Title: CSI Heaven The Beginning

Author: Wgang16
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Gil/Nick
Disclaimer: CSI does not belong to me. Unfortunately that means Gil and Nick do not belong to me.
Authors notes: This is my first story in the BDSM category. Feedback welcome, but be gentle. If I have used the wrong terms please let me know. Thanks
Rating:NC-17 for m/m sex, bondage, language, some mild pain/pleasure play.  
Summary: Gil and Nick meet at Lady Heather's and due to the Lady's efforts they find that they have a lot in common, in more ways than just at work. This will be a continuing storyline not only at Lady Heather's, also in the workplace.


Gil Grissom breathed a sigh of relief as he left the offices of the Las Vegas CSI unit. He thought this week was one of the longest he had endured in a long time. There had been four murders, and two rapes. Now, finally he could leave and unwind.

Driving down the street, Gil was so glad that during a case he had met Lady Heather. Lady Heather ran a house of sexual delights for the person that liked a little kink, or just wanted to spice up their love life.

The head of CSI had been frequenting the establishment for several months. He had been able to indulge in activities he had left behind in his early days on the police force.

Gil had forgotten how much he liked to be in control of himself and another person. It was such a high to bring his partner sexual satisfaction using a combination of pain and pleasure. He seldom mounted his submissive partner. The similarity of the ones he did seek to have sex with did not go unnoticed by him. Without exception every single one was male, in their late twenties or early thirties, great body, dark hair and eyes.

Gil Grissom was not a man who lied to himself he knew why he sought out the same type of man. He was in love with Nick Stokes, his subordinate, his friend and someone who was definitely into women.

Grissom was not exactly sure when he realized that his feelings for the young man had changed. He figured that his feelings had been evolving over the years. From the very beginning he had felt drawn to the younger man, but it took Nigel Crane's obsession with the young CSI to force Gil to analyze his own feelings. Nick had been so upset with Cranes obsession that he had moved to another condo and become a little introverted at work. Oh, he was still the same efficient, pleasant man to work with, but he did not go out with the crowd after work like he used to. He had moved to the new condo, a week after Crane's break in and assault. The new condo was only a couple of blocks from Grissoms. Gil was glad because he figured if Nick ever needed him he would be close by.

Lady Heather had figured out how Gil felt about Nick when she saw them work together. Lady Heather and Gil had many discussions about the lifestyle and Gil had confessed that he used to be in BDSM. When she had brought up the subject of Nick, he admitted he loved the younger man. Taking her advice he got back into the lifestyle during his time off. It definitely helped relieve his stress and at the same time he was able to pleasure another human being. The only advice he did not take from the lovely woman was when she told him to tell Nicky how he felt. Gil was not about to take a chance on losing the young mans friendship and making Nick feel that someone else was watching him.

Glancing at his watch Gil saw he would be at Lady Heather's in about fifteen minutes. He was off the next two days and had decided to spend a lot of that time at Lady Heather's. Nick and Sara also had time off. Gil wondered whom Nick was going to spend the time with. He had asked his two friends what they were going to do. Sara was going to visit her family. Nick said he was going to unwind and try to relieve his stress. Gil figured that meant he had a date with some hot lady.

Sighing deeply, Gil decided he should just be glad Nick had survived Crane. Nick was safe and at least Gil worked around him where he could keep a subtle eye on the young man. Stepping on the accelerator Gil hurried to get to his destination.

Nick Stokes stood in front of Lady Heather looking like a shy, sweet schoolboy, barely old enough to shave. Lady Heather knew better, Nick might look like a schoolboy, but he knew what he wanted even if he was shy. Nick sat in a chair with Lady Heather standing next to him. Through his long eyelashes Nick was trying to gauge the womans mood.

Nick had been coming to Lady Heather for a couple of months. The lady had understood the stress he had been under and the fear of letting someone get close to him. Nick had played around in college with bondage and a little light BDSM. His roommate, Steve Kemper had the same tastes so they used to play around with each other. Nick had always been attracted to both sexes. He had plenty of women to give him sexual relief, but he had never allowed another man to top him. Steve had loved to be topped, so Nick had obliged. That level of trust was enormous and though Nick was thankful that Steve trusted him to be careful, Nick just could not return the favor. That lack of trust was what ended the relationship. Since then Nick had stuck with women and the occasional scene at places like Lady Heather's. Nick at heart had always been a submissive. He liked being the submissive, but still did not allow a man to fuck him. Nick was very up front with the men and they did not try to force the young man to give more than he was able to.

Tonight all that was to change. Nick had decided it was time he took the plunge so to speak. He had just finished telling Lady Heather that he wanted her to supply a man who would top him, give him the pain and pleasure he needed, and be willing to be the first man to take him. The man would have to be careful and he knew Lady Heather would provide such a man.

"Okay, Nick I can supply the perfect man for you. Are you sure that you are ready?" Lady Heather asked staring intently at the young gorgeous man in front of her.

"Yeah, I'm ready. I think it's time for me to take the next step. I've been wanting this for awhile, but was to afraid, then Nigel Crane came along and I was afraid to trust anyone."

"Except Gil Grissom, you said that you had always trusted Gil. Is that right?"

"I took one look at Gil and knew he could be trusted. I told you how I feel about him. Sometimes its just pure torture to work along side him. There are times when he gets that real intense look on his face and I just want to throw him to the ground and beg him to fuck me. Can't you just see the look on his face if I did that. He'd probable code out on me.' Nick laughed just picturing the scene he had just described.

"You might be surprised, Nicky. Gil just might be what you're looking for."

"I don't think so. I really don't think Gil has a life outside of CSI. If he does have sex then it's probably the vanilla kind. You know he does it only with women and in the missionary position only."

Laughing, Lady Heather shook her head. Thinking to herself ^ Tonight is the night that I finally bring these two men together. They are definitely perfect for each other. I'll just set it up and get them in the same room and lock the door. With the combination of erotic equipment, the mens temperaments and the way they will look, nature will defiantly take its course.^

Stroking through Nick hair she put her hand under his chin. Pulling gently she raised his head.

"If you're sure, Nicky then I have the perfect person for you. He will be real gentle with you, yet give you the endorphin high that you need to fly. Go on upstairs and get ready. I think the black silk would be great for you to wear, no undergarments and barefoot. Go to the white room, I think you need to start out slow since you plan on as they say going all the way." Lady Heather smiled gently as Nick got up and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

As the young man hurried up the stairs she could not help but admire the tight ass encased in jeans. She knew what Nick looked like in a gypsy black silk shirt and black silk slacks that looked like they were poured on the young CSI. She had seen a lot of erotic things, but that young body in black silk with no underwear made her heart beat faster. Gil was in for big shock. When Gil walked into the white room and Nicky, the man he loved was standing there in black silk Gil just might pass out.

