Criminal Minds Fan Fiction

28 May 2016
Murder in Manhattan by Daisyangel
FANDOMS: Criminal Minds/CSI: New York
SUMMARY: Written for the Smut Challenge group on facebook. This is the crossover challenge. My pairing is Flack and JJ, and my prompt is the BAU is called to help catch a serial killer in Manhattan.

7 May 2016
Fork by Tiffany F
PAIRING: Hotch/Reid, Gideon/Hotch/Reid, Gideon/Horatio
FANDOMS: Criminal Minds/CSI: Miami
SUMMARY: It starts out when Spencer Reid asks for a fork at supper his lover's mind goes to the gutter and stays there. What happens when the team goes to Miami and a certain Lieutenant notices Gideon's troubles?

19 March 2016
Cuffed by Tiffany F
PAIRING: Reid/Rossi
WARNINGS: WiP, OOC, dub-con, D/s, AU
SUMMARY: AU where some people have "hot spots" on their bodies that trigger an event called a "sub-drop". It's pretty much what it sounds like and only time, care, and gentleness can get people back from the drop state. Reid indirectly finds out that Rossi has a hot spot one night when the team is away from home. Rossi doesn't believe him, no matter what Reid tells him.

8 March 2016
My bed or yours by Tiffany F
PAIRING: Hotch/Reid
SUMMARY: The BAU team is forced to share hotel rooms while out in the field and Reid makes a wrong turn when going to bed. Or maybe its the right one.

6 March 2016
Mending Fences by Daisyangel
SUMMARY: JJ realizes she has a lot of fences to mend. Why not try and start with Garcia? Post-ep for 7.01 "It Takes A Village".

29th February 2016
Aingidheachd by Tiffany F
PAIRING: past Gideon/Reid & Reid/Rossi
WARNINGS: non-con/rape, dark!Gideon, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
SUMMARY: When Rossi comes back to the BAU, he quickly realizes there's something not quite right with Spencer Reid. He tries to figure it out while the team keeps telling him that it's hero worship and harmless. When he finds out how badly Reid was hurt by Jason Gideon, Rossi finds two new goals: helping Reid to heal, and hunting down Gideon to take a hammer to some very tender areas.

28th February 2016
Distraction by Tiffany F
PAIRING: Hotch/Rossi
SUMMARY: Rossi is convinced that Hotch needs to be distracted. Hotch doesn't agree. Rossi decides to show the other man how wrong he is.

12th January 2016
Predilection by Harper
PAIRING: JJ/OFC, hints of JJ/Emily
SUMMARY: Short. Next to nothing. An unorganized retrospective.

9 June 2015
Take Me To the Stars by angstytimelord
PAIRING: Will LaMontagne/Ethan Delacroix
WARNING: on-going series
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt 38: Stars.

25 May 2015
Out of the Mouths of Babes by Paige
PAIRING: Prentiss/Hotch
SUMMARY: Hotch's weekend with his son leads to a suprising secret being revealed.

Gift Giving by Paige
PAIRING: Morgan/Garcia
SUMMARY: Morgan's thoughts during 'What Fresh Hell?' Spoilers for 'Blood Hungry' and 'What Fresh Hell?'.

23 May 2015
Just the Three of Us by calliopes-muse
PAIRING: Prentiss/JJ
SUMMARY: The idea for this popped into my head because of the speculation that TPTB at CBS will write in AJ's pregnancy, and I just couldn't have potential Reid-as-daddy stories out there without some kind of counter. The timeline may be a bit funky too, but my muse is insisting that I get this out there.

22 May 2015
Whoops by Paige
PAIRING: Morgan/Garcia
SUMMARY: She hadn't meant for him to find out that way.

9 May 2015
Beauty of a different kind by Demented
PAIRING: Reid/Morgan
WARNING: WiP, includes a Mary Sue character
SUMMARY: He knows he shouldn't feel the way he did but he just couldn't help himself.

5 May 2015
Sometimes we fall by welshwizard21
SUMMARY: First Time Story set after Birthright in season 3.

4 May 2015
Free by zombie_girl
PAIRING: Prentiss/JJ

3 May 2015
Trapped by zombie_girl
PAIRING: Prentiss/JJ

Escape by zombie_girl
PAIRING: Prentiss/JJ