Title: What do a Gunny Sergeant and Entomologist have in Common?
By: Bj Jones
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Disclaimer: I don't own the boys from CSI or NCIS they are owned by CBS and the producers that created them. I'm not making any money, and promise to return them to the lab and field in short order
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Crossover: NCIS - Agent Jethro Gibbs and Agent Anthony DiNozzo


~Hotel Bar~

Gibbs sat at the bar contemplating what the hell went wrong. The conference was supposed to be their small getaway, just the two of them. No interruptions, no dead marines or navy men, no interference from Ducky, Abby or Kate, just him and Tony, alone in a suite. Yet, here he was in the bar nursing his second bourbon, and Tony was God knows where. 'And whose fault is that?' Gibbs was always amazed how his inner voice sounded so much like Ducky. 'You're the one that gave him the brush off, and now he's pissed and for good reason.' He sighed, and downed the rest of the bourbon. As he motioned the bartender for another, he looked out beyond the hotel's bars doors to see a very similar sight.

A young man was obviously upset, and trying hard to contain the emotions that lay under the surface. He threw what looked like the conference schedule into the older man's chest and stormed off. The older man followed him with his eyes, confusion prevalent on his face. Gibbs watched, as the older man was enlightened, when he looked at the schedule. He couldn't hear him, but he knew the man was cursing. The older man then walked into the hotel bar, threw the schedule on to one of the back tables, and slumped into the booth. Gibbs motioned the bartender for second bourbon. He picked up the two drinks and headed over to the other man.

Gibbs set the bourbons down on the table, waiting for the man to look up. "It seems like you need one of these."

"Thank you, but I don't drink," Gibbs was able to get a good look at him, late forties, brown hair, slightly graying, trimmed beard, and intelligent blue eyes.

"Mr. Grissom..." Gibbs sat down across from him.

"Do I know you?" Grissom asked a look of confusion on his face.

Gibbs pointed at the nametag, "I take it you're here for the convention?"

"Yes, as are you," He leaned over a bit to catch a glimpse of Gibbs nametag.

"Special Agent Jethro Gibbs," Gibbs answered, "Navy NCIS."

"Associated with JAG if I'm not mistaken, investigate crimes against or by Marine and Navy?" Grissom leaned forward in his chair, "Gil Grissom Las Vegas Crime Lab." He finished, putting out his hand.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. Your work in forensics is well known." Gibbs leaned his elbows onto the table. "Didn't mean to eavesdrop, but couldn't help but notice the scene outside the bar."

"Hence the drink?" Grissom gestured towards the bourbon.

"I had a similar scene earlier," Gibbs shrugged.

Grissom looked at the man sitting across from him, contemplating the reasons he was there, "It's complicated."

"It always is," Gibbs said, downing the rest of the bourbon in his glass. "I have three ex-wives; you would think I would have learned by now, how not to screw up."

"I've been married to the job, so it's all a bit new to me." Grissom sat back in his chair. "But, I just couldn't resist Nick. He, well he's just Nick."

"Work for you?" Gibbs asked, smiling.

"Six years, started as a CSI level one, straight out of Texas," Grissom smiled remembering his first meeting with one Nick Stokes.

"How long you been together?" Gibbs gestured for the waitress.

"One year, the longest, scariest, and best year of my life," Grissom looked up at the waitress, "Could I have a cup of coffee please?"

Gibbs looked at the bourbon, "Same." The downed the last glass, "Tony's been working for me for two and half years now."

"The similar scene, earlier?" Grissom cocked his head to the side, watching the other habitants in the bar.

"Yeah," Gibbs sighed. "So what is Mr. Stokes upset about?"

"I insulted him professional and personally," Grissom looked back over at Gibbs. "I didn't mean to..."

"We never do," Gibbs laughed.

"I just got caught up talking to a fellow entomologist about the new study on cockroaches and surviving skills in sealed rooms." Grissom frowned, "Totally forgetting that Nick was presenting his first paper, missing the session and presentation completely."

Grissom's eyes closed remembering Nick's face expression, the clenched jaw, and hard eyes concealing the hurt in them.


"Grissom," Nick called as he walked up from the hotel's conference rooms.

