Title: College Conversations
Author: Cntrlphreak
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warning: incest


"Dean, are you even listening to me," implored Sam following his older brother out into the cool May night. They were on the roof top of their latest home, a five-story apartment building where they had been for the past two months.

"Yes, Sam, I heard every damned word you said," Dean growled a reply stalking out to the edge of the roof overlooking the run down park below. He could not look at his younger brother, he felt so betrayed.

"So?" Sam questioned, needing his brother's approval. Standing next to Dean he searched his big brother's face for some sort of reaction other than anger.

Dean let his head drop closing his eyes, what could he say? 'Shit Sam, why do you want to abandon your family? Don't you know we need you? I need you?' Sam had just graduated with top honors, despite their upbringing, last week and then in the middle of supper dropped the bomb about going off to college in the fall. 'Damn it, why could you not wait for Dad to come back? How am I supposed to deal with this?' It was not the fact that Sam wanted to go to college that hurt Dean, it was the fact that he applied to Stanford, got accepted with a full scholarship, and then waited four months to tell him, his own brother.

Dean glanced sideways at Sam starting, "Fuck Sam, you could have told me earlier. I mean, damn it..." then floundered, turning he walked back to the door leaving Sam staring after him.

When he had reached the door Sam grabbed his arm spinning him around slamming Dean up against the wall. He was angry and hurt at Dean's reaction. "Dean, you always told me that I could do anything I wanted, be anything I wanted. What are you saying now? Do you not want me to go?" his voice was pleading even though he tried to keep it strong.

"Sam, get off me," Dean angrily shoved back reversing their positions. Sam felt the rough stucco of the wall bite into his back. He tried to push his brother off but Dean was too strong, always has been. "I did mean what I said but Dad still needs our help. We are still hunting that demon," gruffly Dean answered, he had fire in his eyes, his body tense.

"Dean, I know that and I want to help, but what about after? What happens after we kill the demon? I just want to be prepared for the future like Dad always taught us," Sam argued his case, looking into those fiery eyes and giving back the earnest-puppy-dog-look that always swayed his older brother in the past. It was a low blow but he needed Dean to focus on what he was saying.

Sam's words struck a nerve with Dean making his anger fade. Loosening his grip on Sam's arms, he sagged against his brother and rested his head on the rough stucco by Sam's head. "I know Sam. I just ... " as he spoke, he turned, lips brushing Sam's ear, "I want you to be safe." He started to lick behind the ear, down that long neck.

"Dean," Sam whispered caught off guard but leaning into the sensations. He thrilled as Dean kissed his throat, up his chin, then softly feather a kiss onto his waiting mouth. Eagerly he drew Dean into a longer, deeper kiss; Sam could kiss Dean for hours and had. He felt his and his brother's erections grow.

Dean's hands were roaming Sam's body, reaching under his T-shirt lifting it up and off. Sam tried to do the same but Dean stopped him. Dean held Sam's arms still as he continued to cover his younger brother in kisses. He slowly moved down that long taunt body caressing each nipple with his tongue and teeth sending delight up and down Sam.

Sam moaned and hissed, making all the sounds that Dean would have paid good money to hear. Dean continued his downward trek stopping only long enough to undo Sam's jeans and force them down to his ankles. Sam had years ago given up on underwear allowing for easier access. Pinning his brother's arms back against the wall by the wrists, Dean carefully licked Sam's balls; hearing the sharp intake of breath, a near cry of pain made Dean smile. Carefully taking one then the other into his mouth, he sucked each in turn.

Sam could barely see, not only was it dark but his brother was driving him insane. Dean did it on purpose, especially after he found out Sam's weak spots. He felt Dean bite the base of his hard dick then slowly lick up the shaft. Only when he was begging incoherently would Dean then take it into his mouth and the true torture began. Dean suckled the head sliding Sam's erection halfway in the pulling back using his teeth. Sam tried to thrust but was deterred, frustration was quickly taking control. Over and over, Dean worked Sam letting a little more in until he had it all. Sam did not know how he did that though Dean tried to explain about gag reflexes and such, but for once something did not click inside his brain. Right now Sam did not care.

Dean move expertly up and down, using his tongue and teeth to their full advantage coaxing his younger brother toward pure bliss. He hummed his favorite tunes adding to the experience, tonight it was "Back in Black." It was an accident the first time but what it did to Sam was phenomenal. If Dean could bottle that he would be a rich man.

Dean brought Sam to the brink several times pulling back in time, drawing it out as long as possible. When he felt Sam's legs start to give that is was his signal to finish him. Quickening his pace, Dean felt the orgasm start then heard it as Sam made that noise he almost made him come in his jeans. In fact the first time he heard that he did, it was embarrassing. He swallowed then sucked him dry, cleaning around Sam's balls where some cum had leaked. This caused Sam to cry out in pain several times, he was over stimulated and everything was sensitive. "Don't, please," Sam whimpered, continuing with those sounds as Dean stood and pressed his body against Sam's.

"If you don't be quiet, you'll wake the neighbors," Dean whispered into Sam's ear. He kissed Sam letting him taste his own cum.

"Jerk," Sam breathed, resting his head on Dean's shoulder. His body started to shiver in the chilly air. "Shit, it's cold out here," he complained.

"Quit being such a bitch. Pull up you pants and let's finish supper, I am ready for the next course," Dean teased releasing his younger brother, stepping away. He watched as Sam pulled up his jeans then tug on his shirt. Nothing had changed, Sam was still leaving but at least Dean could think. 'Nothing like sucking off your brother to clear your thoughts,' Dean laughed at himself, actually all he could think of was how bad he ached. First and foremost because Sam was leaving him and would be gone for four years and second, he still had one hell of an erection. If he did not get some relief soon he just knew it would brake. 'Maybe ... no, we have got to talk about his plans,' Dean put his needs on hold until they could sort this mess out. 'Dad's going to be pissed,' lost in his thoughts Dean did not see Sam sneak up behind him and snake a hand down his pants, he too abandoned underwear. "Sam what are you doing?" he questioned his younger brother who had a hold of his throbbing dick and was kissing his neck.

"Well I thought I would return the favor seeing how you can barely walk," came the laughing reply as he quickly undid Dean's jeans. Sam started to stroke his older brother, watching Dean close his eyes at his touch as he lean back against him. The first time he did this for him, Dean was recovering from two broken arms and was in the same predicament he was in now, only then he could not do anything about it. Sam had just returned home from school to find Dean nearly in tears, which was scary enough as it was. It had taken nearly a half hour to find out what the problem was: Dean had an erection for over an hour and he could not make it go away no matter what he thought or did, which was not much. This had embarrassed Dean to humiliation, but when Sam offered Dean accepted. Sam had been 15 and it was his first sexual experience that did not involve one of Dean's magazines. It was awkward and clumsy, he was used to doing it on his own self only, but they finished with minimal damage and a huge relief to Dean. Sam had perfected his technique over the years so that Dean was drawn out slowly then brought to climax with expertise and efficiency.

Wiping his hand on his t-shirt Sam walked to the door saying, "Come on Dean, I'm starving."