Title: The Cruise
By: nancy
Pairing: Same/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: language, incest, spoilers, WIP
Summary: Sam takes Dean on vacation.

Since he was expecting Dean’s call, Sam answered the phone without thinking to look at the Caller ID. “What did you find out?”

“Ah, Mr. Melosian? Mr. Sam Melosian?” a young man’s voice questioned.

Sam paused in the act of cleaning the shotgun, running the name in his head. Connecting it to a fairly new credit card, he answered cautiously, “Yes?”

“Mr. Melosian, this is Ryan with Hartford Visa and I am very pleased to tell you that you’ve won an all expenses paid cruise just for using our credit card during the Summer Heat promotion period!”

Blinking in surprise, Sam said, “Excuse me?”

Ryan enthused, “Yes, Sir! All you have to do is show up at the Miami dock for a five night, six day trip through the Caribbean with stops at all of the duty-free ports.”

“Wait, you’re saying that I won a cruise?” Sam demanded, incredulous.

“That’s right, Sir!”

Thoughtful, Sam asked, “What about bringing someone with me?”

“Oh yes, Sir! You’re allowed one guest,” Ryan explained. “Will your wife be joining you?”

Sam grinned broadly and then gushed, “Oh, my partner will, yes! Can I request some kind of honeymoon suite? This is really perfect timing, since we just had the ceremony out on Cape Cod two weeks ago!”

There was a brief silence before Ryan stammered, “Why, ah, yes Sir! That won’t be any trouble at all. Let me just take down his information.”

Laughing softly to himself, Sam began planning how to get Dean to Florida.

*  *  *  *

“Come on, Sammy! This is a dead end,” Dean complained for the fifth time. He gestured around at all the tourists getting ready for their cruises and whatever. “There aren’t any demons in this crowd. The only evil thing in ten miles is that shirt.”

Glancing over at the hideous neon shirt an overweight man wore, Sam silently agreed. Of course, the lack of evil and demons was just what they needed. It wasn’t the Grand Canyon, but that was on the list, too. Out loud, he said, “We’ll just check out the ship and get off. You wouldn’t want it to sink or anything, would you?”

Dean muttered something about burning all the Hawaiian shirts, but otherwise didn’t protest again as they neared the gangplank.

Sam stopped short as something suddenly occurred to him and asked, “Ah, you don’t get seasick, right? Boats don’t bother you like planes do?”

“What? No, why?” Dean questioned.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Sam waved it off and replied, “Just didn’t want you slowing us down.”

“Fuck you, Sam.”

They arrived at the crowded entry point just then and more than one parental-type gave Dean a dirty look at the language. Sam elbowed his brother while giving them an apologetic look. The line moved surprisingly fast, the efficient staff obviously knowing how to do their jobs. Sam pulled out his fake ID and held it out to the dark-haired man taking names.

“Mr. Melosian! How wonderful to meet you!” the man exclaimed, taking Sam’s hand and pumping it heartily. “I’m Bradley, your liaison for the trip. And this must be your partner, Mr. Halstead! It’s a pleasure to meet you as well, Sir!”

Sam grinned at his brother’s bafflement.

“Where are your bags?” Bradley questioned.

Clearing his throat, Sam answered dolefully, “I’m afraid they didn’t make it. I think they’re somewhere in Chicago at last check.”

Bradley clucked sympathetically. “Well, as tragedies go, that’s not too horrible. This is all expenses paid, so you feel free to buy whatever you need from the clothing shop. Hartford Visa is picking up the tab.”

Sam nodded appropriately and said, “I just feel so bad! They shouldn’t have to purchase us a whole new wardrobe. Maybe we could just make do.”

“No, no, I won’t hear of it,” Bradley insisted. “First trip after you get settled in your stateroom will be the clothing store. And don’t forget that there are a couple of formal dinners that you might want to attend.”

“Yes, of course,” Sam agreed.

Bradley waved off to the side and a pretty girl hurried forward. “This is Janet. She’ll show you around the ship and to your quarters. If you need anything and I’m not available for whatever reason, just find Janet and she’ll be able to help you out.”

