting to leave this place (even if he was only in there one night) and anxious about finding out who this blonde stalker of his was. So after changing into his own clothes and having Dean sign him out, they were so gone.

Dean stopped to get Sam some real food, which was McDonalds, and now they were headed back to their motel room. On the way there, Dean slows down without even noticing, as they pass the park they had been at yesterday morning. Lost in his own thoughts as he glances out the side window at the restrooms; yellow police tape was still blocking off the entrance.

Sam was looking out his own window as they drive by, and he notices the car slowing down and his brother going quiet. Turning his head to look at Dean, he sees the pain and anger in his expression. "Dean?" he says quietly.

Dean continues to stare, not hearing his baby brother. Sam sighs, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Dean," he says a little louder, which pulls his brother out of his trance.

"Huh, what?" Dean says, frowning at Sam.

"You alright man?" Sam asks.

Dean clears his throat. "Yeah, fine," he says, pressing down on the gas.

Back in the motel room, Dean has just gotten in the shower, and Sam is stretched out on his bed with the TV on, not really watching it. After taking his meds the doctor had prescribed him, he lays on his back with a heavy sigh. Closing his eyes, he tries to think back to the first time he saw that man. He's pretty sure it was at the bar the other night. He remembers the man having short blonde hair and brown eyes, he looked like someone, someone he met before, but he can't think of who. Why would this man be following him, what did he want from Sam, and why was he afraid of Dean?

"Well, Dean can be pretty intimidating at times..." Sam thinks to himself, a lopsided smile crossing his face. With a heavy sigh, he opens his eyes to start up at the ceiling.

Coming out of the bathroom fully dressed, Dean walks over to the chair where his leather jacket lays. "So I was thinking," he says, putting it on. "We need to go to all the places we've been too since we've been in this god forsaken town, and ask everyone we can if they seen this bastard. We have a somewhat decent description of the guy." He looks over at Sam.

"Yeah that's what I was thinking too," Sam says, sitting up. "But Dean, if this is just some normal person, then what are we going to do?" he asks.

Throwing his duffle bag onto the bed, Dean rummages through it. Finding what he was looking for, he shoves the handgun in the back of his pants, covering it with his jacket.

"Dean!" Sam yells, watching his brother. "We can't kill him, he's a human being." Getting off the bed, he goes over to stand in front of his brother.

"Sam..." Dean starts before he's cut off.

"No," Sam argues, already knowing what his brother's thinking. Putting his hands on Deans shoulders and looking into his eyes, he sighs. "Look, I'm fine. Why can't we figure out who this person is and turn him in? Then we can get out of this town, Dean, and find a real gig."

The whole time Sam is talking Dean is shaking his head angrily. When Sam finishes he says, "Like hell. Look Sammy, I am not going to let some son of a bitch almost kill you and get away with it."

Sam shakes his head. "Dean—"

"No, Sam, not this time, this time the human being dies," he says seriously. "Nothing or nobody messes with my little brother." Sam rolls his eyes.

Staring at Sam for a few minutes, Dean pulls him into a tight hug, then pulls back quickly and apologizes when Sam winces at his ribs being crushed. Instead, Dean kisses him long and hard, needing to feel his brother. Breaking the kiss, he whispers in Sam's ear, "I'm glad you're alright, I don't know what I would do if you..." he trails off, looking Sam in the eye.

Seeing the pain his eyes, Sam whispers back to him, "But I didn't."

Dean looks down, but nods and Sam kisses him again. At first it's slow, passionate, then it's all about the want, the need, the need to be close, the need to taste each other, to feel each other, to breathe in each others scent.

Sam pulls away quickly, making Dean frown. "I'm tired, Dean."

"I know, Sam. After I get this bastard we can finally leave this town." Dean says, misreading his brother's words.

"No," he says, walking over to the bed to sit on the edge.

Following behind Sam, Dean kneels down on one knee in front of his baby brother. "What do you mean?" he asks.

Blinking, he says, "I'm really tired."

"Sam?" Dean asks, a little confused.

"What? Oh... Nothing, Dean. I think it's just my meds" he explains, yawning.

Dean frowns. "Dude, your pain medicine shouldn't make you this tired."

"Hm?" Sam murmurs, crawling up the bed and turning to lie down. "Take... nap...five minutes," he mumbles.

Dean gets up quickly, going over to the nightstand where the bottle of medicine is sitting. Picking it up, he twists off the cap, dumping the pills into his palm. He frowns. The pills seem normal, but he can't tell if they're the right ones or not. Tossing them onto the table, he goes back to sit next to his brother who now has his eyes closed. "Sam? Sammy?" He starts to panic when Sam doesn't respond. Checking for a pulse, Dean sighs. His pulse is normal, Sam's just sleeping. Hopefully, that's all the pills will do.

