Title: A Rainy Day
Author: adore_eterno
Characters: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Category: Wincest
Word Count: 1,400+
Takes Place: after Asylum
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: I do not own the boys and since I am but a lowly broke college student whose finances are into negative numbers suing me would be rather pointless
Summary: A rainy day leads too much naughty special hell kinda fun.
Notes: This is only my second fic so please don't rip me a new one if its not a master piece


Silence, not a single solitary word had been said since they drove away from the asylum. Now Sam really gets that whole be careful what you wish for thing because any time before now he would have given anything for a silent car ride with dean, now ... not so much.

The silence seemed only to intensify the sound of the storm raging out side the car at the moment, rain pelting the hood of the impala along with flickers of lightening across the sky punctuated by crashes of thunder.

Damn, was it a good thing that they were the only people dumb enough to actually attempt driving in such weather.

Then Sam did one of the stupidest things he's ever done. Looking at Dean staring intensely at the road not saying a word, not blaring metallic or any other 80s rock hair band. Sam saw the tension in every muscle of his brother body, Dean's hands firmly clasped onto the wheel, jaw locked tight. Boy, had he really fucked things up with the shit he said in the asylum. Even though technically it wasn't really his fault cause you know evil spirit influence and all. Any way it was while he was thinking on how fast his relationship with dean had gone down hill that he, ever so stupidly, mumbled "well at least it cant get worse"

No sooner had the words left his mouth than he heard the loud unmistakable sound of a tire blowing out... well shit, it was mistake the moment the words had left his mouth.

Dean pulled over to the side of the road with a muttered "fucking hell". He shoved open the door and went out into the pouring rain. Dean went immediately toward the trunk muttering a rather impressive array of cusses along the way.

Sam sighed and went out in the rain to give dean a hand. "Sammy, get back in the damn car no use in both use getting soaked out here" but the words hadn't even registered in Sam's brain. Cause the sight of Dean wet hair matted against his brow, while soaked jeans and a black shirt clung tightly to every curve of his unbelievable body had completely short circuited every higher functioning brain cell. The only things that he was capable of thinking now were very naughty and lustful, all involving his brother in several different positions.

Something must have showed on his features because Dean was suddenly staring at him. Sam could see every emotion that flitted across Dean's face. First confusion, then shock and finally much to Sam's complete surprise he saw the same lust he was rather sure was reflected in his own eyes.

Well seeing as how god gave men a brain, a dick and not enough blood to operate both at the same time. Sam did something that seemed like a good idea now, though he was pretty sure that said idea would normally never be conisder good if his brain were functioning the way it normally did. He strode over to Dean with a few quick easy strides and shoved him against the side of the impala. Then he proceeded to kiss the shit out of his brother.

Lips clashed fiercely against each other, the kiss far too urgent to be gentle. Sam felt Dean's tongue glide along his lips seeking entrance. To which of course Sam was all too happy to oblige. Dean tasted so incredible, kinda sweet like honey, Sam though absently as Dean seemed to be trying to find Sam's tonsils for him. Tongues dueled back and forth as both brothers sought dominance in the kiss.

Final when oxygen started to become an issue they pulled a part gasping for breath. Sam looked to see Dean gasping for much need air, rain still pouring down his face, eyes shut. "Dean" the named whispered softly from his own lips.

"please, please don't let this be a dream. I cant open my eyes and find it was all a dream. It has to be real, please let it be real this time"

Sam stared in utter astonishment at the emotion in Dean's plea. Sam was rather sure that at this moment no person could ever feel more love for anther human being than he felt for Dean right now.

"Open your eyes Dean" Sam watched as Deans eye lids fluttered and then opened fully revealing wonderous hazel eyes "This is real *kiss* I'm real *kiss* we're real *deeper Kiss*" Dean looked at him then with so much love and amazement written in his gaze that it took Sam's breath away.