Sam shook Bradley’s hand again and replied, “That’s very kind of you.”

“Not at all, it’s my pleasure,” Bradley assured him.

Taking Dean’s hand, Sam said, “Come on, honey, it’s time to check out our new home for the next six days.”

Dean gave him a sweet smile, but his hand crushed Sam’s as he replied, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world, sweetheart.”

Sam had to grit his teeth to maintain the smile as he nodded to Bradley and they followed Janet up the gangplank.

Leaning in close, Dean hissed, “You are in so much trouble, Sammy!”

“You’re breaking my fingers!” Sam hissed back.

“Deal with it.”

Sam had broken into a sweat by the time Janet’s far-too-cheerful personage left them in the stateroom and he could yank his now-throbbing hand free.

“What the fuck is going on?” Dean snapped, arms folded over his chest. “Start talkinSam, or I’m off this tub.”

Wincing as he gingerly straightened his hand, Sam explained, “We won a trip for using the Hartford Visa. This trip. All expenses paid. A vacation, Dean. We’re going to take a week off and soak in the sun and eat buffets and visit Jamaica. Have you ever been there?”

Dean blinked at him a few times. “A vacation? There’s no demon?”

“None,” Sam promised. He  moved closer and tentatively put his hands on Dean’s shoulders. “It’s just us, Dean, and they think we’re lovers, not brothers. We can be open and out and do whatever we want for the next six days. No one knows us here and we’re never going to see any of these people ever again.”

The suspicion in his brother’s gaze was hard to take. Sam knew that Dean was waiting for the other shoe to drop, that nothing good ever happened to them, never mind by accident.

“So, let me get this straight. We’re on vacation because we faked a credit card ID and used it.”

“It was one of the new ones.”

“Well that explains it.”

Sam stepped closer, smiling in encouragement. “We can have this, Dean. It’s just some fun and some good memories to make. Just you and me for six days.”

He felt the second that Dean surrendered to the idea, shoulders relaxing under Sam’s hands. Dean closed the distance between them, wrapping his arms around Sam’s waist as he sighed, “Sounds good.”

Smiling, Sam rested his cheek against his brother’s hair and agreed, “Sounds great.”

*  *  *  *

That pinched look Dean had that said he was way-too-tense remained in evidence for the rest of the night. Sam knew that it wouldn’t go away until they were under way, so he took the opportunity to get the clothes shopping started. Dean was a closet clothes-horse, loving to look good, and Sam took advantage of that. He deliberately picked out hideous shirts to match with bright pants and tried them on until Dean’s mouth quirked into a reluctant grin.

“You know, unless you want to give gay guys a bad name, you’ll put those back,” Dean finally said.

The shop attendant breathed a loud sigh of relief. “Oh, thank you.”

Sam grinned. “Got you to smile, didn’t I?”

Rolling his eyes, Dean retorted, “You’re a dork.”

“And you love it,” Sam replied, winking.

“You two have been together a long time, haven’t you?” the attendant asked.

Sam caught Dean’s gaze and answered, “A lifetime, and I wouldn’t change anything.”

The attendant sighed audibly as he muttered, “God that’s romantic,” but Sam was only interested in the flush that crept over his brother’s face and Dean’s suspiciously glistening eyes.

Dean cleared his throat and looked away before grabbing a couple of slacks and thrusting them at Sam. “Put all those shirts back, too. I’ll get you something that won’t scare small children.”

Sam grinned and nodded, more than happy to obey if it kept Dean out of his darker thoughts. Ever since the deal had been made, it had been difficult to make his brother smile for real. Oh, there were plenty of snide remarks and jokes made, but always below the surface was the clock ticking down to their last day together. Sam was still working on a way out and fully intended to take down hell itself to keep Dean with him, but he couldn’t tell that to Dean. It would just make his brother worry even more.

A half-hour later, Sam had what both Dean and the attendant called a respectable wardrobe and they’d moved on to suits for those formal dinners. Sam insisted on at least one suit for each of them and planned on plenty of pictures to go along with the memories. He didn’t really care about his own suit, though he had a few ideas of which one Dean should go for. Sam was thinking that soft gray one with the green tie that would match his brother’s eyes.

