Title: Aftertaste
By: white rabbit
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: R
Warnings: Incest, kink, drabble
Summary: Sam takes everything. All of him. Always has.


Back slammed against the bedroom door, Dean curls an arm around the back of Sam's neck, snatches a fist-full of chestnut hair in calloused fingers, smashes their jaws together.

Teeth crash against teeth, snap/nip/bite, sink into Dean's lower lip. Restless abandon so vicious it burns. And he's snarling and there's breaking/tearing, and blood in his mouth, a coppery coating, thick/strong/overwhelming and - arghfuckSamyousonofabitch - another tongue invading his own, twisting/mauling, stealing into him like a thief.

Sam takes everything. All of him. Always has.

Leaves nothing behind but that rustic aftertaste of what was and never is.