This time it was Dean that leaned in to start the kiss. As the other kiss had been urgent and fierce this one was gentle and tender. Lips moving against each other tongues massaging one anther. One of Deans hands reaching up to play with the hair on the back of Sam's neck. While the other hand skimmed along the edge of his shirt seeking skin. A thumb tenderly caressing the skin on his hip, lightly tracing the downward slope of the muscle.

Sam's hands decided to do some exploring of there own. As he let them roam over the wet shirt which concealed hard planes of muscle. Nails softly scratching a nipple, bringing forth a groan. His other hand slowly worked Dean's belt seeking a more intimate touch. "oh god, Sam" Oh hearing his name said like that all husky and sexy sent a shiver down his spine. "Sam please... *gasp* wait" Though Sam was far too gone to really register that last word, it really didn't seem to make much sense in his brain right now.

It wasn't till he finally unbuckled Dean's belt that Dean flip them and slammed Sam forcefully into the side door that Sam ceased his movements. He stared at Dean in confusion. Oh god, what if he's changed his mind about this.

All doubts vanished quickly though when Dean gave him that smile that made waitresses in every state weak in the knees. "Ok I can't believe this is me saying this but we are not having sex right now, our first time is not gonna be in the back seat of a car *pause*... even my baby, special as she is"

Sam stared at him in disbelief "but I want you now" and damn if he didn't sound like some petulant child. Dean leaned in close pressing his chest against Sam's, breath tickling Sam's ear "yeah but if we do it my way there will be a soft bed, candled light maybe"

"But if we do it my way we can have sex now" Sam reminded cause really he felt it was a very valid point

"My way there could be champagne and strawberries, along with soft music" Dean added gently nibbling Sam's ear, bring forth a moan.

"did I mention the part of my plan where we get to have sex now?" really can we focus here Sam thought impatiently

Dean sighed in frustration "fine how about an appetizer to hold you off until the main course" with that Dean leaned in and kissed Sam passionately while his hands eased open the button to Sam's fly as the other lowered his zipper.

Sam gasped as Dean wrapped long talented fingers tightly around his dick. "Jesus, Dean" oh god, Sam was not gonna last. He had wanted this way, way too long to not end up coming hard and fast like a fucking teenager. Dean's hand stroked firmly up and down at maddening pace. His breath caught as Dean's other hand moved down to massage his balls, gently rolling them with skilled fingers. "oh god, oh dean...*pant* please, Dean" The hand around his cock loosened momentarily as a thumb was dragged slowly along the underside of his dick. Then dipping into the slit and smearing Sam's precome around the head of his cock, bring forth a whimper that Sam would later denie ever making, even if tortured. Dean's hand tightened again and quickened the pace, pulling tenderly up and down on his dick. Sam could feel the heat building in the pit of his stomach. He was so close, Dean leaned in near to Sam's ear "I love you, Sammy" whispered with such utter conviction and love it was all Sam need to push him over the edge. With a screamed "DEAN" Sam's vision blurred as his orgasm over took him, bring his whole body into violent shudders.

Sam came back to the world with Deans rather smug looking smile hovering over him, oh well at least this time Dean kinda had a reason to be so damn smug. "I love you too Dean" then Dean gave him one of those extraordinary, real smiles that his brother rarely graced any mortals with, the one that could light up an entire room with it‘s radiance. So of course Sam just had to kiss him then.

Belatedly Sam realized that Dean hadn't gotten off. As they started to stand "you want me to help you out" Sam said as he reached out to pull Dean into him again. Dean smiled his smug smile again and said simply "nah, unlike some people I like to save my appetite for the main course" Sam felt his cheeks heat with a blush as Dean laughed happily while getting out the spare tire to fix the flat.

"Well common Sammy give me hand, the sooner we get this fixed the sooner we get dry and then I can deliver on my promise of our first time and all the items listed to be included in said promise" Dean gave him a lustful grin as he went and grabbed the jack from the trunk. Well Sam thought as he pulled out the spare in what was undoubtedly record time, if that's not motivation to move his ass than Sam has no idea what is.