Dean was done picking out his own clothes in very short order. Not a big surprise, really, given his brother’s specific tastes. Still, Sam was a little disappointed he didn’t get the same show that he’d given Dean.

“The ship’s getting ready to go,” their new best friend, Kyle, told them. “Hurry on up to the rail and I’ll have all this sent to your stateroom.”

Sam saw Dean opened his mouth to protest and quickly put an arm over his brother’s shoulder. “We’re doing all the silly stuff that goes with a vacation, got it?”

Dean scowled, but nodded and let Sam bring him up to the main deck. Everyone was crowded against the rail and it took a bit to get a spot of their own. Sam took full advantage of his height and maneuvered someone out of the way so Dean could lean against it. With the laughter, chatter, and cheering all around them as she ship pulled away from the dock, Sam tightened his arm around Dean and said, “Tell me this isn’t fun.”

“Whatever,” Dean replied, but his lips curved into an echoing grin and he leaned against Sam. “Hey, when’s the buffet?”

Sam laughed at the purely-Dean demand and kissed his brother, right there in front of God and everyone.

*  *  *  *

“Oh, my God. Oh, my God!”

Sam grimaced at Dean’s near ecstatic tone on seeing the buffet tables. Free food always put Dean in a great mood, but it inevitably led to a too-full stomach and sometimes even intestinal distress, as Sam called it. And that usually led to Dean moaning in the bathroom a several hours later and not in a good way.

Grabbing Dean’s arm, Sam pointed out, “You’ve got six more days of the free food, Dean. Why don’t you take it easy?”

“But, Sam!” Dean exclaimed. “Look! They’ve got lobster and shrimp and steak. Oh my God look at that steak! Cover me, Sam, I’m going in.”

Sam groaned in aggravation as his brother plowed through the line in a beeline to the beef station. Picking up a plate, he followed Dean at a more sedate pace, picking his own favorites from the admittedly rich choices. By the time he caught up to Dean at their assigned table, he just sighed on seeing how piled high his brother’s plate was.

Dean frowned at him. “That’s all you’re eating?”

“No, Dean. You can go back for more after,” Sam told him.

That seemed to give Dean pause and he asked in a low voice, “Really? We won’t get chased out like at that wings place in Oklahoma?”

And suddenly, with that simple question, Sam got a deep insight into his brother. Dean was a glutton in many senses of the word; with food, sex, clothes, and even keeping the Impala in such perfect condition. Dean was waiting for someone to kick him out, to tell him he couldn’t have any more, maybe even that he didn’t deserve as much as he had. Because of that, his brother grabbed as much as he could all at once, not understanding that what he had wouldn’t be taken away from him.

No wonder he adapted so easily to prison, Sam thought, feeling mildly queasy. Everything there had already been taken away. Everything there was a fixed quantity and he knew exactly what to expect.

Reaching over, Sam gripped Dean’s shoulder and pulled him in for a slow, deep kiss. When he broke it off, he promised, “You can have as much as you want, Dean. No one’s going to kick us off the boat. And there’s dessert after, too.”

Dean gave him a pleased look and started to dig in, but at a slower pace than usual.

“You want something to drink?” Sam asked.

Nodding, Dean swallowed his mouthful and answered, “Beer? And none of that imported crap you drink.”

Sam grinned. “Got it. Watered down, tasteless crap coming up.”

Dean smacked him on the butt as he stood and Sam laughed before heading to the bar. When he returned with two beers, one domestic and one not, it was to find the other seats at their table occupied.

“Sammy, this is Mark and Gina Harris and that’s Mike Donaldson and his partner Ray Franklin,” Dean introduced, taking his beer.

Sam nodded, exchanging pleasant greetings with their new table-mates. Since he wasn’t sure what Dean had already told their new companions, he let Dean keep the lead on the conversation. Dean was unexpectedly boisterous, keeping everyone laughing even as he cleaned his plate. Thankfully, it took Dean the entire mealtime to eat his food and that meant he wouldn’t suffer later when they were alone.