Grissom turned from Dr. Alan, smiling at the Texan, "Nick, I want you to meet Dr. Philip Alan..."

"Can I talk with you?" Nick interrupted his voice tight and controlled. "I'm sorry Dr. Alan, but it's important."

"That's fine, I have a meeting to get to, Mr. Grissom is an honor talking with you, please feel free to call me, so we can chat some more." Dr. Alan smiled, giving the two men a nod and walked off towards the conference tables.

"Nick, that was a little rude," Grissom turned on the younger man.

"A little rude, what time is it Gris?" Nick glared at him.

Grissom looked at his watch, "Half past six, why?"

"Where were you supposed to be three hours ago?" Nick demanded, his tone warning Grissom to get the right answer.

Grissom looked at him quizzically, "You were going to a session. Nick, I can't attend all of them with you." He knew instantaneously that was the wrong answer.

He saw the hurt flash through, before they harden even more than before. "Well at least I know where I stand with you professional and personally, I rank just below a cockroach." Grissom barely caught the thrown schedule, as Nick turned and stormed off.

He looked down at the schedule: Fiber Analysis Seminar - Presenter Nick Stokes, Las Vegas. "Shit." Turned and walked into the bar, trying to figure out how to make it up to Nick.


"We are a lot alike, Mr. Grissom." Gibbs commented after Gil finished with the story.

"What? Both of us incapable of human emotion, or screwing up simple human relationships?" Grissom voiced sarcastically.

Gibbs laughed, "No relationship is ever simple."

Grissom nodded, "So why are you here nursing a cup of coffee after how many bourbons?"

"It was only my fourth," Gibbs shrugged as he sipped the black coffee. "I, like you, was able to not only dismiss Tony as a professional Agent, but more specifically as a lover."


Gibbs was talking with a member from the FBI lab based out of DC. The Agent was a retired Marine, and the two were discussing the difference between working as a soldier and working as a civilian.

"Jethro," Tony walked up to the two men, a smile on his face.

Gibbs noticing the sudden tension in the ex-Marine turned FBI, and barked back. "Agent DiNozzo?"

Tony stopped mid-step, a slight look of confusion on his face. "Boss, I was wondering if we will if..."

Tony was obviously thrown for loop, glancing between the two men. "Out with it DiNozzo," Gibbs inwardly flinched at Tony's sudden shift, and tense stance.

"Never mind Agent Gibbs, since you are obviously pre-occupied I'll just discuss the seminar with you later." Tony turned towards the Agent, "I'm sorry to have interrupted an important conversation."

Tony then walked off with out giving Gibbs a second glance. Gibbs sighed, then turned towards the Agent, "You're Agent is a bit disrespectful to his superiors." The FBI Agent stated as he followed Tony, a look of disgust on his face.

Gibbs growled, slightly, "Special Agent Tony DiNozzo is one of my finest agents. A man I trust with my life." Gibbs stated, "Now if you excuse me, I have some business to take care of." He turned and left the FBI Agent, standing there a confused expression on his face.

Gibbs caught up with Tony by the elevators, "Tony wait!"

Tony turned, eyes flashing in anger, "What? You want to deny my existence to someone else?"

Gibbs flinched at the harshness in his voice, "Look Tony, you know not everyone is as supportive as Ducky, Abby and Kate."

"I know, Agent Gibbs. I didn't expect you to treat me as your lover, but I do demand respect for my position." The ding of the elevator alerted them of passengers getting off. Tony watched them disembark and walk away. "If you didn't want to be seen with me, then you shouldn't have made the arrangement for us to come." Tony stepped into the elevator.

Gibbs watched the doors close, staring at his own reflections. He turned and entered the hotel bar, across the way.


"We do make a fine pair," Grissom saluted the ex-Marine with his coffee. "So now what should we do?"

"I'm going with Plan F, and then apologize profusely." Gibbs grinned.

"Plan F?" Grissom asked, "Is there a hand book I don't know about?"

"Personal joke, its code, for 'fuck him senseless'," Gibbs smirked, at Grissom's raised eyebrow.

"Nice code, is it military? Or NCIS?" Grissom teased a bit.

"Your plans?" Gibbs set the empty coffee cup down.