"Well, guess asking around town will have to wait." he says to himself.

As Sam sleeps peacefully on the bed, Dean sits close by watching over him. He thinks that whoever this guy is who's after Sam, must of somehow switched the meds, which means that he was at the hospital with them; he's planning on trying to get to Sam, now that he's asleep. "Dammit!" Dean says quietly. Who is this guy, and why does he want to hurt Sam? Pulling out his cell phone from his jacket pocket, he dials his father's number. Thinking that maybe he can point them in the right direction on how to handle this situation, if he even answers. Cursing when it only rings, he hangs up when the voicemail comes on.

''I'm going to enjoy this,'' he hears the man saying to himself. As Sam's laying there with his eyes closed, he hears the man start talking as if there is somebody else in the room with them. But Sam can't see or hear anyone else. "But father said to kill the boy!" the man says, ''I know but... No, I was just about— Alright, fine!" he yells.

Sam awakens with a gasp. Sitting up, he moves a trembling hand to his temple, feeling the beads of sweat running down his face. Blinking a few times, he looks around the room, his heart racing when he doesn't see his big brother. "Dean... Dean!" he calls out, panicking.

His eyes widen and he jumps when the bathroom door flies open. "Sam?" Dean says seeing his pale brother, quickly he moves towards the bed. "Sam, are you alright? What's wrong?" he asks looking around the room.

Sam swallows, licking his dry lips. "I... I woke up... you weren't here," he tells him, breathing heavily.

Dean puts a hand on Sam's forehead. "Shit! You're burning up. Sammy?" he says quietly. Sam moves his glassy eyes to meet Dean's.

"I'm going to be right back, ok? I'm going to get something from the bathroom." Dean says getting up. Sam nods.

Going into the bathroom, Dean grabs two Aspirins and wets a cold washcloth. Bringing it back to Sam, he wipes the cold sweat from his brother's face and neck. Grabbing a water bottle from his duffle, he hands it to Sam with the two pills. "Here, take these." Sam takes them without saying a word.

Dean continues to slowly wash Sam's sweaty face after he leans back against the wall. "How do you feel? You alright?" Dean asks after a few minutes.

Sam nods "Better."

"Good, I thought maybe he gave you something else besides sleeping pills." He says sighing in relief.

Sam looks up confused "What— who?" he asks.

"The guy, Sam. He was at the hospital the whole time; your pills were switched. I don't get it though." he says shaking his head.

"Get what, Dean?"

"Sammy, you've been asleep now for five hours," Sam raises his eyebrows. "Why give you the pills, if he didn't try anything? Nobody came to the door, no phone calls, nothing," he says looking at his brother.

"I don't know..." Sam says quietly.

Looking at Sam, he still looks a little pale and exhausted. "Look, why don't you go take a cold shower and then I can change the bandage on your head and ribs." Standing up, Dean gestures for Sam to take his hand.

"Dean," Sam looks down. "I... I remember something else..." he says through a yawn.

Letting his hand drop to his side, Dean sits down on the bed. "What, what is it?"

Frowning Sam says, "I remember the guy talking to somebody else, more like arguing. Sounded like he was arguing about killing me or not, saying that their father told him to."

"Fucken bastards," Dean says quietly.

"I guess whoever he was talking to, told him not to kill me," the youngest Winchester says, yawning again.

Dean stares at Sam. Standing up, he paces back and fourth across the room thinking aloud. "Okay, so there's more than one guy. He almost killed you once already and he was at the hospital too, so that means that he's still after you. He switched your prescription with sleeping pills, but he didn't try anything while you were out. Maybe he's just screwing with you. Doesn't matter, I'm still going to kick his fucken ass" Turning around to face his brother, Sam is laying back down with his eyes closed. "Sam?"

Sam opens his eyes. "Huh?"

"Dude, you alright?"

Sam nods, "Just tired still," he says closing his eyes once more. "Dean?"


"The shower is going to have to wait, unless you're going to stand there holding me under the water." he grins lazily. "I can really use some coffee."

Dean frowns. "Yeah okay, I haven't had my coffee today anyways." he says heading towards the door, then he turns back around. "I don't think you should be here alone," he says.

"Dean... I'm fine, just tired."

"That's not what I'm talking about, Sammy."

"Then what? You think he's going to break into the motel room? I don't think he can get through that door without making a lot of noise, Dean, and I do have a gun." Sam says slurring.

Dean stands by the door, thinking about whether to leave Sam or not. Leaving for just a few minutes makes him a little bit worried. Sam would be a little helpless if somebody came in here, with him tired and all. Sam is right though, nobody can get into this room without making a lot of noise, people would hear. And Sam does have a gun.

"Alright fine," he finally says. "I'll be back as fast as I can. Try and stay awake and keep your gun close." Sam waves his hand. Dean looks at his brother once more before going out the door.