Title: Begging Forgivness
Author: Barbed_Edge
Rating: Hard R, language, sexual content, spoilers Route 666
Pairing: Sam/Dean: Wincest sorta?!
Summary: Dean's mad Sam uses an unusual method to find out why.
AN: Ahh, Yes it was Beta'd But i'm not sure if the source caught it all...so please excuse the errors if there is any...
Disclaimer: Alas, these beauties aren't mine, if they were *thinks evil thoughts* we'd have more slashyness in the show...


Dean grips the steering wheel tighter, 'he didn't even think about it. What if he was wrong?' Tears fill Dean's eyes but don't spill over. 'What if I would have died.' Dean shakes his head and presses his foot down on the gas peddle, 'I'm going to kill him.' Sam shivers and pulls his jacket tighter, blowing a strand of hair out of his eyes he waits for Dean. Dean doesn't even look at him just steps on the gas soon as his door closes. "Dean?" Dean glares at Sam and turns the radio up, Sam sighs and tries to figure out what the hell he did this time.

Three day later Dean still hasn't said anything beyond 'Are you hungry?' and Sam can't help but be worried. Dean steps out of the bathroom and glares at Sam for the seven millionth time today. "OK THAT'S IT." Dean stops digging through his bag and looks up at Sam, "WHAT!" Sam frowns and stands up walking over to Dean, "You've been avoiding me for, well since the truck, what's on your mind?" Dean rolls his eyes and drops the towel, sliding into a fresh pair of boxers. "Nothing."

Pushing past Sam, Dean slides into bed, "Dude come on Dean." Dean just rolls his eyes and turns off the light. Sam growls and stalks over to the bed, turning on the light Sam glares at Dean. "Now Dean spill it. I'm drawing a big blank here. Is it Cassy? Did I do something wrong?" Dean groans and throws his arm over his eyes. "No and NO!" Sam sits down on the edge of the bed, "Please." Dean jerks up, "What?" "Please tell me Dean. I'm not above begging here man."

"Then beg." Sam laughs and pushes Dean, who grabs his arms and pushes him away. "Ok, Please with sugar and whip cream on top." Dean laughs and closes his eyes. "Good night Sam." Sam groans "Come on Dean." Dean whines and grabs Sam's arm. "Would you just leave it!" "No I won't just leave it. Tell me." Dean sighs loudly and sits up, leaning down he levels his gaze with Sam's. "What would you have done if your plan back there hadn't worked?" Sam looks at Dean puzzled, "What are you talking bout?" Dean's eyes fill with tears. "The plan with the psycho truck and the church." "Oh that, It did."

"I know that now Sam, but what if it hadn't." Sam smiles sadly and leans up placing his forehead against Deans. "It did work, you just have to trust me sometimes." Dean frowns and recoils, "I trust you Sam, I trust you about as far as I can throw you right now. You put my life in jeopardy on a hunch. How much do you expect me to trust you right now?" Sam knew it was a rhetorical question but answered anyway. "Dean that hurts." Dean frowns and laughs sadistically, "Yeah well knowing you didn't even factor into the plan that I might have died had your plan not worked, hurts me to."

Dean wipes his eyes and glares at Sam. "D-Dean I'm sorry." Dean shivers and looks at Sam, "Well then make it up to me." Sam looks at Dean puzzled and goes to ask what Dean means, but his world is suddenly blank. Dean's lips are on his hot and hard, his hands roaming all over Sam's body. Sam jerks back and pants wildly. "Dean w-what are yo-" Dean cuts off his sentence forcing his lips on Sam's, his hands jerking at Sam's boxers tearing the fabric. Sam yelps and stop struggling, Dean sighs and pulls back, "I'm sorry Sam." Sam smirks and press Dean back onto the bed, straddling his hips.

"Is this what you want Dean?" Sam grinds his hips roughly against Deans, Dean growls and grabs Sam's hips. "God YES!" Sam pants and pulls down Dean's boxers, throwing them across the room, his mouth is on Dean, warm and wet and Dean cries out in pure pleasure. "Holy Fuck SAM!" Sam smirks around Dean's hard cock, and laps at the fluid on its tip. Dean buries his hands in Sam's hair, "Oh yes Sam, h-harder." Sam complies and sucks harder bobbing his head faster. His hand comes up to massage Dean's balls, and Dean arches up, "S-Sam I-I'm gonna..." The rest of his sentence is lost in a silent scream, Sam swallow and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Better." Dean pants and pulls Sam up for a kiss, "Never better." Sam laughs and kiss Dean's cheek. "Yeah who knew the way to-- You don't want to finish that." Sam giggles and nods his head. "Its ok I really didn't know how to finish the sentence." Dean looks at him skeptically and laughs. "Yeah sure you don't, but I have better way for you to say your sorry." "Oh really and what would that be?" Dean leans in and whispers in Sam's ear, Sam's face turns bright red and he coughs, "Oh Yeah well that could be arranged. Yet, I thought I already said I was sorry; I guess this is the begging part."

Dean laughs and turns off the light, his lips joining with Sam's.