"Apologize, remind him I'm an idiot, and then let him fuck me senseless." Grissom smirked.

Gibbs stood up, "Mr. Grissom it's been a pleasure talking with you. I wish you luck in your plans."

Grissom stood taking the offered hand, "As I, you." Gibbs started to walk towards the entrance. "Agent Gibbs?"

Gibbs turned back around, "Yes?"

"Breakfast tomorrow? I would like to meet Tony." Grissom asked.

"Nine o'clock good for you?" Grissom nodded, "Make sure you bring Nick, with you. I would like to inform him that his paper was very insightful." Gibbs nodded, as he walked out of the bar.

~Tony's Room~

Tony stepped out of the bathroom; towel wrapped around his waist another in his hands as he dried, oblivious to all that was around him. He tensed when he felt a familiar presence.

"What are you doing here, boss?" Tony's voice still held an angry tone.

The towel disappeared from his hands; before Tony could react he was forcefully pushed against the wall, tilting the painting. He was about to protest, when he felt Gibbs warm mouth against his. Tony's hands were forced above his head, in a strong grip. The onslaught was brutal and demanding, Tony whimpered when Gibbs' tongue forced its way into his mouth. Gibbs grounded his hips into Tony's, causing the young man's head to fall back and hit the wall.

"This doesn't mean I forgive you," Tony whispered, another moan escaping his lips.

Gibbs captured his mouth once again. Letting Tony's hands free, he slowly caressed Tony's chest, his goal accomplished when he untied the towel letting it fall to the ground. "Can I plead under the duress of flipping into my old marine status?" Gibbs whispered into his ear, nibbling on it slightly.

"Yes, but it's not an excuse," Tony pulled his head back looking at Gibbs directly.

"No, it's not," Gibbs kept their bodies flush, but pulled back slightly. "Dealing with people, bigots that they are, outside NCIS is going to take time. I reacted to his body language, not thinking what it would do to you, and for that I'm sorry." Gibbs kissed him softly; he felt the tension leave Tony's body as he responded back. Tony's hand slipped behind Gibbs head pulling him in for a deeper more intimate kiss.

Gibbs pulled him away from the wall, towards the waiting bed. Tony's pulled off Gibbs' jacket and tugged at his shirt. Gibbs pulled back pulling off the shirt, then pushed Tony onto the bed, "So am I forgiven?"

"For now, now will you just get on with Plan F," Tony smirked, knowing exactly what Gibbs was thinking.

Gibbs gave him a predatory growl, and proceeded on to plan F. It was lucky for Gibbs that he had called the front desk for a wake up call, before he got back to the room. Cause he sure as hell wasn't going to wake up on his own accord.

~Nick's Room~

Grissom opened the door to the suite they were sharing, even if he technically, he had his own room, paid nicely by the Las Vegas Police department. The room was dark; all he could see was the city's lights coming through the balcony door. Nick's silhouette was barely noticeable in the doorway.

"Nick?" Grissom called out, watching the figure closely. Grissom sighed, Nick didn't even turn around. "As your supervisor it was disrespectful to your status within the forensics community." Grissom paused, watching for any reaction. The moonlight caught the slight indication of the head towards him. "As your lover, it was un-excusable and all I can say is how sorry I am."

"Do you realize, no one knows about us?" Nick's voice echoed through the quiet room. "It's hard walking the fine line between being your lover and the CSI that works for you."

"I know, and I don't make it easy," Grissom walked towards him. "Remember that night?"

"When you picked me up at the airport?" Nick turned and looked at him. "I was surprised to see you. I knew something was wrong, I could see it in your eyes."

"You asked me..." Grissom reached out to touch Nick's face.

"What do you want?" Nick asked, following Grissom's lead.

"I want this, you, everything about it. This year has been scary, I've opened up to you, and in ways I haven't to others. But it's also been the best, I feel safe with you, at home, at peace." He paused, stroking his thumb across Nick's face, "I get caught up in something and forget the world."

"Hence the talking to possible serial killers, you get so focused that you don't let go." Nick stated, his hand reaching behind Gil, pulling him closer. "And I've seen that focus in other ways." Nick leaned forward kissing him. "I'm sorry I yelled."