Gil Grissom was about to get his hearts desire. She just had to continue laying the groundwork.

Hearing a door open behind her, Lady Heather turned around. There stood Gil Grissom the second half of her project for the night. Now she needed to get Gil ready.

Walking towards the head of CSI, Lady Heather smiled.

"Gil, I'm so glad you could show up. I'm even happier that you will be here for a couple of days. I have the perfect room for you. We call it the white room. The carpet and walls are white. The ceiling is light blue with white clouds giving people the feeling of being outside. The equipment is white leather and stainless steel. Even the whips are white leather. We have found that with everything in the room white it increases the sensations of the dominant and the submissive. There are no colors to distract anyone. The white room is for overnight guests. Attached to the white room is a suite with a bedroom, bath, Jacuzzi, sitting room and small kitchen with wet bar. You don't have to leave the suite for the next two days if you don't want to. Sound good."

Lady Heather watched carefully as Grissom began to look excited about his evening. Glancing down she noticed that the older man already was getting hard just thinking about the scenes he would have later.

Gil was excited "Sounds great, Lady Heather. Who is the guy or shouldn't I ask? What happens if we don't click with each other?

"I think you'll click just fine. I know your preferences. He is tall, dark, handsome, great body and ass and just a touch on the shy side. I think he will please you and you will please him. The young man needs this. He needs to feel secure and safe so he can just let go. He hasn't let go in awhile because he does have trust issues. Just an FYI, while he has been a submissive for awhile he has never allowed a man to penetrate him. He seems to love everything else except blindfolds, and has decided that tonight he wants to be possessed completely. I thought of you. I told him that I had someone who would be gentle and take good care of him. I told him that you could send him on a high he has never achieved before. You don't need to wear a mask and hide your identity. He is very discreet and is also in a very respected job. How does he sound?"

"Sounds great. I'll make it good for him. I won't do anything he doesn't want and if he decides that he can't handle penetration then we won't do it. I'm not a kid that can't handle their hormones."

"I knew you would agree. He is already getting ready and should be waiting for you. Personally, Gil I think you would look good in the black leather pants and the blood red leather shirt. I know that your submissive loves leather. I'll take you to the suite and you can get into the white room that way."

Lady Heather led the way up the staircase. Pausing by a heavy wood door she unlocked it, ushering Gil into the room. As Gil looked back at her, Lady Heather blew him a kiss shutting the door and locking it.

Striding into the room, Gil glanced around. The suite was done in Hunter Green, ivory and deep mauve. The furniture was leather and the tables were in gold and glass. There was a big fireplace in front of the sofa. The wet bar was fully stocked. Walking through to the bedroom he found the same color combination with the exception of the black fur rug spread out in front of a massive fireplace that took up one whole wall. There was a balcony off the bedroom. Briefly walking outside, Gil took a deep breath of the crisp October air. The balcony was secluded. The suite was on the third floor and the balcony overlooked the vast gardens. Trees and vines hugged the sides of the balcony making a quiet, dark oasis of peace. The moon was full and there was no one in the gardens. It was a chilly morning so most people liked to stay where it was warm. Gil just happened to like the cool weather. If he was lucky, his partner did to. Gil had plenty of ideas now that he had seen the balcony. Just envisioning the man handcuffed to the railing, Gil behind the younger man holding him steady on Gils broad chest sliding into that tight warm channel was enough to make Gil moan. His vision became clearer as he saw himself pull and twist the already sensitive nipples as he plunged deeper into the heat of his lover. He saw himself bending the man over the railing and sending his cock so deep he thought he could feel the mans heart beating on the tip of his shaft. Gil leaned over the man who was now moaning and thrusting back. Putting his weight on the mans back he bit down on the tempting neck in front of him, Gil sent his seed deep into the body of his new lover. As Gil crashed to reality he saw that the man in his vision was Nick. Gil also realized that like a horny teenager he had cum in his pants.

Outloud he mumbled "Great, I'm acting like a horny kid who can't control it. I think of Nick and that's all it takes. Get a grip Gil can't go meet your new sub with cum all over you, time for a quick shower and a change. Let him wait for a few minutes, he needs to know from the beginning that I'm in charge."

Shaking his head, Gil murmured "Now I'm talking to myself. Next I'll be dreaming Nick is waiting in the room next door."

Twenty minutes later Gil emerged from the bedroom. After looking in the mirror he knew he looked pretty damn good.

The blood red leather shirt and black leather pants clung like a second skin. He had put on the black leather boots that came up to his knees, tucking in the slacks. The black leather gloves completed the ensemble.

Taking a deep breath Gil Grissom crossed the room and opened the door. Taking a step he entered the white room and shut the door behind him. He whirled around when he heard a very familiar voice gasp behind him.

"Gil, Oh Shit"

Grissom saw the dark eyes widen in shock, and then he saw a spark of fear cross his young friends face. Realizing that he needed to move fast or the situation was going to get out of control fast.

"Nicky, calm down. Its okay. You have no idea how much I've wanted to be with you. When Lady Heather said that my new partner was perfect for me, she was right. Seeing you here is like having all my wildest dreams come true"

Gil watched as his voice and words washed over Nick like molten lava. Gil had been a dom long enough to know how to modulate his voice and use words to arouse his chosen partner. Unfortunately, Gil forgot Nick was made of sterner stuff and was still trying to understand how his boss was in this house, this room with him. However, if the bulge in Nick's pants was any indication his skittish friend was not as immune as he would like to pretend.

Swallowing Nick inched slowly toward the door. He would have to brush past Gil to get out of the room. The young CSI knew there was a catch in this whole scenario. Nick had never been lucky enough to get his hearts desire why should his luck change now.

"Gil, I'.ah don't know what Lady Heather told you, but you don't have to do anything just because you feel you need to help me with my'.um..well my problem letting people get close to me. I'ah'I guess she told you that I loved you, but..I'you don't have to worry that it will interfere with the job."

So saying Nick was even with Gil and reaching for the doorknob.

Suddenly a black leather clad arm was in front of his face.

Nick looked up as Gil rested his hand on the wall. Turning toward Nick slightly, Gil forced the young man to back into the wall. Gil placed his other hand on the wall next to the dark head.

Bending down, Gil whispered directly into his soon be lovers ear.

"I'm glad you love me Nicky because I love you. I have for a long time. From this day forward you belong to me. I am a very possessive and jealous lover. I don't share. I keep what belongs to me and when I walked in that door you belonged to me."

Smiling to himself, Gil watched as Nick began to breathe a little faster.

Deciding to up the stakes, Gil leaned down and began to nibble on that oh so tempting ear.

Nick moaned as he raised his hands and put them on Gil waist. He arched his neck and was rewarded when Gil began to suck and kiss the skin being bared for him.

