Title: Celebrate
Author: Watson
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This story was written for the enjoyment of its readers and its writer, no monetary profit was made in writing this story.
Summary: Sam celebrates Christmas at college.


During his freshman year of college Sam didn't get to have fun. He didn't have time to. His scholarship covered his tuition and his meal plan but other expenses were still looming over Sam's head. He somehow managed to keep two jobs and go to class while trying to take care of himself in between. He didn't have time to be sick, nor did he have time to be tired. He just had to keep focused and try to make sure that he didn't fall asleep in class.

Months passed by quickly and Sam didn't even realize that winter had rolled around until one day he was walking home through knee deep snow. Suddenly everyone had disappeared for winter break and both of Sam's jobs gave him the entire week off. Celebration was all around him but all Sam wanted to do was sleep until the world began again. He collapsed on his bed and instantly dropped into a deep sleep from which he hoped that he never wake. But then, after how long he couldn't tell, there was a knock at the door. Sam grudgingly lifted himself from his bed and opened the door. He must have looked terrible. He hadn't even attempted to remove his coat before he collapsed. His hair was all pushed up into a rats nest on one side of his head and his face felt fuzzy.

The delivery man winced as he looked into Sam's face. Thankfully he didn't expect a tip because Sam was in no mood to give one. He just gave Sam the package and wished the tired man a happy holiday.

Sam grumbled an answer and then slammed the door. It would be a while before he actually opened the package. It was an envelope with a hundred dollar bill and a bag of M&Ms. There was also a note that read- Don't work so hard. Merry Christmas Sammy. From Dean.

P.S. Please undress and open the shades and then it will be a Merry Christmas for me...