Title: Blackout
Author: Cntrlphreak
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warning: incest


Sam gripped the sheets nearly yanking them off the bed. With a sharp intake of breath he gasped, "Dean!"

"Mmhhff?" was the muffled reply as Dean continued to hum a Metallica tune that Sam could not place at the moment.

Without thinking, Sam grabbed his older brother by the shoulders and asked, "What are you doing?" his voice was squeaky, nearly making Dean laugh.

Dean shrugged off Sam's hands leaning back on his heals ceasing his activity. Looking up at his younger brother he demanded, "Dude, what did I tell you?" the look he gave Sam said 'pissed.' He crossed his arms over his bare chest finishing, "You know the rules." He was not going to let the sixteen year old off easy, Dean fully expected him to remember and honor them.

A hot, lazy breeze drifted in the open window while Sam sat wide-eyed on the bed staring at his older brother. He was trembling and his breath, which was coming in heavy pants, caught in his throat. 'Shit, I forgot,' his thoughts raced through his mind as he tried to compose himself. Sweat trickled down his face, chest, and back marking the seconds that ticked by. "Dean," he tried to calm his voice, "I didn't mean to... it's just..." his words trailed off at the stern look on his older brother's face. Reprimanded Sam closed his eyes and dropped his head to his bare chest. He felt the bed jostle as Dean got up, he wanted to stop him but that would just piss his big brother off more.

Dean walked over to the open window and leaned out, trying to catch a cool breeze. "Damn it's hot," he said propping himself on his elbows looking out at the setting sun. He turned his head to see Sam attempting to get comfortable on the bed. It was the dog days of summer and they were in the middle of one of the longest blackouts yet, four hours and counting. They were both slick with sweat and Dean's jeans were stuck to him. Looking back out the window, he smiled, reveling in Sam's torment. He had to be taught a lesson.

"Dean," Sam struggled with the name, almost pleading.

"Dad's coming home tomorrow," Dean said idly, gazing out at the early evening, though the sun was setting the heat was still oppressive. Wiping the sweat from his eyes and the smile from his lips, Dean went over to the bed and sat down next to Sam. He grinned when he heard Sam grunt with discomfort.

"You know the rules, Sam," Dean reminded placing his hand on Sam's shoulder. He let go and sat back to look at his distraught brother and waited.

"Dean, I..." Sam started, he hated this. It was not his fault and the rules were stupid anyway. It was Dean, he did that 'thing' and it drove him to distraction, making him forget. "It was not my fault... Metallica... that ..." Sam tried to defend himself but was failing miserably by the look on Dean's face. It did not help that all he could think of had nothing to do with the anger he felt. The waiting and the late July heat were getting to him, since Dean was not going to let this go he wilted and flopped down onto his back. Staring at the ceiling he recited, "Rule number one, Do not talk. Rule number two, Do not touch. Rule number three, Remember all the rules," his voice was as limp as he was. He had resigned himself to the fact that Dean was not going to finish what he started. "We have to get this place cleaned up and go shopping before Dad's gets back tomorrow," Sam said closing his eyes, "This damned blackout better be over soon or I am going to be thoroughly baked."

Dean looked down at his younger brother and try as he might, he gave in. He was going make this lesson one that Sam would remember, but the total deflated look his younger brother was emoting damaged his resolve. 'Damn it, he does this every time,' Dean sighed leaning down to ghost his lips over Sam's murmuring, "No, you're not," drawing him into a long, wet kiss. When Sam responded he trailed kisses down his brother's chest stopping briefly at each nipple. Continuing Dean lingered just below Sam's abs, carefully licking the sensitive skin. He heard the sharp intake of breath signaling he had found the right spot. He was treated to the wonderful sounds of Sam writhing in almost agony from the over stimulated area. He felt Sam clutch at the bed sheets once again in a effort to stem the natural instinct to grab Dean. Slowly he worked his way to Sam's right inner thigh. Here he left a row of bites, again getting an ear full of sighs, moans, and something akin to a giggle.

Sam felt Dean tongue lick his hard erection, then teeth nibbling the head. This sent elecetric shocks up and down his body. His scalp tingled and the soles of his feet started to burn when Dean slid his mouth over Sam's throbbing dick. Sam could feel the hot mouth slowly inch its way down, the tongue playing, sending sweet jolts through him. He thrilled as Dean's lips touched the base, taken all in. When Dean started to move up and down, the slick friction coupled with the hard teeth created wave upon wave of pleasure.

Dean remembered what had caused him to stop and started to hum again, picking up where he had left off. "Enter Sandman" had never sounded sweeter in his ears as Sam joined in with the noises and struggles to comply with the rules. He did not know why he hummed, gotten distracted, into the moment, and he just did it. Plus these things needed music and since they were in a blackout and no batteries, the radio was a no go. In his mind one pleasurable experience should be couple with another, what was the saying? "Sex, drugs, and Rock 'n Roll." Well the sex they were doing, the only drugs they had (and ever would have) was the last of a six pack they had to drink because the blackout, so he had to make the Rock 'n Roll. Dean rounded it all out and from the noises and motions Sam was making it was not a bad thing.

When he cared to concentrate, Sam realized Dean was humming and at that moment he loved Metallica. Within minutes, Sam was frantic, he was close. It was almost too much, too much sensation, too good, too painful. He wanted to come but he did not want it to end. 'If I could just have Dean's mouth attached there all the time,' he thought as he pulled the sheets off the mattress this time, moaning.

Sam's sex noises were going straight to Dean's groin and if they did not stop he was going to come in his jeans. He had an idea though, carefully as he could without breaking rhythm or tune, he unzipped and pulled himself out. Taking hold he stroked himself matching the cadence with his mouth and continued his humming suck, adding a moan or two of his own.

Sam could hardly think, he loved what was happening but needed release. When he could not hold out any longer he sat up looking at the top of Dean's head moving up and down. That was it, all thoughts fled as the tension broke and he shot cum into his brother's mouth, screaming his relief and pleasure falling back down on the bed. The incoherent scream melted into a deep throated laughter then dissolved into halting sighs intermixed with 'ahs' and 'ohs'.

The sounds coming from his brother had Dean joining in, ejaculating into his hand though he could not scream his relief because his mouth filled so he had to swallow or drown. 'That would be embarrassing, to drown on your brother's cum,' Dean nearly laughed at that thought then sucked Sam until he had gotten every drop. When Sam was dry and convulsing on the bed Dean leaned back and watched as his younger brother twitch and grunt, lost in the after effects of his orgasm. Letting out a sigh he licked his fingers then wiped up his hand and dick with Sam's discarded t-shirt. With a groan he stood just long enough to maneuver himself onto the bed next to Sam. With an evil grin he reached over and fondled Sam's balls. Sam let out a high pitched squeak as he struggled to get away. Dean knew his brother was overstimulated and that every touch hurt, but what could he do? Give up the chance to torment?

Sam flinched and attempted to move away from that evil thing torturing him. He was riding the residual waves of pure bliss intertwined with the pain he now felt at each touch, but it had been worth it. He felt Dean roll over then kiss him. Within that kiss Sam could taste his own cum in Dean's mouth with something else, then he knew. Sam reached down and felt Dean's limp dick in his open jeans to confirm. "What can I say," Dean replied to the unasked question, "The things you do to me," his grin said it all.