Gil buried one hand in the dark hair as he held Nick in place. The older man finally reached his prize. Gently he placed his mouth over the soft lips of his partner. Feeling his tongue slip inside the hot mouth, Gil increased the intensity of the kiss.

Reaching around the hard slim body encased in black silk, Gil placed his hand on that tight hard ass that he had watched for so long.

Yanking Nick closer, Gil began to knead the hard ass.

Keeping his hand in the dark hair, Gil broke off the kiss and pulled the dark head back, leaving Nick vulnerable to the kisses and love bites that Gil left on his neck.

Tugging a little harder Gil waited until Nick's body was arching back. Gil released the ass he was so enjoying and placed his hand on Nicks lower back, giving the young man some needed support.

Gil enjoyed the feel of Nick's crotch tucked tightly into his. Nicks eyes were closed and he was panting at the sensations he was feeling he was experiencing.

"You taste good, Nicky, but you know me my curiosity is insatiable. I wonder what you taste like through silk?" Gil all but growled.

The older man watched in satisfaction as Nick's eyes flew open. Pulling Nick even closer Gil lowered is head and began to suck at the taut nipples under the black silk shirt.

"Oh God, Gil. Please suck harder'.ah'damn I think you're going to kill me."

Giving the nipple he was sucking on a quick sharp bite. Gil smiled as Nick yelped and jerked.

"Not kill you Nicky just make you feel more than you've ever felt before."

Gil shifted his hand out of Nick's hair and put it around Nick's upper back. He began to suck and bite the other nipple. As Nick began to moan and thrust his hips up, Gil let go of the young mans lower back.

Reaching between them he left the top button on the silk pants buttoned but undid the other buttons. This way the pants stayed on the slim hips.

Lady Heather did not believe in zippers. She said that they hampered the action and could get caught in sensitive skin. Lady Heather made sure the clothes she provided to her clients did not have zippers and the pants were elastic waistband only. Gil was certainly glad this was her policy as he pulled Nicks long, hard yet silky soft cock through the slit of the silk pants.

Gil released the now throbbing nipple and transferred his attention to the snaps on the shirt.

Stroking the cock in his hands, Gil could feel wetness begin to form on the jewel in his hand.

Deftly Gil released the snaps on the shirt until it was just hanging on the young mans shoulders. This left Nick's stomach, chest and abdomen naked.

Never releasing his hold or strokes on Nick cock, Gil took a step back from his lover.

Gil thought he had never seen a more erotic sight. Nick was leaning against the wall, his hands hanging down at his side, palms against the wall. His head was arched back as low pants came out of his slightly open mouth. The dark eyes were shut and the long, dark eyelashes made half moons on the slightly flushed cheeks.

Sweat glistened on the smooth chest little beads of moisture running down the chest over the muscular abdomen.

Nicks nipples were standing at attention, damp and red from the attention Gil had given them.

Glancing down Gil noticed that Nick was trying to thrust against the hand that was pumping him. Gil knew that this was going to be a long session and he wanted to take the edge off Nick. He wanted Nick to feel totally secure with him. Racking his brain for a second Gil knew how to make Nick understand that Gil was going stick with him and that Gil wanted and needed him.

Dropping gracefully to his knees, Gil quickly replaced his hand with his mouth. In one swallow he engulfed the hard weeping shaft in his hot mouth.

Hearing Nick give an inarticulate scream of shock and excitement, Gil reached around and placed both hands on Nick's ass.

Tightening his hold, Gil did not let Nick thrust into his mouth. It was time Nick remembered who was the dominant in this relationship.

Licking and sucking the hard shaft, Gil slipped the waistband of the pants down the firm globes of that tight ass.

Knowing Nick was past arguing with anything Gil was doing, Gil began to run his finger down the cleft to that tight pucker of skin hiding Nick's hot inner center.

Not even trying to insert the finger, Gil just contented himself with brushing over the muscle, feeling it spasm.

Pushing the pad of his thumb over the muscle, Gil sucked hard. He was rewarded as Nick screamed.

It was the hardest organism the young CSI had ever experienced. Nick heard roaring in his ears and his legs went weak as Gil continued to suck and swallow.

Gil moved his hands Nicks waist to help the younger man stay standing.

Gil licked the softening shaft clean; leaning down he gave the tip of the beautiful cock a light kiss.

Standing up, Gil pulled Nicks pants up until his ass was covered. Gil left the softened shaft out of the pants. He liked the way the ivory white cock looked against the black pants. The soft shaft was damp and Gil thought it was one of the most beautiful sights he had ever seen.

Nick was swallowing and trying to get his breath under control. His head was hanging down as he tried to get control of himself.

Gil smiled as he put his hands on either side of Nick's neck. Using his thumbs to push up the firm chin, Gil forced Nick to look at him.

"Open your eyes, Nicky and look at me."

Getting no response and not wanting to let Nick start thinking too much Gil changed his tone from the friend to the Dom voice.

"Open your eyes Nicky, NOW!"

The dark eyes flashed opened. For a second Gil saw the remnants of passion and pleasure, then recognition then a brief flash of fear. This was all replaced by shyness and embarrassment witnessed by the blush staining Nicks cheeks and running down his neck.

Using his thumbs Gil brushed the soft cheekbones.

"No need to be embarrassed, sweetheart. You were wonderfully responsive. I love pleasuring someone who enjoys it as much as you did. You are the most beautiful man I have ever seen."

"You were everything I thought you'd be. It just feels a little weird doing this with the boss, no matter how much I've secretly loved you. I just never thought you'd like me. You could have anyone."

"Oh, Nicky, I know you love me, if you really think that I have people falling over themselves for me. I know I'm lucky that you chose me. I guess we were just waiting for each other. We have a lot to thank Lady Heather for."

Relaxing a bit, Nick smiled, "You're right, we were just waiting for each other, for the right time. We could take Lady Heather to dinner as a thank you."

Lowering his voice Gil murmured "I think she would like to watch us together." Seeing Nick cock twitch at the thought of an audience Gil continued "Have her sit on the sofa and watch as I tie you up or maybe tie you over the padded saw horse with that perfect ass in the air. Have her watch as I slide in and out of that tight hot passage. She can watch as I mark that ass as mine."

Gils temperature and blood pressure rose as he watched Nick. Nicks blush got deeper and his breathing started to speed up as he responded to the words Gil was saying and the pictures that he was conjuring up. The young man grew increasingly hard and a low moan slipped out of his mouth.

Nick leaned a little closer to Gil. Lowering his own voice, Nick's eyes flashed with passion and seduction.

"I think you're right, bossman. She can see just how perfect we are together."

Nick dropped his hand and began to fondle Gils erection, as his other hand began to inch around Gil neck in preparation of pulling the older man closer for a long kiss.

Gil gripped the hand at his crotch and pulled it away. Seeing the mischievous look on his lover's face, Gil knew Nick was now going to start pushing the limits to see just how far he could push him.