When the music began, a cover band doing fun eighties music, Dean startled Sam by asking, “You wanna dance?”

Sam’s eyebrows rose. “Dance?”

“Yeah. You know, that thing where you shuffle almost in time to the music,” Dean explained, eyes twinkling.

Making a face, Sam retorted, “Very funny.”

But he stood when Dean did, not wanting to disappoint so early in the trip. To his surprise, Sam had more fun than expected. Dean was, of course, a great dancer and he went from partner to partner in his enthusiasm. Sam had almost as fun watching him as dancing with him when his brother inevitably returned to spin Sam around a few times.

Sam finally had to beg off, sweaty and needing a break. He grinned when Dean called him a wuss and headed back to the table. Ray was still at the table, but the others were also on the dance floor.

“Your guy’s a great dancer,” Ray observed.

Smiling, Sam nodded agreement and drank down the last of his third beer before reaching for the water. “Dean’s not happy unless he’s moving around. Add in music and pretty girls like tonight and he’s in heaven.”

“You know, I thought he was bi,” Ray commented. “It doesn’t bother you?”

“What, dancing with pretty girls?”


Sam grinned and shook his head. “Dean’s as faithful as they come. I’m not worried.”

“I would be.”

Following Ray’s gaze to wear Dean currently did some sensual, dirty dancing with a gorgeous blonde, Sam licked his lips. The way his brother moved was pure sin and he knew that girl would be weak-kneed by the end of the dance. Just as Sam would have been in her place. He briefly thought about a threesome, but dismissed it. Not on their first night, anyhow.

Sam half-heard Ray’s partner say, “Come on, babe, let’s turn in. Good night, Sam.”

“Night, Mike. Ray,” Sam replied, eyes still glued to his brother.

Dean’s gaze shifted right to him at that moment and Sam knew it was all a show. Dean was giving Sam a glimpse of what they would be doing as soon as they got back to the stateroom.

We are damn sure not sticking around for dessert, Sam thought, dick hard from that hot glance.

*  *  *  *

Sam felt the space between him and Dean like a living thing as they walked back to their rooms. Only separated by a few inches, he nonetheless kept the distance knowing that the second either of them touched, they’d wind up doing something in public they really shouldn’t. He was right on Dean the second they entered the room, though, kicking the door shut and shoving Dean against it, desperate for his brother’s mouth.

Dean gave it to him and then some, thrusting his tongue in Sam’s mouth and ripping open Sam’s shirt so that buttons flew everywhere. Sam groaned as Dean pinched one of his nipples almost viciously, twisting it and sending sparks of need through him. He shoved a leg between Dean’s, pinning the smaller man in place as he helped pull the shirt off his brother. Gaining access to the bare skin, Sam moved down, kissing and biting his way until he landed on his knees. His face pressed against Dean’s groin, covered by denim, and he sucked fiercely through the fabric, pulling a ragged moan from Dean.

He made short work of undoing the jeans and dragging them down. He grinned on seeing that Dean had gone commando and immediately sucked the tip of Dean’s cock into his mouth. He loved this, always had; having his brother’s dick in his mouth somehow completed him, just like having his cock in Dean’s ass and vice-versa. Fingers threaded into his hair, fists gripping painfully tight as Dean urged him silently all the way down. Sam went happily, sucking and licking on his brother’s dick until his nose reached Dean’s pubes.  

Dean cried out, hips jerking as Sam swallowed around him and stayed there. His fingers yanked at Sam’s hair, keeping him steady as Dean came down his throat. Sam didn’t taste hardly any of it and was again thankful he could hold his breath for quite a while. Finally, Dean moaned, an exhausted, almost broken sound, and went slack against the door. Sam pulled slowly off, sucking as he went, and caught Dean as his brother slid down to him.

Immediately kissing him, Dean licked at Sam’s mouth, their tongues playing together as Sam brought them flat on the floor. He vaguely felt the motion of the ship, now that they were prone and stationary on the carpet. It was a soothing movement and Sam smiled, breaking the kiss as he teased, “Just got my booty on this voyage.”