"You had a right..." Gil leaned his head on Nick's shoulder.

"I was hurt more than pissed, and then when you introduced me to some fellow entomologist I just felt..." Nick murmured into Gil's hair.

"I didn't mean to make you feel that way, and I'm truly sorry. I missed something important for you personally and professionally, and I can't express enough how sorry I am." Grissom began kissing up his jaw line, smiling at the small noises Nick was starting to make.

"I have one request," Nick breathed.

Grissom kissed his mouth, nibbled on his bottom lip, and then pulled back. "What?"

"I want to tell Warrick, and I want you tell Catherine." Nick searched his eyes, at the same time conveying the seriousness of the situation.

"What about Sara?" Grissom asked.

"We can deal with her later, but it will have to be soon. Her flirting is getting annoying, and she's not subtle." Nick rolled his eyes, thinking of the outfits she had been wearing lately. Every since Grissom took her home after the DUI she's been throwing herself at him, making her intention very clear, well at least to the whole lab. Except for Grissom, who was oblivious or at least he acted like he was, which always made Nick smile at how frustrated Sara would get.

Grissom kissed him, slipping his tongue inside. He smirked at Nick's dazed look when he pulled back, "Deal."

Nick pulled him back into a passionate kiss, walking them towards the bed. His lips trailed a path down Grissom's neck as he expertly removed the suede coat and cotton shirt. Grissom grinned at the lustful look in Nick's eyes. 'Good thing I set the wake up call before I got to the room,' was his last coherent thoughts of the evening.

~Hotel Restaurant~

"You can't stop smirking Nick," Grissom shifted in his seat, making the smile wider on Nick's face.

"Why are we here?" Nick asked again, sipping his coffee.

"Last night I had a chat, with a fellow..." Grissom paused thinking for a moment. "He understood the situation."

Nick's eyebrow rose, "Really?"

"It helped to talk to someone about things." Grissom looked up to see Agent Gibbs walking up with a young man behind him, obviously asking the same questions as Nick.

"Agent Gibbs," Grissom stood up.

"It's Jethro," Gibbs answered taking Grissom's offered hand, "And this is my partner Tony DiNozzo."

"Tony," Grissom nodded, and then turned to Nick who was smirking. "What?"

"Nothing," he said, before the laughter erupted.

Gibbs turned to a snickering Tony, "DiNozzo?"

"Sorry, boss, it's just irony in the making." Tony smiled, and then sat next to Nick.

Gibbs glanced at Grissom, who shrugged, and then offered a seat. "Care to explain?" Grissom looked at Nick.

"We've met," He nodded toward Tony, "to quote 'he understood the situation'."

Gibbs stared at Tony, "At the bar across the street, we had drinks and discussed living with two hard noised, I live for my work, relationship clueless lovers, who happen to be our boss." Tony answered, "We're thinking of starting a support group."

"So what did you two talk about?" Nick asked, picking up his menu.

"Dealing with hot headed, too emotional, younger demanding lovers who happen to be our subordinates," Gibbs answered glaring at Tony, who just smiled.

"You know Gil, we can look on the bright side," Nick looked over at his lover.

"Which is?" Grissom asked.

"We're not alone," Nick answered sincerely.

Gil smiled, quietly listening to the other two sniping at each other, "we aren't that bad are we?"

"Hell, no," Nick answered, sending the two laughing.

~Front of Hotel~

"Jethro, it was a pleasure meeting you," Gil shook his hand. "If you're ever in Vegas, look us up."

"I'll make sure to call you, if I run into a bug problem." Gibbs picked up his bags, "You're always welcome to visit when you're in DC."

The both look over to the two young men talking, who were laughing and exchanging business cards.

"Keep him out of trouble," Gibbs nods over to the grinning Stokes.

"It's more him keeping me out of it," Grissom answered.

"Gil, the cab's here," Nick held the door open.

"Have a safe trip," Gibbs waved as Tony walked up to him. The two men waved back as they got into the cab.

"I've got a feeling we will be seeing them again," Tony commented, from behind Gibbs.

"So what did you and Stokes talk about, really?" Gibbs asked as the two headed for their cab.

"Wouldn't you like to know," Tony grinned slipping into the cab.