Reaching up and yanking the hand off his neck, Gil drew both Nicks hands behind the young mans back and held them there.

"Before I came in here I thought about a little fantasy concerning a balcony and very responsive hot tight body. Before I knew it I had cum in pants. That body was yours and I plan on having that fantasy in the next two days. Besides my boy, I think you forget yourself. I am in control here, you do what I say and when I say it."

Gil felt Nicks cock jerk against his leg so he figured the young man was turned on by this little scene.

Reaching over to the small table by the door, Gil grabbed some cuffs. He slid them over Nicks wrists securing the young mans hands behind his back.

Stepping back, Gil looked at lover and friend. With his hands cuffed behind his back Nicks chest was thrust slightly forward. Even though the sweat was drying, his nipples were still red from the earlier attentions. Nicks cock was once again getting hard, but not yet ready for another organism.

"I think you need to be punished for taking such liberties with my body, Nicky. What do you think? If you apologize prettily I may forgive you."

Smiling slightly Nick responded "Not sorry, Gil, I'd do it again, I like to touch you, so I guess you need to punish me. Have to warn you, I can take a lot."

Inwardly sighing in relief, Gil knew that Nick was letting him know that he was fine with the way things were going and was actually looking forward to the rest of the evening.

"That's good, baby because I like a challenge. I'll have you screaming before the night is over and you'll be screaming my name."

Licking his lips, Nick murmured " We'll see just how good you are. Probably pretty good since you can certainly ride ass in the office."

Laughing out loud, Gil said "Damn, Nicky you are the only person who can say the damndest things at the most bizarre times. That's one reason I love you."

Turning serious Gil said, "I need to know your safe word, Nick. I want to be up front with you. We are not rushing into anal sex. Later if we both agree and the time is right we can check out the bed next door. I've decided our first time will not be in here. We'll be taking advantage of the nice soft king sized bed in the suite and that's where I'll take you. I want it to be special. I also need to know what you do and don't like. Remember even if you don't like it I may like it and we'll try it. I am the one in control, but if it gets to be too much we stop at your signal. Okay?"

"You're the only person who have ever really cared about my wants and needs enough to ask. The thought of being penetrated scares me, but excites me. Until you I never trusted anyone enough to be on the bottom. I topped plenty of times, but I always knew that I would prefer to bottom. My safe word'is well'its. now don't laugh, bossman'my safeword is Gil. I guess I need to change it."

Feeling a jolt in the pit of his stomach at not only the depth of trust Nick was showing him, but the fact that his safeword was Gil, Grissom felt tears in his eyes.

Gil pulled Nick into his arms and hugged him tightly, pressing a kiss on top of the dark head lying on his shoulder.

"Yeah, kiddo, you'll have to come up with another safeword. I'm hoping you'll be calling my name a lot and we sure don't want to get confused.

Feeling Nick chuckle, Gil pushed the young man away so he could look at him.

"Well, I guess I'll use Texas. I certainly won't being calling my home state out loud in screams of passion."

"Texas it is, now my boy, its time for your punishment. Lets see, you touched me without my permission, tried to leave the room without my permission and talked out of turn. My, my you have been a bad boy. I see I have my work cut out for me."

Gil had allowed his voice to change as he talked. Gil reached out and grabbed Nick's shaft in one hand as with the other hand he grabbed Nick's right arm.

Gently pulling the young man into the middle of the room, Gil stopped. Undoing the cuffs on Nick's hands, Gil raised Nick's arms over his head, hooking the cuffs into two rings hanging from the ceiling that were spread about two feet apart.

Kneeling down at the young mans feet, Gil spread the long legs wide open snapping more cuffs on the trim ankles and attaching them to the metal rings in the floor.

Walking across the room, Gil opened a drawer and pulled out some articles. Laying them on a table next to where Nick was bound, Gil turned back to his partner.

"First, Nicky I want to warn you that I love jewelry on my subs. Usually I could care less what color I use, but since you are more than a sub, you are my lover I want the gold jewelry. I think the gold will look good against that tanned skin of yours. The first pieces of jewelry we have are the gold nipple clamps. I have the matching chain, which should look fantastic hanging between the nipple clamps. Then we have two chains that will go from your chest to the butt plug that I will insert. The plug will loosen up your muscles so that when we make love later it will be a little easier. Keep in mind if you aren't a good boy you may not get to come again tonight."

Nick could feel his shaft get even harder with the words Gil was saying.

Swallowing he hoarsely said "Damn Gil, You're really good at this. Please I want you to fuck me here, right now."

Smiling evilly, Grissom stepped up to the bound man.

Leaning down Gil all but devoured Nick's mouth. Thrusting his tongue down the younger mans throat he used the kiss as a distraction. He had used these types of clamps before and could put them on in the dark. Giving a quick twist and yank to Nicks nipples, Gil put the clamps on. He swallowed Nicks moan as he gripped the silk covered ass not allowing the younger man to flinch back away from him. He waited until Nick stopped gasping for breath, panting with the pain/pleasure sensations running through him.

"Not going to fuck you in here, Nicky. I'll never fuck you. I'm going to make love to you in that nice big bed, this is non-negotiable. When I take you it will be love whether it's here, at home or somewhere at the office. Argue with me and I will gag you."

Seeing Nick lower his eyes in submission, but not before Gil had seen the excitement light up Nick eyes at the mention of sex at the office. Gil smiled in satisfaction. He reluctantly released those oh so tempting ass cheeks.

Hooking the chain through both clamps, Gil gave it a little tug as he pulled the bound man towards him.

Nick threw his head back as his nipples were yanked on a yelp escaping his mouth; Gil mouthed both nipples giving the clamps a little twist as he straightened back up.

Nick moaned Gils name as he thrust his hips forward, his sensitive chest began to throb with pain and pleasure. Yet he needed more, he wanted more and he wanted it from this man.

Taking the other two chains, Gil attached them to the center of the first one. Dropping the chains he them dangle as they brushed Nicks swollen now leaking shaft.

"I'm going to purchase these pieces of jewelry from Lady Heather. The first jewelry I used on you and in you, I want to keep them and use them on you at home."

Seeing Nick glance at him a little puzzled, Gil said " Yeah, Nicky at home. You belong to me and I belong to you, no matter where we are."

Seeing Nick open his mouth Gil gave the dangling chains a little tug causing the young man to gasp, all thought but the sensations his body was feeling fled his mind.

"To much thinking Nicky. Just feel the pain and pleasure and go with it. I like using cock harnesses to, but I don't want to use that tonight. I'll probably use it tomorrow. It will add to the scene I have planned on the balcony."

Gil walked behind Nick with the butt plug. Made of flexible gold colored plastic, Gil made sure he had lubed it up well. It was only about four inches long and inch wide. He wanted it in Nick so the actual act of anal sex would be a little easier for the younger man. A little stretching would decrease some of the initial pain.