Dean groaned, poking him in the side as he retorted, “That’s terrible. And besides, you haven’t gotten anything yet.”

“I got plenty, believe me, Dean,” Sam promised, meeting his gaze in the shadowed cabin.

Looking away, Dean asked lightly, “How about we move this to the bed and you can get even luckier?”

Not letting his brother wiggle out of an emotional moment, Sam cupped his face with both hands and stated, “I love you, Dean. I couldn’t get any luckier.”

Dean swallowed visibly and whispered, “Same here, Sammy.”

Not taking offense at the lack of ‘love you’ in return, Sam smiled and brought Dean in for another heady kiss. It went on forever, wet and loving and teasing Sam with more to come. They rolled a few times until Sam was on top and he trapped Dean’s wrists above his head, grinning as he mused aloud, “What to do with my booty?”

“God, Sam, stop already,” Dean groaned. “Anything but the stupid puns.”

“Technically, it’s not a pun.”

Dean’s head thumped against the floor.

Snickering, Sam took pity on his brother and let go of his wrists, standing up so he could get out of his pants. Dean’s hungry attention was more than flattering, especially since it was still fairly dark in the cabin and he probably couldn’t see a whole lot.

“Stay there,” Dean ordered just as Sam was about to get back on the floor.

Sam did as he was told and stayed put. Dean levied himself onto his knees and his hands slid lightly up the back of Sam’s calves. The touch tickled and Sam shivered as it progressed up the back of his knees and then his thighs. Both hands stopped just below his ass, massaging gently into him. Sam’s breath caught as Dean leaned in, but didn’t actually touch his dick, which throbbed in anticipation.

“Smell good, Sammy,” Dean murmured, just loud enough to hear. “Think I need a little taste.”

Unlike Dean, Sam had nothing to lean on as his brother slowly went down on him. His hands curved around the back of Dean’s head, though he didn’t use any pressure. Dean wasn’t as into blowjobs as Sam was, something he respected by giving him the space to do it however he wanted. By the time Dean pulled off, Sam held onto his control by a thread, body tight and ready to give way.

Dean’s chuckle was pure wickedness as he said, “Yeah, that’s the look I was going for.”

Sam licked at dry lips and Dean practically launched himself at Sam. Fortunately, they landed on the sofa. Sam grunted under his brother’s weight, curving instinctively so vulnerable parts didn’t collide painfully. Dean laughed, a sound that Sam loved all more because he didn’t hear it a lot anymore.

“You’re such a wuss!” Dean crowed.

Grabbing him by the ass and pulling him in tight, Sam retorted, “You’re on top.”

“Damn skippy,” Dean agreed, grinning as he straddled Sam’s lap. “Now shut up and enjoy yourself.”

Sam opened his mouth, but lost the words when Dean simply took his cock in hand and squeezed, just shy of being painful.

Dean ordered, “You’re shutting up now.”

“I’m shutting up now,” Sam confirmed.

He sighed in pleasure as Dean’s grip loosened and then began stroking. Sam wanted to be inside Dean, but also didn’t want to stop what they were doing. His brother made the decision by leaning over him and pushing their dicks together in his hand. Sam groaned in pure need and thrust up against him. Hooking a leg over Dean’s hip, Sam slid his arms around his brother’s waist to grasp Dean’s ass in both hands, urging him to move faster.

Panting, his body very quickly spiraling out of control, Sam took Dean’s mouth with his own in a sloppy, hungry kiss that missed as often as not. Moments later, he stiffened against Dean, fingers digging into flesh as he came hard, spilling between them with a barely audible moan. Dean jerked against him a few more times and then came a second time, arching hard against Sam as he cried out noisily.

Dean collapsed on him and Sam had just enough energy to wrap his arms around his brother’s shoulders, holding him tight. Smiling to himself, Sam kissed Dean’s head and sighed deeply, relaxing into sleep.

He fully intended to make the rest of the trip just as memorable as that first night.