Criminal Minds Fan Fiction

12th January 2016
Predilection by Harper
PAIRING: JJ/OFC, hints of JJ/Emily
SUMMARY: Short. Next to nothing. An unorganized retrospective.

9 June 2015
Take Me To the Stars by angstytimelord
PAIRING: Will LaMontagne/Ethan Delacroix
WARNING: on-going series
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt 38: Stars.

25 May 2015
Out of the Mouths of Babes by Paige
PAIRING: Prentiss/Hotch
SUMMARY: Hotch's weekend with his son leads to a suprising secret being revealed.

Gift Giving by Paige
PAIRING: Morgan/Garcia
SUMMARY: Morgan's thoughts during 'What Fresh Hell?' Spoilers for 'Blood Hungry' and 'What Fresh Hell?'.

23 May 2015
Just the Three of Us by calliopes-muse
PAIRING: Prentiss/JJ
SUMMARY: The idea for this popped into my head because of the speculation that TPTB at CBS will write in AJ's pregnancy, and I just couldn't have potential Reid-as-daddy stories out there without some kind of counter. The timeline may be a bit funky too, but my muse is insisting that I get this out there.

22 May 2015
Whoops by Paige
PAIRING: Morgan/Garcia
SUMMARY: She hadn't meant for him to find out that way.

9 May 2015
Beauty of a different kind by Demented
PAIRING: Reid/Morgan
WARNING: WiP, includes a Mary Sue character
SUMMARY: He knows he shouldn't feel the way he did but he just couldn't help himself.

5 May 2015
Sometimes we fall by welshwizard21
SUMMARY: First Time Story set after Birthright in season 3.

4 May 2015
Free by zombie_girl
PAIRING: Prentiss/JJ

3 May 2015
Trapped by zombie_girl
PAIRING: Prentiss/JJ

Escape by zombie_girl
PAIRING: Prentiss/JJ