Gil applied lube to his finger and gently began to play with Nick's ass. Reaching around he used his other hand to pull and play with the nipples. Hearing Nick begin to moan in arousal, Gil noted that Nicks cock was dripping with pre-cum. Nick dropped his head back on Gils shoulder. Gil took advantage of the tempting neck and began to nibble on it. Feeling Nick push back against his finger Gil slipped it inside.

"God, you are so tight, Nicky. I feel like you're trying to suck me into your very soul."

If Nick could have responded he would have, but about that time Gil added another finger.

Twisting his fingers and beginning to scissor them, Gil felt the muscle start to loosen. Rubbing the prostrate Gil felt Nick lunge forward screaming his name as the pleasure over road any pain he was feeling. Pulling out quickly, Gil did not want Nick to cum yet. Sliding the butt plug into place, Gil attached the chains.

Moving in front of the young man, Gil admired the picture he was looking at.

Nick was panting his damp lips parted slightly, his eyes dilated by pleasure and pain. His dark hair was messed up slightly where Gil had grabbed him earlier. The shirt was just hanging off the shoulders dangling behind the bound man.

The hard leaking shaft was standing out straight, pink and fully aroused. A bright shiny trickle of cum was leaking down the black pants. The gold shimmered in the light enhancing the golden skin it was adorning.

Gil was sure he had died and gone to heaven. Or if this was hell he was going to be perfectly happy here.

Amazed that the young man was again aroused so soon after having an organism, Gil moved forward until he stood in front of Nick

Grasping the nipple chain, Gil tugged the young man towards him. Hearing Nick yelp as his sore nipples were pulled on, Gil smiled.

"Look at me Nicky," Gil waited until the dark eyes focused on him. "How's that baby? You look like you're enjoying yourself. Pain to bad or not enough. I'm ready to take it up a notch."

Nick murmured softly "It feels wonderful. Will you take me now'please Gil'I'm hard again."

Releasing the chain, Gil put his hand in Nick's dark hair. At the same time he slid his other hand beneath the waistband of Nicks slacks grasping one ass cheek tightly, pushing the butt plug in just a little more while he pulled Nick in tight so the young man could feel that Gil was hard as a rock.

Yanking the dark head back, exposing the long neck, Gil growled.

"You think I'm going to let you cum again, boy. You should be concerned with how I feel. I'm looking forward to punishing you, and this was just a warm up. I always did like the ass I mount to be marked and red. How about it, Nicky. Ready for your punishment? Now don't talk, just move that hot body and rub your hard cock on my leg."

Hearing Nick moan at his words and the rough hands on his body, Gil grinned.

Nick could barely move with the grip Gil had on his hair and ass. He slowly moved up and down, rubbing his hard shaft on the leather clad leg. The sensation was electric, Nick wanted nothing more than to have Gil throw him on the floor and impale him roughly. Nick had always liked it rough, just had no one he trusted enough to indulge all his fantasies.

"Good Nicky. Of course it doesn't really matter if you wanted it or not, I want it. When we leave this room you'll be wearing my marks on your body."

Gil released the ass he was gripping and wound his arm around the trim waist, holding Nick in place. Keeping the head pulled back, Gil lowered his mouth to the exposed collarbone.

Gil began sucking and biting on the sensitive skin. He sucked deeply until he heard Nick yell his name.

Leaning back Gil admired the red mark on the golden skin. Tomorrow it would be a dark bruise.

Seeing that Nick was panting, Gil upped the stakes. He released the dark head and with one yank ripped off the black shirt the rest of the way off. Not letting Nick get his breath back, Gil pulled that luscious mouth down and began to plunder it. Licking and sucking he all but consumed the young mans air. When he felt Nicks chest begin to inflate trying to get air, Gil backed off and attacked the shoulder. As Nick was struggling to get his air, Gil attached his mouth at the point where the neck and the shoulder met.

Gil bit down. Hearing Nick scream his name and try to pull back. Gil shifted his grip on Nick. He tightened his arm around the slim waist and wrapped the other arm around Nicks head tugging the young mans head to the side giving him unfettered access to the shoulder he was feasting on. Continuing to bite down Gil waited until he tasted blood in his mouth. Pulling back he looked at his handiwork.

Just perfect. His teeth had barely broke the skin; the mark would sting for days, reminding the young man whom he belonged to. That was something Nick craved and needed. The marks would not be seen under clothes and absolutely no one else would see Nick naked. Gil had not been kidding about his possessiveness and jealousy. Nick was his, he was wearing his mark.

Hearing Nick give a soft sob, Gil gripped Nick's head and held it in place. Softly brushing tears out of the dark eyes. Gil urgently said "Okay, Nicky, deep breaths. That's good sweetheart. You did so well; I am so pleased with you. You are so responsive and sensitive. Come on Nicky, look at me, I want to make sure you're okay. This is our first time."

Swallowing Nick's breath hitched before he could form a sentence.

"Oh God, Gil I'I haven't felt this kind of release in a long time. I think'no.. no' I needed the pain, the pleasure and the tears. Hell what am I saying I still need the release. I held everything in after that bastard Crane. I'm glad you marked me, it will remind that I belong to someone. I'll think of you everytime I look in the mirror."

"You sure will, because I'll be around to remind you. I think I'll just have to make sure that I keep you marked. There are lots of bathrooms and closets at CSI that I have never checked out; we might have to change that. Just think of the thrill and the danger that we might get caught. Just think of being spread across my desk waiting for my attentions. I have that nice big black leather sofa in my office. I can think of some ways to use it."

Gil smiled to himself as he saw Nick react to his words. Yeah Nick was his perfect mate. They complimented each other so well. Gil needed to dominate and protect the person he loved. Nick needed someone to take care of him; he needed to feel safe. No one was going to get close enough to hurt Nick ever again. The only pain Nick was going to have was the kind that Gil dished out and the kind that Nicky wanted.

"I'm going to remove your gold, Nicky, but the plug stays in. I think I want to keep this session on the lower end of the pain scale. This is our first time and I want to take it slow."

Gil walked behind his lover and gently kissed the soft back, allowing his fingers to run softly over the slightly damp skin. Gil unhooked the chains and then moved to stand in front of Nick.

Gil was careful not to pull on the chains, as he knew that Nick nipples were very sore and extremely sensitive. He took the chains and lay them on the table.

Both men knew what was coming next; Nick took a deep breath as Gil gently pulled the clamps off. Still the pain of the blood rushing back to the sensitive nubs made the younger man jerk slightly in his restraints.

Gil used his mouth to soothe the red irritated skin. Licking both nipples, Gil continued until he heard Nick sigh in contentment. Reaching down the older man picked up a tube of cooling gel and gently massaged it into the abused nipples. Immediately the heat and soreness started to abate.

