Title: Code
By: Ivy
Pairing(s): Sam/Dean
Rating: nothing graphic, simple fun.
Warning(s): wincest
Summary: response to "possesive and Jealousy" challenge at snslashnotebook.
Authors Note: Just a little something I whipped up because this idea was at the tip of my fingers and in need to come out. i'm going to write another one soon, longer and not so chopped up.


There are days when Sam can't grasp Dean's grins. They seem to stretch to the ends of the earth and leave trails of encrypted codes on Dean's lips.

Sam wants to understand them.
Sam kisses Dean to figure him out.

The times that Dean stands between Sam and a demon are countless and effortless.
It's second nature to Dean.
That's what he's there for.

When Dean and Jess had a silent stare off over Sam in the kitchen, Sam wrapped his arms around Jess's small waist and looked at his brother with defiance. Jess was his. His way to normalcy. Dean wasn't going to take that away from him.

Jess burns on the ceiling.
Sam loses the will to mark anything off as his.

Chris is tall and dark and handsome and hitting on Dean like there was no tomorrow. Sam watches from over the top of his beer bottle as Dean gets over two hundred dollars from Chris's bulging wallet.

Sam highly doubts that the wallet was the only thing that was bulging in Chris's pants.

Sam's eyes narrow and he swings his legs till they hit the floor and bring him to a standing position.

Chris is grinning closely to Dean, chests touching and Dean's grin is there again. Seductive this time, it's limited and there is no code. Dean catches Sam's eye and raises an eyebrow in playfulness.

Before Dean could respond with anything, his chest loses contact with the heat from Chris and Dean's being pulled out of the bar by long legs and dark eyes. The two hundred dollars sit victoriously in the back of his pants and Dean places a hand there to keep the money from falling out as Sam drags him to the car.

Sam spins around to face Dean so fast that the gravel stones grind and crunch harshly and jumps out of his heavy footed way.

"What?" Dean takes his stance and gets ready for a face off.

"You already had the money, why didn't you just leave after that?" Sam points out with a gesture of his arm.

"Cause he was nice," Dean throws a playful smile in Sam's face and Sam has to swat it away with parts of his brain.

"He was all over you," Sam declared and eyes with a skeptical face at Dean's grin.

"Are you jealous?" Dean teased and takes a step towards Sam who takes a step back. Oh boy, Sam was losing already.

"Are you?" Dean continues playfully, "you were jealous!"

Sam doesn't answer, looks to the ground and Dean shrugs, wipes the grin off his face and pulls out the money from the back of his pocket.

"Endpoint: money's mine," Dean concludes and moves to get into the car.

More gravel crunches and flies out from Sam's feet and in seconds, Dean's against the car and Sam's arm's around his waist, chest against chest.

"Money might be yours," Sam stares at Dean in defiance again, "but you're mine."

Dean gives another encrypted grin and Sam kisses him to figure Dean out.
He doesn't hear, "dude I was going to split the money with you."