Title: Dozen
Author: Watson
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: G
Disclaimer: This story was written for the enjoyment of its readers and its writer, no monetary profit was made in writing this story.
Summary: There are a dozen things that Sam loves about Dean.


There are a dozen things that Sam loves about Dean. Dean's smile managed to make it to number one rather quickly. Then came Dean's strength and following that was Dean's ability to stay cool in every situation.

Sam wrote down his list in a note book so he could remind himself in times of need. James Marks stole the note book and posted the next morning the photocopies were all around school. Thankfully Sam hadn't written Dean's name on the list but still. Sam spent his afternoon snatching up whatever he could, but at the end of the day he was still crying.

Dean found him underneath the bleachers. "Hey kid." He wrapped an arm around Sam's shoulders. "I gave Marks a swirly and he gave me back the note book. We'll burn it later okay?"

Sam nodded.

"One thing bothers me though. With an amazing specimen like me how come you could only come up with twelve things?"

Sam laughed through his tears.