Standing up, Gil saw Nick staring back at him. Slowing Gil leaned forward and lay a gentle butterfly soft kiss on that mouth he had loved for so long.

"Love you, Nicky"

"Love you, Gil"

Gil gave Nick one last kiss then stepped back. Searching Nick's face and his body, Gil knew that Nick was still hot and ready to go.

"Now Nicky I'm going to punish you for your earlier actions. I think we'll leave heavy punishment for another time, I think you need some hands on punishing."

Gil walked across the room and pulled a straight back chair over to the still bound young man.

Gil reached up and undid the cuffs from the hooks in the ceiling. Rubbing the arms briskly, Gil made sure that no cramps afflicted the young mans arms. Leaving the legs cuffed to the floor, Gil reached up and undid the top button on the silk pants. Gil watched as the silk shimmered as it fell to the floor, leaving Nick naked.

Catching his breath at the beautiful sight, Gil slowly sat down in the chair. Gil reached out a finger and began to brush the top of Nicks cock. He spread the pre-cum all around the tip.

As Nick jerked and moaned Gil said "Lay across my knees, Nicky"

When the hard body was face down across his lap, Gil leaned over and attached the wrist cuffs to the chair legs. In this position, Nick was vulnerable as his ass was raised into the air and his legs were spread wide open.

Gil made sure that Nicks cock and balls were tucked safely between his own legs. He did not want to take a chance on really hurting his lover.

Admiring the view that lay across his lap, Gil began to rub Nicks lower back while using his other hand to rub and knead the ass he going to punish.

When he felt Nick begin to relax, Gil brought his hand down hard on the taut ass. The blow pushed the plug deeper into Nick making him moan.

"Now Nicky I want you to tell me why you are getting punished. I told you earlier and I want to see if you were paying attention."

Nick was finding it hard to concentrate. The sensations were overwhelming. His nipples tingled and throbbed in concert with the bite marks on his neck and shoulder. His cock was so hard and everytime he moved it rubbed up against Grissoms leather pants. It had been a long time since he had used a butt plug and he forgot how it stimulated the prostrate gland and the muscles.

Gil obviously thinking Nick was taking to long forming his answer gave three fast and hard swats to the ass now writhing beneath his hands.

Gasping Nick quickly said "I'ah'I tried to leave without your permission. I..um'talked when I shouldn't have and SHIT'I don't remember."

Gil said very slowly and after every word he left a two red palm prints on the now pink ass.

"You touched me without permission."

Almost sobbing with need, Nick stuttered out "Okay, I touched you without per..permission."

"I have given you fourteen swats, I think we need to make it an even twenty-five."

Gil did not wait for Nick's response as he raised he hand. Seeing Nick tightened his ass muscles, Gil reached down and pulled the butt plug out then slid it back in turning it slightly.

Nick screamed as the plug ran across his prostrate gland.

As the young man jerked upwards Gil grabbed him firmly around the waist.

Gil swiftly brought his hand down eleven more times on Nicks ass. By the time he had finished with number 25, Nick was sobbing and trying to rub his leaking shaft over Gil pants so he could bring himself off.

"No..No.. Nicky you cum when I tell you, not before." Gil again reached for the plug. He did not pull the plug out, but began to twist it inside his lover.

As the plug rubbed across his prostrate again and again, Nick began sobbing to be allowed to cum. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, Gil leaned down and whispered, "Okay, baby you can cum."

Gil kept one arm around the slim waist; he left the butt plug in and moved his hand to the back of Nick's head more for comfort than support.

Nick again screamed Gils name as he shot the evidence of his passion down Grissoms pant legs and onto the floor. Grissom wasn't far behind his young lover as he again came in his pants. At this rate Lady Heather was going to charge him extra for the cleaning bill.

It took Grissom only a couple of minutes to unsnap the satiated young man from his cuffs.

Grissom was stronger than he looked, as he slid Nick onto his lap. Nicks legs sprawled on either side of Gil as the two men sat in the chair chest to chest.

Nick had never felt safer as he felt Gils arms go around him, securing him to his own body.

Slipping his hand up from the sweaty neck he was stroking, Gil began to run his fingers through the silky strands of black hair.

Feeling Nick slowly stop shuddering from release and his breathing slow down, Gil murmured "How was that Nicky? Was that one of your fantasies? How do you feel, baby?"

Snuggling closer to Grissom, Nick put one arm around Gils waist and he put the other one around Gils neck.

"That was wonderful. I feel alive for the first time in months. I tingle and burn all over. I love you Gil. You seem to know exactly what I need."

Gil leaned over and kissed the dark head nestled trustingly on his shoulder.

"I love you to, Nicky. Now lets take this to the other room. I think a nice hot bath and some dinner is what we need. What do you think?"

Gil smiled as Nick tried to snuggle even closer murmuring "Okay with me. Just so you take a bath with me."

"Oh, Nicky, you aren't getting out of my sight for a long time. Besides I plan on washing you from head to toe."

"Sounds like a plan," Nick said as he lifted his head and looked as his new lover.

"Maybe we can do other things to"

"No, Nicky, I told you I would make love to you in the bed and I meant it. I want it to be very special."

Gil shifted Nick off his lap holding his hand out to the younger man. He left Nicks clothes and everything else lay as where they ended up. He would dump his clothes in the room when he got Nick settled in the bathtub. Lady Heather would have the room cleaned while they were eating dinner. It was all part of the package.

Ten minutes later Gil was sitting in the big bathtub with a very limp and satisfied Nick sitting in front of him. The hot water would do wonders for sore muscles and besides Gil just liked to touch a wet Nick Stokes.

The older man was slowly stroking the soft soapy washcloth over the golden skin. He wanted this to be soothing and not at all arousing. He wanted Nick to know that he wanted him and not just for sex, but for everything in between. Sensing that Nick was about to fall asleep, Gil gently kissed the side of the strong jaw.

"We're going to have to get out in a few minutes. I think its time to get out while you're still awake. I want you to eat a good dinner. I noticed that you've lost some weight. I plan on taking good care of you Nick Stokes."

Nick turned a blinding smile on Grissom and turned around until he was straddling the older mans lap.

Balancing on his knees, Nick leaned down and began to kiss Grissom.

Grissom felt his cock begin to stir as Nick deepened the kiss beginning to thrust his tongue in and out of the older mans mouth. Gil reached around and gently twisted and pushed the plug that he had placed in Nick. Nick moaned and tried to push back, but Grissom quickly took Nick by the arms and pushed him back.

"Not now Nicky. Later. As well as you kiss I plan on things being done my way. Got it, brat? And don't pout that doesn't work with me either."

Gil had to admit he was lying to himself. He loved it when Nick pouted, hell he loved everything Nick did. He just couldn't let the younger man know that, or Nick would think he could run the show and for now there could only be one boss and that was Gil.

