Title: Dark
Author: alexlivshipper
Pairing: Cath/Sara
Rating: AC- Adult Content, so I would prefer you to be 18 or older if you're going to read this.
Disclaimer:Catherine & Sara are not mine.I'm simply barrowing them for my own pleasure and promise to give them back unharmed, a tad bit sore, but unharmed.
Notes: This is pure smut-no plot involved. Was originally going to be a drabble, but now at 883 words, it proves impossible.


The darkness combined with the streaks of moonlight shining through the drawn shades, reveal bits and pieces of your figure to my eyes. I think it is possibly the most erotic sight I've ever witnessed. I sit on your bed, naked and waiting, my body overheating with each passing second and my senses on overdrive anticipating the feeling of your body entwined with mine. You walk slowly and seductively to stand at the edge of the bed and settle yourself between my legs. I raise my head gradually to take in the site before me. You're still wearing your thigh-highs and spiked heals and I think you look sexy as hell. Our eyes meet, and I see nothing but the pure desire and love that I feel reflected in your cerulean eyes that are now glazed over with lust. A sexy grin plays across your face as you lean down. Our lips meet in a fiery kiss and your hands find my shoulders and push me back onto the bed. I lay there and watch as you climb on top of me, straddling my hips and letting your shoes fall to the ground. Your hands grab hold of my wrists and pin them above my head as our lips connect again. The kiss is brief, and you pull back to look down at me. I try to move my arms, but you push harder down. You bend your head down so that your lips are now hovering above mine. I jerk up to try to kiss you but you pull away and push my wrists harder into the bed.

"You'll just have to accept that you can't always be in control. Let someone else have a turn."

And with that I finally get to taste your lips upon mine. This kiss longer and fiercer than the last.

"Got it?" You ask. And I nod, unable to find words.

"Good girl."

Your lips are upon mine once again, our tongues fighting for the entrance to each others mouths. Your hands leave my wrist but when I move them you bite down on my bottom lip and tell me to leave them right where they are. Your hand then makes it way to my side, sending chills through my body as you drag your fingernails from my hips to my ribs. Your lips leave my mouth and start a trail of kisses down my jaw, to my neck where light kisses change to light nibbles. I let out a low moan as you continue your path down my body. Your lips are smooth as they place kisses along my clavicle, dipping your tongue into the hallow space between it. I entwine my fingers in your golden locks as your head moves lower placing a trail of kisses down my chest. A gasp escapes my mouth as your lips reach my breast, slowly circling your tongue around the hard peak, bringing it to an even firmer state. I tighten my grip on your hair as your other hand slides up my side to settle itself on my other breast, giving it the same attention as the other. I yelp as you pinch my nipple between your thumb and forefinger. You continue your oral assault as a series of low moans escape from my lips. Once satisfied with the reaction you have evoked from me, you raise your head up to kiss my lips. You grab my wrists once again and push them back above my head and continue your path down my body, alternating from kisses, to licks, to nibbles, leaving temporary red marks on my burning flesh. Your mouth reaches my navel and I feel you dip your tongue into it and back out before making your way further down. You settle yourself comfortably between my legs and look up into my eyes before bending back down and kissing the small patch of curls at my center. I gasp and jerk my hips up at the first touch of your tongue to my core. Your tongue licks through the wet folds before reaching my clit and taking it into your mouth, sucking and nibbling. I disobey you and reach my hands down to grab hold of your hair. One of your hands slides back up to massage my breast as the other moves up my thigh and slowly into my center. You thrust three fingers into me while still sucking on my clit. By now I am alternating between screaming curses and your name as I feel my inner walls tighten around your fingers. I feel the spasms begin as I scream your name so loud I swear I hear a car alarm go off in the distance. I shake and writher as your fingers slow and your tongue still laps up all the juices my orgasm has offered to you. The last few waves pass and you lift your head up to look at me. I lay there, with you resting half of your body on top of mine, trying to catch my breath as your fingers trace hearts on my abdomen.

"Fuck, Cath. I.....I don't even know....fuck."

You giggle and climb back up my sweat coated body. My lips find yours and I flip you over onto your back.

"My turn."