Title: Something Good
By: bahjcb
Pairing: Morgan/Garcia
Rating: G
Summary: Derek's thoughts on his baby girl.


Derek stood leaning in Penelope's doorway, waiting for her to shut down her babies for the night. As he watched her, it occurred to Derek that he had no idea why he was lucky enough to have Penelope in his life. It's not like he had done anything to deserve her.

He couldn't say he was a wonderful child. Derek had a juvenile record to prove that. He knew he could say his teen years were definitely miserable. After Buford... well that changed his whole outlook on life.

For years after that, he was a lady's man. Derek never had any intention of ever settling down. Being with one woman meant you could get hurt. Derek didn't intend on getting hurt again.

Penelope was soon ready to go and interrupted his self-deprecating thoughts. As she came towards him, Derek could see the unwavering love she had for him in her eyes and it made him smile.

Before leaving for the day, Derek pulled Penelope to him for a kiss. As she pressed her lips to his, Derek decided that whether or not his baby girl should, she loved him. So, despite all he thought, somewhere in his past, he must have done something really good to deserve such a beautiful woman in his life.