After drying off which was very enjoyable as the two men wanted to make sure every nook and cranny was dry, the two men were seated at the table eating a very lavish meal. The lobster and steaks were perfect.

Lady Heather had supplied both men with a new set of clothes. Nick was wearing white silk pants and a white silk shirt. The silk was so fine and thin that you could see the outline of his dark nipples. He had on a white silk thong under his pants, which did nothing but hint at the treasures and delights it was holding. Nicks feet were again bare. Grissom being the Dom much preferred leather and black was the in color. He had put on another pair of black leather pants, but had left off the boots and just had dark socks on his feet. His shirt was made of a supple soft as butter black leather.

Seeing how Nick's eyes glittered in the candlelight, Gil smiled. He had never seen a more beautiful sight than his young lover. The butter from the lobster glistened on those very kissable lips. Gil sighed then told his burgeoning erection to behave, now was not the time, both men needed some relaxation.

"You know Nicky I think I'll call you brat when we're alone that is one word I certainly wouldn't slip and call you at work. What do you think?"

"Brat, gee thanks'okay I'll call you bossman. Deal?" Nick dared Grissom to agree with him.

"Sounds fine with me, Nicky. I am your boss in all things, and I think that's something we are both going to enjoy." Gil Grissom raised his glass of wine in salute to his new lover and old friend.

"Sounds fine to me, too. I haven't been this happy in a long time."

Gil stood up and picked up his glass of wine. "Lets go into the main suite and listen to some music. We can relax, just enjoy the peace and enjoy being together then go to the bedroom and do what comes natural."

Nick picked up his wine and the bucket with the wine bottle in it. No sense wasting good wine.

Gil was seated on in the corner of the sofa in front of the roaring fireplace. Someone had started a fire while they were in the bathtub. Gil had glanced inside the playroom and it was completely clean. Lady Heather knew how to run a well-oiled establishment.

Nick sat the wine down and turned towards Grissom.

Grissom spread his legs and Nick sat down in front of him, Nicks back to Gils front. Gil wrapped his arms around Nick and both men relaxed becoming mesmerized by the fire.

After about 30 minutes of listening to the soft music, sipping the wine and watching the fire Gil could feel Nick becoming heavier in his arms. The young man was starting to succumb to the events of the day and the effects of the wine, which he was not used to drinking.

Not wanting Nick to go to sleep, because Gil had every intention of making love to the young man before another day rolled around, Gil slipped a hand down Nicks body and started stroking him through the silk pants.

Nick stirred in Gils arms as he began to push his hips up trying to get Grissom to speed things up.

Grissom kept one arm around the upper part of Nick's chest holding him in place as he continued to stroke Nicks rapidly filling cock.

"Spread your legs, Nicky." Gil whispered. He was pleased as Nick immediately let his legs fall apart letting one leg slide over the edge of the sofa giving Gil unfettered access to his body.

Grissom slid his hand under the waistband of the pants until only a thin piece of silk separated him from the treasure that he sought. Gil felt a dampness on the white thong as pre-cum began to drip from Nick shaft. Pulling his hand out of the pants, Gil put both hands on the pants and when Nick raised his hips, the white silk was shoved down to Nick ankles.

Gil slowly unbuttoned the white shirt and pulled it off his young lover until it was just hanging from his shoulders.

Gil caught his breath when he looked at Nick. The boy was beautiful. His skin tanned to a golden brown, the white silk thong emphasizing the golden skin, the thong barely holding the engorged leaking shaft it was holding. Nicks nipples were standing at attention just begging to be touched, his cheeks flushed with passion and his dark eyes were glittering.

Reaching over his head Nick pulled Gil down for a long deep kiss. As he was devouring Nick's mouth, Grissom used his hands to pull and pinch the tender buds.

Hearing Nick begin to moan and writhe on the sofa, Grissom stopped. He was not making love to Nick for the first time on the sofa, no matter how comfortable it was. The first time would be on the bed, taking their time so it was pleasurable for both men. Maybe at a later date they could do it on the sofa. Gil could picture Nick leaning over the back of the sofa, his legs spread wide, ass already red from the whip, waiting for Gil to impale him, take him and make him his over and over again.

Grissom felt himself get hard at the scene he envisioned and smoothly stood up pulling Nick with him.

Pulling the shirt the rest of the way off, Nick kicked the pants off his ankles. The young CSI now stood there in only his white thong. Reaching to take that off he stopped when Gil grabbed his hands.

"No, leave it on. I'll remove it later. Let's take this to the bedroom. I need to possess you, Nicky, make you mine. I don't think I've ever been this obsessed by anyone. It's kinda of scary how much I want you."

Swaying forward until he stood in the circle of the older mans arms, Nick replied "I need you to possess me. You complete me and you make me feel safe. I liked knowing that you obsess about me, because I've thought about you for a hell of a long time. Do whatever you want to me, I love the play, I love the edge, I just love you."

Gil groaned as he gathered Nick in tight. He sunk his hand in the dark hair and took possession of that perpetually pouting mouth. He let his other hand grab a handful of that naked ass; shoving Nicks groin into his own. Nick moaned as his ass was kneaded, the same ass that had been spanked less than a couple of hours before. The pain was such a turn on; it reminded the young man who he belonged to, who he loved and who loved him.

Gil stepped back and released Nick. Nicks lips were slightly swollen and he was panting as he swayed on his feet. Gil held his hand out and waited for Nick to take it. The two men then headed for the bedroom.

Gil quickly took his clothes off and climbed into bed with Nick who was lying there stroking his own nipples. Gil straddled the young man his knees on either side of the slender waist.

Gil gently slapped the hands away and replaced them with his own hands.

"Those are mine, Nick. Don't touch."

Gil licked, stroked and bit the sensitive nubs. When he had Nick moaning and tossing his head in excitement Gil moved down the body he desired.

Leaning down he began mouthing Nicks swollen shaft through the thong. Nick shouted as he tried to thrust up into Gils mouth. Gil kept his hands on the shaking hips keeping Nick in place on the bed. The older man knew he was not going to last long. He could not believe he was going to have a third organsm in one evening. He ripped the thong off Nick leaving the body naked.

Reaching under Nick, Gil grasped the end of the butt plug. He began to pull it in and out twisting it as he pushed it back inside. Nick was trying to grab his shaft; he was desperate to bring himself to completion.

Gil grabbed Nick's hands and put them on the bed. "Leave them, Nicky."

Nick tried to calm down and kept his hands on the bed his hands clenched in fists.

Quickly Gil reached over on the bedside table and grabbed some lube and a condom. He and Nick would have to get tested to make sure they were clean, although he was sure it was just a formality, then he could ride Nick bareback. The thought was enough to make his cock jump in anticipation. Grissom slipped the butt plug out of Nick's passage and laid it on the floor.

Putting lube on his fingers he carefully inserted one into the slightly relaxed puckered entrance. As Gil felt the hot channel tense up he reached up and pinched one nipple, quickly pinching the other one. Gil felt his finger slide all the way in as Nicks attention was transferred to the pinches on his chest.

Twisting his finger in circles he tried to get the muscles to relax. The butt plug had helped open up the channel, but Nick was so tight to begin with, Gil knew he would have to be patient and work the muscles loose. Pulling out Gil put more lube on that finger and added a second finger.

As he rested his fingertips against Nick entrance, he said " Relax, Nicky. I need you to relax, you know that I'd never do anything you did not want. Come on Baby, deep breath and let it out. When you feel me push in, you relax and push against me."

Seeing a nod of the dark head, Gil started to push inside, he felt Nick take a deep breath and then relax. Gils fingers slid in all the way.

Nick hissed as Gils fingers burned his insides a little. Then Gil stroked over the prostrate gland and Nick screamed as he arched on the bed.

"Oh, man'shit' do that again, Gil' Please"

"I will Nicky, I will' I'll take you higher than you've ever been before. Love will do that for us."

Gil quickly added a third finger, he met no resistance as he pushed back in. Twisting and turning his fingers he made sure to hit the prostate to keep Nick on edge. Finally he felt the Nick was prepared enough to take his cock.

Grissom carefully coated his own swollen shaft and inserted a lot of lube into the hot channel. He was taking no chances on Nick being hurt. Pain was fine if it was what you craved, but not for Nicks first time and only if Nick ever wanted to play rough. Gil had done rape scenes before and non-con scenes and they were hot, but that would be up to Nick.

Covering Nick body with his own, Gil deeply kissed the young man.

"Nicky, I'm going to make love to you now. Remember when you feel me pushing in relax and push back, just remember to relax. If it hurts too much tell me and we stop. Okay?"

"Okay, just hurry up. I feel like I'm going to explode."

"Don't explode yet, brat and we're not hurrying, we're going to do this nice and slow then we'll explode together."

Gil knelt back between the lean thighs. It would be easier on Nick if he lay behind the young man and took him that way, but with Nick's apprehension and nervousness, Gil wanted Nick to be able to see him, to know who was taking him.

Gil pushed Nick's legs wide apart bending the legs at the knees so his feet were flat on the bed. Using his hands he tilted Nicks ass up so he could see the tight hole. Keeping one of his hands on one thigh, Gil guided his shaft to the entrance to heaven.

Slowly Gil inched his way inside. When the head of his cock popped past the tight muscle, Nick moaned as he felt a flicker of pain. Gil paused and grasped Nick shaft in his hand. Pumping and stroking he felt Nick relax and pushed all the way inside.

Gil gasped as he paused, keeping control of his impulse to just shove in and out of his lover.

Gil waited until he felt Nicks shift on the bed. Looking down he saw that Nick's eyes were on him. The dark eyes were glazed with need and pleasure.

Nick shoved his hips up pushing Gil even deeper inside the young man.

"Come on, Gil. I need you'finish it and make us one'make us belong to each other."

"Then hang on, Nicky. I'm going to claim you, the way you've laid a claim on me since we met."

Gil pulled out partially then slid all the way back in. The older man kept a sharp eye on Nick's face. He wanted to make sure that Nick felt nothing but pleasure, no pain. This moment in time was not about pain.

Nick began to push his hips up meeting Gils thrusts. Nick raised his hands and began to play with Gils nipples.

Gil groaned he felt his thrusts begin to speed up. Reaching down he grasped Nicks cock and began pumping the younger man in time with the thrust of their hips.

Nick came screaming Gils name. The younger man clamped down tightly on the nipples he had hold of, as his hot seed splashed out onto his stomach and Grissoms chest.

Gil thrust one more time going as deep as he could into Nick, he felt the tight passage spasm around his cock Grissom yelled Nick name. Gil could not remember having an organism that hard. He slumped down on top of Nick, both men struggling for breath.

Gil slid off the bed and came back with a warm wet towel; he wiped Nick off, then himself. Gil tossed the towel in the hamper then crawled into bed with his new lover.

Nick turned until he was tight up against Gils body. Gil tucked the dark head under his chin. Nick sighed as Gil began to stroke his back; Gil left his right hand entwined with Nick's hand.

"Was it good for you, Nicky. I didn't make you nervous did I. God, you were so tight I was afraid that you would be in pain."

Nick slid his leg in between Gils and murmured "It was perfect, Gil. I was just a little nervous at the beginning, but you were so gentle that faded away quickly. I feel great. A little sore, but that's to be expected after all I'm not used to having shaft of pleasure up my ass."

Gil busted out laughing "A shaft of pleasure. Come on, brat where did you come up with that one."

Gil could feel Nicks mouth quirk up with a grin.

"I've watched some porn in my life. Beware you never know what might come out of my mouth."

"I like anything that comes out of your mouth. Tomorrow we can further explore that mouth. We have all day; you'll be at my mercy. Beside after tonight I may need awhile to recover. How does that sound, lover."

"I'll go easy on you old man. What ever you want sounds wonderful, but I gotta sleep now. Haven't been sleeping real well, but with you holding me I should sleep just fine."

"Paybacks are hell, Nicky. I'll get you for that old man comment."

"Promises, promises, bossman."

"I do promise, Nicky, and I don't go back on my promises."

Gil wrapped his arms around Nick, saying a quick prayer that the young man was in his life, he was in his arms and Nick was safe.

Thirty minutes later, the door to the suite opened and Lady Heather came in. The Lady took no chances and in each room she had placed small listening devices. A trusted member of her staff listened when there were new clients, as she wanted no one to be forced to do something they did not want to do. Clients that been members for awhile were not listened in on.

In the case of Gil and Nick she knew neither man would come to harm. She had listened in about twenty minutes ago and heard nothing. Waiting ten more minutes she had slipped in with her clean up crew.

As the crew cleaned up the dinner dishes, picked up the dirty clothes and otherwise put everything back to the way it was, Lady Heather went into the bedroom. She stood at the edge of the bed and stared down at the two men lying entwined under the blankets. Both faces were relaxed and serene.

Lady Heather smiled in satisfaction and relief. She had so hoped these two men would come together. It gave her great joy to help them connect as she felt they were meant for each other and not just for the games they could play here in her playground.

One of the crew slipped in and cleaned out the hamper, straightening the bedside table.

Neither man stirred as Lady Heather hired only the best. Her crew never woke anyone up.

Following her crewman out the door, Lady Heather paused and glancing back whispered "Sweet dreams, boys."

Quietly she shut the door, five minutes later the suite was silent except for the light breathing of the two men sleeping the sleep of angels.


This is just the first part of my continuing saga of Gil and Nick. Each story can stand alone, but would be better if read in order. I am working on the second one.

Next story in series - CSI Heaven 2 Wild West